Here is how you can sell more than your competitors on Amazon

sell more than your competitors on Amazon

We all become a green-eyed monster when we see our competitors on the top of the Amazon search list, ain’t we? You are here to win the competition, then what is that keeping you below the bigger brands? The competition of selling products online is increasing rapidly, especially when you are selling a product that is commonly sold by many retailers. So, how to rank on the top of the long list or how to sell more than your competitors?

Well, in this blog, we will discuss the important factors that will make you stand out among the mainstream. In detail, you will learn how optimizing Amazon product listings, fixing suppressed listings, and effective marketing strategies increase your product visibility. Moreover, it brings positive change in the sales as well.

Let’s begin!

Beat Your Competitors

How to differentiate yourself from other retailers?

The answer to how to sell more than the competitors is hidden in the buying behavior of a consumer. When you are selling a product that is also sold by 500 retailers, the probability of your product being sold becomes minimal.

To become the one lucky retailer out of 500 you need to differentiate yourself right in the search result. Now, let us give you an example of each way to differentiate yourself:

A. By adding the social and emotional value of a product.

Suppose you are selling a stainless steel wine tumbler that is commonly sold by many bigger brands. Why would the customer be interested in buying your product if the product, quality, and price are almost the same as competitors? But, what if you add a small element as complimentary for the customers such as straw or stirrer at an affordable price. Such Amazon marketing strategies for your eCommerce business will take you closer to the customer.

Amazon Product Image

Keep yourself in the customer’s shoes and think if you had to choose one from the above options, which one would you have chosen? The second one, right? By just providing a relevant element with the tumbler at a fair price, you differentiate yourself right there.

So, this was the one way to differentiate yourself by increasing your product’s materialistic, social, and emotional in the customer’s perspective.

B. By improving your customer experience

Customers also make the decision of buying a product on the basis of their shopping experience. When you as a brand are providing an amazing shopping experience to the customers, they choose you among the 100 other retailers with all loyalty. Here is how you can improve your buyer’s shopping experience.

  • By speaking directly to them, make the advantages and the experience of the product clear.
  • Hold your customers buy your hand by providing multiple customer service support.
  • Do surveys, Question and Answers sessions, and feedback to know them better, connect with them.

These were the marketing strategies to bring yourself into the light of the customers. To sell more than your competitors, you will have to perform several technical strategies as well. Let’s discuss this in detail in the next section.

Best practices to sell more than the competitors

Whether you want to add value to your products or improve the customer shopping experience, the below-mentioned practices will surely work. Go through them one by one and implement them to prevent your products from being buried down in the search results.

1. Categorize your products wisely

As a retailer, it is very important for you to put the product in the right category and subcategory. Miscategorizations can lead your potential customers to your competitors. To get done enlisted tasks effectively, you can avail of Amazon product catalogs editing services.

  • Researching and understanding the type of the product.
  • Fitting the products into their right category and sub-category.
  • Building ideas for how customers search for your products on the engine.

By taking help from the Amazon product catalogs editing services provider, show the right product to the potential customer and convert it into a maximum number of sales.

2. Keep your Amazon keyword research strong

Your ultimate goal is to rank higher in the search results so that you sell more than your competitors. To make it happen, you will have to use the most relevant keywords with high volume to their maximum possibility. As a small-size retailer, you will have to focus on the rich keywords that are missed by your competitors. To make sure of all this, you can outsource Amazon SEO Services. Let’s see what all they can do to get you a higher rank.

  • Research keywords used by the bigger competitors.
  • Bringing the relevancy of the keywords with your Amazon products.
  • Using long-tail keywords to meet the user’s search intention.

If you outsource Amazon SEO requirements from a highly experienced company, your Amazon PPC will also get managed by the experts. This will increase the chances of appearing your product on the top of Amazon searches.

3. Optimize Amazon product listings

To rank higher on the Amazon search engine it is very important to optimize and upgrade product listing. Hire experts to optimize Amazon product listings and enlisted work:

  • Using the standard and effective formula of creating product descriptions within 2000 characters.
  • Writing searchable product titles within 200 characters and making sure it consists of enough information.
  • Utilizing the product key features space to describe the advanced features of the product.
  • Optimizing Amazon product listing in a way that title and features can speak to the customer directly.

4. Communicate through your product images

Impress your customers with your high-quality product images. Remember a product image can be worth 1000 words. To make sure that your product picture delivers the right content and quality, you can hire an Amazon product image editing team. They are responsible for the below-mentioned tasks:

    • Editing of your product images to correct the color, dimensions, and contrast.
    • Making sure that the product image is providing a visual experience.
    • Product images must highlight the product features, benefits, and usage.

It should erase all the possible confusion regarding the product.

Outsource photo editing requirements to the professionals and make sure the product photo portrays the exact item that the customer is looking for.

5. Fix Amazon suppressed listings

Wondering what is suppressed Amazon listing and how to fix it? Well, when the existing product listings do not live up to Amazon’s specific standards, listings get automatically suppressed. The below-mentioned reasons cause suppression:

  • Listing products without defining their type and category.
  • When the product description is missing from the product catalog.

To fix Amazon suppressed listings, hire a professional. Experts will optimize product listings and make sure that no title, description, key features are missed from the page nor are filled with wrong information.

The best practices mentioned above were said to be easier than to implement in real life. As a retailer, you have a bunch of work to pay attention to. These best practices make a huge difference in sales and help you in beating the competition. That is why we have brought you an easier fix, Amazon Virtual Assistants. Read in detail in the next section.

How can Amazon Virtual Assistants improve your performance on the Amazon market?

Buried down in the Amazon search results due to wrong categorization, blurry product images, and incomplete product listings? Now, you must be wondering how to hire a full-time employee to look after each of the wrong practices. Here is how an Amazon VA can assist you in upscaling your eCommerce business.

Below are some of the tasks that an Amazon VA can perform for you and help you crush your competitors.

1. Full-time customer support

As a small retailer, you must leave no opportunity to impress your customers. Make the customers believe that their feedback is important for you. Amazon VA will provide 24*7 customer support via all the channels such as social media, message systems, emails, and more.

2. Copywriting

Amazon VAs are also specialized in writing effective product titles, descriptions, and key features. They will also optimize Amazon product listings and improvise the details for better visibility.

You can also make them write in multiple languages. Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform worldwide. Expand your reach of the customers utilizing Amazon VAs potentials.

3. Market analysis

VAs will do thorough research of trendy items in the market, their prices, and your competitors. So that you provide better deals to the potential customers and retain them. With better market research done by Amazon Virtual Assistants will help you compete better and sell more than your competitors.

4. Amazon advertisement

Amazon sponsored ads, search ads, and product display ads, all can be created by specialists. With the right advertising strategy and approach, you can reach a wider audience and hence increase the chances to sell more than your competitors.

5. Amazon SEO tasks

VAs will also provide highly reliable and effective Amazon SEO services. Amazon search engine optimization is very different from normal SEO. Amazon has its own way to rank keywords and hence it is important to have someone who keeps the knowledge of all that to rank higher.

Even if you are starting to sell fewer products on Amazon, don’t lose the opportunity to make bigger numbers. Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants today, you can hire them from:

  • Virtual Assistant agencies
  • Directly from hiring platforms

Advantages of hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants

You will not only be selling more than your competitors but also get enlisted benefits.

1. Save time

So, you will no longer be wasting hours sitting in front of the computers to fix Amazon suppressed listings. Have more time in hand to spend on other core activities.

2. Reach a wider audience

Now you can reach customers in any corner of the world. With a customized shopping experience, more customers will likely stay loyal and shop for your products.

3. Low-cost investment

Since there is no need to hire individual employees for multiple Amazon store management tasks, you save a lot of money. Invest the spare money in the expansion of business.

There are even more benefits of hiring an Amazon Virtual Assistant. Start your search and find a suitable assistant now.


Amazon as an eCommerce platform has grown quite soon and even bigger. To survive and beat the competition you need to do a lot of brainwork. I hope by the end of the article, you learned how you can leverage Amazon SEO, product listing optimization, and several services to perform as a better competitor. So, increase your product visibility and come in notice of the customers to increase your sales. Seeking help in order to find an Amazon VA or have any doubt? Write to us at and get your queries solved in no time.