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Correctly Map & Organize Amazon Product Categories and Taxonomy

Appropriate product taxonomy is the key to enhanced website usability and user experience. The more easily your visitors can locate the products, the more quickly they are likely to complete the purchase. At Data4Amazon, we make sure that your products are classified in inaccurate categories on your Amazon store to improve the overall user experience and increase product sales.

Our experts conduct in-depth Amazon metadata and content research to create standardized product taxonomy that facilitates quick and easy navigation. The process includes attribute definition and value generation for all the categories as well as related products.

Data4Amazon offers professional and seamless product taxonomy mapping services for smooth as well as hassle-free navigation across multiple product categories. We ensure that all the products are listed accurately and under the relevant categories.

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Amazon Product Taxonomy Services: Creating a Tree of Categories to Drive Channel Growth

As part of Amazon taxonomy and organization services, we help in identifying similar products and classifying them correctly in suitable categories and sub-categories. Our experts have in-depth domain expertise and work in tune with the industry standards & international classification coding systems to create a string of categories and provide intuitive classifications for customers to navigate through the Amazon store.

Our spectrum of Amazon product taxonomy services include:

  • Product attribute definition
  • Attribute data localization
  • Customer preference-based categorization
  • Attribute data cleansing
  • Data Normalisation & Standardization
  • Data Modification Support
  • Collection taxonomy definition
  • Presentation taxonomy mapping
  • SEO-based categorization

We understand how different it is to classify products for each channel. For instance, product taxonomy for your eCommerce store would be Men’s Clothing > Outerwear > Coats, but for Amazon’s store will be Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry > Men > Clothing > Warm Coats & Jackets.

Simplify product categorization for a seamless shopping experience with affordable Amazon product taxonomy services.

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Key Benefits Of Amazon Taxonomy Development Services

When you outsource Amazon product categorization services, experts at Data4Amazon support you in intelligently categorizing your items across Amazon stores and making it easy for the customers to find products they intend to purchase.

Logical, Hierarchical Structure

From top-level product category to minute details, we ensure that the product content is easy-to-navigate and displayed in a logical, hierarchical structure. This facilitates product-level merchandising, up-sell and cross-sell opportunities, product page-level optimization, and integration with comparison shopping engines.

Product Attributes and Values

Our experts accurately define and standardize product attributes and related values to create appropriate product taxonomy.

Facilitate Way-finding

Our experts meticulously classify products in categories and subcategories to streamline search results and make it easy for visitors to find the items quickly.

Enhanced User Experience

Good product taxonomy that is an appropriate arrangement of categories, images, and descriptions would result in an improved online shopping experience for customers.

Still, Have Doubts On Amazon Product Taxonomy Development Services? Solve Them With Answered FAQs

Data4Amazon wants its clients to make sure before investing in any kind of Amazon support service. Before you buy our services, let’s clear some doubts on what Amazon product taxonomy is and how it works. Go through the answers to the most commonly asked questions and know more about the Amazon listings process.

Amazon is one of the biggest eCommerce marketplaces with millions of products to sell and purchase. There are majorly 36 categories in total that your products must fit into.

If you avail of Amazon product taxonomy development services from Data4Amazon, then you will be benefited with the following things:

  • Your potential customers' and users' shopping experience will be much improved with intuitive navigation.
  • The on-site product classification will get better and so your products will rank higher in the search results.
  • When appropriate alternate product recommendations will appear on the user’s screen, the conversion will increase.
  • Your Amazon product site will rank better than competitors.
  • You can bring out accurate and more reliable analytics.

No. As not being an Amazon specialist yourself, you may miss on a lot of crucial factors that decide Amazon product categories. Whereas, the experts are well aware of the guidelines set by Amazon to fit your products in their respective categories.

Without a product taxonomy development service, you may face several challenges to finding a category, sub-category, and type of product.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Write your question to us personally by emailing and let our experts revert to you with the best-suited answer.

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Client Speak

I used Data4Amazon’s Amazon product taxonomy development & mapping services to improve the navigation across the various product categories and simplify the shopping experience in a nutshell. With the team’s in-depth knowledge and extensive research, the job was done ahead of schedule. If you have a similar need, you must definitely choose them!

John Riel Ontario,

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