Top 5 Amazon Marketing Strategies for your eCommerce business


Starting with just another eCommerce platform, Amazon became the largest and fastest-growing marketplace within no time. Today, it is the largest online retailing platform that not only provides an unmatched virtual shopping experience to millions of its users but also invites advertising and marketing initiatives. It is one of the best marketers in the eCommerce sector.

With already thousands of Amazon sellers selling on the eCommerce platform, and millions of shoppers purchasing the required products and services, Amazon is attracting more and more competition with each passing day. This makes it necessary for the Amazon sellers to come up with better marketing strategies to easily attract and connect with the target audience and let their business grow and thrive in the competitive market. Sellers can even take the help of the Amazon virtual assistants to help them in related marketing activities.

As Amazon is popular for providing an excellent shopping experience to its customers, the eCommerce giant has set up its listings in a way that it becomes easier for the customers to purchase products online by comparing them with similar items. This strategy is quite useful for the Amazon business owners who are selling products on the platform as it is very important to position the products in a way that the customers can easily compare the products with other available items from the competitors.

In this article, we will talk about the most successful Amazon marketing tactics that will help you in developing an effective and winning Amazon marketing strategy for the year 2021. By developing a profitable marketing strategy, you can get your products easily accessible to the targeted audience which will boost your sales figures, improve your brand visibility, and will help you in taking your Amazon business to the next level.

Let’s start with the basics first and understand what is an Amazon marketing strategy?

What is Amazon Marketing Strategy?

If you are an Amazon seller and want to increase your sales figures and boost your ROI, all you need is an effective and well-developed Amazon marketing strategy. But the question here is what is an Amazon marketing strategy? Amazon marketing strategy is a well-developed plan that defines the objectives and goals of your Amazon business. Besides this, the plan also covers each and every detail of the strategy that you will be using to reach your target audience and attract them to your Amazon store. Various factors can impact your target customers reaching your Amazon store and these include Product Page Content, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Advertising, Social Media Strategies, etc.

Though Amazon is the biggest eCommerce platform to reach millions of customers worldwide, attracting the customer to your web store and getting them to purchase your products is not as easy as it sounds. If you are running an Amazon business or are planning to open a web store on the platform, always keep in mind that uploading the products and just maintaining the product inventory won’t bring sales in your lap. You will definitely be needing a correct marketing plan to beat the existing competition and increase your chances to attract more customers which will ultimately boost your sales figures and business revenue.

In the next section, we will cover up all that you would be needing to develop an effective and well-developed Amazon marketing strategy for your Amazon business in 2021.

Amazon Marketing Strategies

Best Amazon Marketing Strategies for Your Amazon Business

To help you attract the target audience at your Amazon store and watch your business grow each passing day, we have listed the 5 best Amazon marketing strategies which if implemented in your business strategy can do wonders. So let’s go through each one of them one by one.

1. SEO Optimization

A well-optimized Amazon SEO is all you need while creating your product listings to make your products easily searchable and accessible to your target audience. Amazon has designed its search engine in a way that it shows those products at the top which have detailed product pages with optimized content. Following are the few points that you need to pay attention to while optimizing your products for Amazon SEO.

  • Keywords are the most important part of the SEO that should be given attention to while optimizing your product listings to increase the traffic on your Amazon store. As per Amazon’s policies and guidelines, a seller can not add more than 250 characters at the back end to increase their product visibility. Sellers can use the most searched and typed keywords in the description to improve the product rankings on the Amazon search engine and get easily noticed by the potential customers.
  • Product Descriptions should be well written so that your potential customers can get the detailed information including specifications and configuration of the product that they are willing to purchase. Besides describing the product in the best possible way, do not fail to mark the important features of the product and how it is different from other products in the market. Providing insights into a product and including correct product details on the product page boosts traffic and sales. It is the description of a product that will keep you apart from the competition and will help you increase your brand visibility in the competitive market. To ensure that product listings are created in a professional way, you can even opt for Amazon A+ Content Writing Services.
  • Product Titles are the next best thing that you could work upon to boost your product’s visibility on the Amazon search engine. You have to create attractive titles using the most searched and relevant keywords that can not only best describe your product but can also increase the traffic to boost the sales of your Amazon Store.
  • Pictures are important too when it comes to optimizing your product listings to increase the traffic on your Amazon store. Amazon has transparent guidelines when it comes to uploading images for your products. Always keep one thing in mind that use clear and attractive product images so that customers can understand the products just by looking at the uploaded images. Clear and attractive product images help in attracting the targeted audience at your Amazon store that boosts sales figures.
  • FAQ is another section that you can introduce on your product information page to answer every possible query that your potential customers might have with respect to the product before purchasing them. FAQs add to the description of the product as you can form some questions that answer product details. Also, introducing FAQs will make it easier for a customer to quickly decide whether the product he/she is looking at your web store will serve the purpose and will be the best fit as compared to other products available in the market.

2. Amazon Ads

Using Amazon ads can be one of the best marketing strategies for your Amazon business as these help in driving the required traffic to your web store. Amazon advertising makes your products easily accessible to the target audience as it puts your product in front of them making the process effortless. Basically, there are three types of Amazon advertisements.

  • PPC Ads
  • PPC advertising is worth using Amazon’s marketing strategy. PPC (pay per click) ads termed Product display ads are very popular on the largest retail platform. You can see these ads almost everywhere on the platform and these ads have a conversion rate of around 10%.

  • CPC Ads
  • CPC advertising is also one of the best forms of Amazon marketing strategy that an Amazon business owner can use in 2021. CPC (cost-per-click) ads also called Amazon display ads are also quite popular on the platform as these ads can not only be displayed on the websites owned by Amazon, but also can be displayed on third-party applications and websites. Also, these ads are customizable as Amazon sellers can customize these ads as per their requirement to attract traffic to their Amazon stores including landing page and product page.

  • Sponsored brand Ads
  • Sponsored brand ads are another form of Amazon marketing strategy which features a logo, a headline, and your products from the Amazon store. An Amazon seller can use a maximum of three products while displaying the Sponsored brand ads on the website. Sponsored brand ads help in increasing brand visibility and therefore can be made available on the search page. Using these ads, sellers can promote their brand and their top-selling products on their web store. Also, to increase the visibility of the products through Sponsored brand ads, the sellers can even highlight the number of reviews, product rating, etc of the products on the store.

  • Sponsored Product & Sponsored Display Ads

Sponsored Product & Sponsored Display Ads are ads that focus more on generating sales for a single listing. Using these add types, you can increase the visibility of a particular product of your web store between the target audience.

It is extremely important to optimize your product listings before launching any of the additional categories to promote your brand products. Although ads will help your target audience to reach your Amazon store, the decision of the customers to purchase the product from your store or not will completely depend upon the product listings.

Using high-quality images, attractive and related titles, along with detailed and well-written descriptions highlighting the benefit-rich features will help the customers in determining whether the product will be a good fit for them. Also, optimizing the product listings will help the customers to stay away from the unnecessary confusion related to the purchasing of the product and rather make quick decisions with respect to the product purchase. This will increase your potential customer count that buys your product from your Amazon store thereby increasing sales and revenue.

3. Video Marketing

Video marketing is the next best Amazon marketing strategy for your Amazon business that you should definitely include this year in your marketing plan to beat the existing competition and increase your chances to attract more customers ultimately boosting your sales figures and business revenue.

Video helps the majority of your potential customers to get a detailed view of the product they are interested in. There are times when a customer is viewing products on your Amazon store but is quite confused whether the product he/she is viewing will actually look good in real life. But providing videos of your products on the platform actually resolves such issues. Product videos help customers in making quick purchase decisions without giving a second thought. Therefore, it is not surprising at all why Amazon uses video across its product listings and advertising campaigns.

In order to shoot product videos or other marketing videos, you can either use your smartphone or can use a professional camera to create videos that can actually bring more sales in your pocket on your web store. If you are not comfortable shooting the videos by yourself then you can even hire professional photographers to do the job for you. Also, you can even hire an Amazon virtual assistant to help you in video marketing-related activities.

4. Amazon Social Media Strategy

Using social media platforms including Facebook and Twitter to promote your products and attract the target audience to your Amazon store is one of the best Amazon marketing strategies for your Amazon business. We know that nowadays people spend most of their time online and with the ongoing COVID 19 pandemic, the time frame has increased even more, therefore, social media can be the best place for advertising and promotions for Amazon sellers.

The best thing about including social media marketing as a part of your Amazon marketing strategy is that it provides the opportunity to create customized ads for your targeted audience. It is a fact that social media platforms understand your targeted audience better than you do as it collects personal information of the users which can be used to determine the purchasing behavior and other activities of the users.

If you feel that you can not handle the social media marketing and promotions by yourself then you can even hire an Amazon virtual assistant that will do the job for you.

5. Create Your Own Website

Last but not the least, creating and launching your own website is yet another marketing strategy that you can use for your online business. There are many big brands that started off with Amazon, made a good presence in the market via the platform, and then created and launched their own website. These big brands are now selling on both Amazon and their dedicated websites to attract the targeted audience and to provide an excellent shopping experience to their potential customers.

Also, selling simultaneously on the biggest retailing platform and on your dedicated websites has its own benefits as you will get to include some of the profitable Amazon’s marketing strategies in your business marketing plans including email marketing, web design, user data, and CRO.

To Conclude

In the past few years, online shopping has become the choice of many people, which has become a boon for the e-commerce industry and retailing platforms. To fulfill the customer’s demands, sellers on Amazon are increasing each day and Amazon is attracting more and more competition. This makes it necessary for the Amazon sellers to come up with better marketing strategies to attract the target audience to their Amazon store and let their business grow in the competitive market.

In this article, we have discussed the list of the most successful Amazon marketing strategies that you as an Amazon seller can include in your Amazon business marketing plan for the year 2021. With Amazon’s profitable marketing strategy, you can attract the target audience and can get your products easily accessible by them. This will ultimately boost your product sales, improve your brand visibility and increase your revenue.

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