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Relevant keywords are the key to effective listing or ad optimization, leading to high SERPs and decent ad visibility. But, finding profitable search terms takes time, careful market analysis, and frequent revisions. We provide an all-inclusive solution to these challenges and help you acquire more visitors with professional Amazon keyword research services.

Outsourcing Amazon product keyword research services to experts at Data4Amazon can help maximize the reach of your product pages and amplify the impact of your Amazon PPC campaigns. For easy accessibility, we sort the keywords by volume, relevance, and conversion capability. Our team can also help you customize a keyword usage strategy and offer listing optimization support.

Target Top Converting Keywords with our Amazon Keyword Research Services

Optimize your product pages and PPC campaigns with effective search terms and increase their potential visibility, engagement, and conversion rates. We identify the most effective keywords for your products.

Product Keyword Research

We extract data manually as well as through different keyword research tools (Brand Analytics, Helium 10, MerchantWords, Ahrefs) to improve the visibility of your Amazon listings or PPC ads with highly-targeted keywords. Our experts look for related search terms and compare search volume and product-specific intent for all keyphrases. After keyword filtering and selection, the list is handed over to you.

Competitor Keyword Research

We go through your top competitors' listings, examine the usage of keywords on their product pages, and extract the best-performing ones through reverse ASIN lookup and other strategies. Our collects data from the Amazon Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). We generate a report with the top key phrases that your competitors are ranking for and highlight the ones which can positively impact your Amazon listings as well.

Keywords Recommendations for Titles, Descriptions, and Bullets

Usually, we recommend keywords relevant to your product and highlight their most impactful positioning, i.e., in the title, bullets, image alt tags, or description. We can also optimize listings for our clients. Our Amazon listing optimization experts use conversion-focused keywords in the listing titles, meta descriptions, and bullets. The relevant search terms are used in the rest of our listing.

Long-tail Keyword Research

Long-tail keywords are more specific than single words and shorter search phrases. They also return niche results (as they are only relevant for a few products), thus increasing the likelihood of higher conversion rates. Our Amazon experts take a step-by-step approach and find long-term phrases with strong commercial intent that fit your product listings.

Boost Your Product Page Ranking on Amazon with Top-Converting Keywords

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We Upgrade your Listings Using the Best Amazon Product Keyword Research Tools

We use various keyword research tools and techniques to find, calculate, and vet the most relevant keywords for your Amazon product. We sift through thousands of keywords to find long-tail keywords for search terms and short keywords for titles, meta descriptions, product descriptions, and alt tags. Here's a list of tools that we use for this purpose.

  • Google keyword planner
  • Keyword tool dominator
  • Sellerapp
  • KeyworX
  • Keyword tool
  • Jungle Scout
  • Helium 10
  • Amz.One
  • Sonar
  • Viral launch
  • MerchantWords

Our Amazon SEO Keyword Research Process

We operate with a deep-seated understanding of how Amazon SEO differs from Google SEO and create a comprehensive target keyword list. We use a proven process to find keywords that are high in volume and low in the competition so you can rank well on Amazon and get more traffic than your competitors.

Step 1

Select a Product

We can work with your chosen products or help you select a product that's relevant to your target audience, has good profit margins, and can benefit from appropriate keyword optimization.

Step 2

Research the Competition

We determine your direct competitors and analyze their listing performances through Reverse ASIN lookup. We acquire the most popular competitor keywords and select the top-ranking ones relevant to your listings.

Step 3

Use Tools to Compile a List of Keywords

We use tools that help us find the right keywords for your business. It helps us prioritize which keywords should be included in your content and ads to address what customers are looking for.

Step 4

Identify High-Quality & Relevant Keywords for Your Product

After we've found the keywords, we narrow down the list and sort it by appropriate usage. Then, we mark short and long-tail keywords, their variations, and areas where these can be used for higher impact.

Step 5

Deliver Targeted Keywords & Usage Recommendations

We finalize the list of keywords relevant to your product and brand. Our experts also prepare recommendations for keyword usage in product titles, product descriptions, meta titles, and alt tags and share them with your team.

Get More Sales with Specialized Product-Specific Keyword Research

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Why Outsource Amazon Keyword Research Services to Data4Amazon?

Data4Amazon has been one of the leading service partners for businesses across the globe since 1999. Our keyword research, analysis, optimization, and reporting services help you gain a strong footing on Amazon. By partnering with our Amazon keyword research experts, you can enjoy the following benefits:

20+ Years of Experience

We leverage our expertise to locate the keywords that can help your business gain credibility among consumers and improve brand presence.

Cost-effective Solutions

We ensure fair pricing for all the projects that we undertake. Our experts will go through your requirements and provide a custom quote that fits your budget.

Quick Outcomes

We target the top-converting keywords that can produce desired outcomes while ensuring on-time delivery and quick project turnaround.

Competitive Insights

For a complete overview of how your competitors are doing, we find their best-selling products and investigate their keyword strategy to outrank them.

Improved SEO & PPC Campaigns

Our keyword research services can help improve the performance of your listings and paid ad campaigns simultaneously through targeted keywords and custom strategies.

Powerful Keyword Suggestions

Our experts employ a result-oriented approach to generate and identify the best Amazon keywords to help your products rank well.

Frequently Asked Questions About Professional Amazon Keyword Research Services

To perform Amazon keyword research, we follow the steps below:

  • Run a marketplace analysis for your product.
  • Find your competitors and the most relevant keywords they're using
  • Use a keyword research tool and find keywords that can help you rank higher
  • Set up a final list of keywords for each product to include in the descriptions, bullets, titles, etc.

The process takes a lot of time, but it can be simplified with the right expertise and tools. Leverage Data4Amazon's expertise and rank higher on Amazon without getting into technicalities.

When it comes to selling on Amazon, it's hard knowing which customers will be interested in your product. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  • Find and study your customer base
  • Research for industry trends related to your product
  • Look up what competitors are doing to market their product
  • Create buyer personas to understand your customer behavior
  • Use tools such as Google Analytics

Take notes, and you'll understand your target audience much better; in turn, it will help you discover the most relevant keywords.

The cost of outsourcing keyword research services for Amazon varies, depending on your product needs, goals, competition, tools used, etc. You can get a free quote by contacting one of our experts to understand how much your project may cost.

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Client Speak

Client Speak

The team did an excellent job. We had been struggling with keyword discovery for large number of products but I must say their team provided us with the relevant keywords within a quick deadline. Moreover, we experienced seamless support & communication from the team. Great services, highly commended!

Lia Millers,

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