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Amazon sales

How many times have you come across the word Optimization? Especially, when searching for ways to enhance your sales on Amazon. Not deploying appropriate optimization techniques and expecting customers to turn up is futile. Optimization is not only limited to SEO and keywords; there’s more to it. Take, for example, Amazon Image Processing. Or even Amazon listing optimization for that matter.

Optimized product images and listings can help you increase your sales on Amazon. Let’s see how you can leverage efficient optimization to become a front-runner.

Amazon Image Processing: It’s a Serious Business

Imagine your traditional way of purchasing a wrist watch. You go to the showroom and you look at a couple of watches before deciding. You use your visual perception to decide on a product, right? The same thing happens online, on Amazon. The primary attracting point of a product is its image/photo. It needs to be perfect to the core. How? The answer is Image Processing. What all it comprises? Read along.

1. Image Editing and Enhancement

Editing of an image must be according to the Amazon standards. Thorough editing of an image to enhance its quality becomes the first step of processing.

2. Image Retouching

Correcting lighting or giving general retouches to a photo to promote clarity. These form a part of the retouching step.

3. Image Resizing

Cropping an image or altering image dimensions come under image resizing.

4. Image Masking and Background Removal

Amazon prefers images with white background. With image processing, you can remove the background and include a white one. Masking takes care of the blurry edges too.

5. Noise Reduction

Removal of noise or discrepancy from the image becomes an important step for a perfect image.

6. Orientation

Orientation of an image can differ. The one showing the best features of the image becomes the winner.

7. Image Correction

Corrections like brightness, contrast, resolution and colors are also important to enhance clarity.

8. Image Naming

Set an easy to recognize and simple name for the Amazon product images.

Amazon Listing Optimization: Because an Accurate Product Listing Makes all the Difference

Product listing and its optimization, without a doubt, are the primary elements of a product page. Work on them and make them accurate following these tips:

1. Product Title

  • Use the complete 200 character limit for product titles
  • Include as much product information as possible
  • Use numerics to represent a number. (5, not Five)
  • Each word of the title must have the first letter in Caps (Title Case)

2. Product Features

  • Include only the most important or the most relevant ones
  • Keep the sentences short
  • Try to include targeted keywords
  • Use bullet points (like these) with concise information

3. Product Description

  • Make it unique and informative
  • Use keywords to make it SEO-rich
  • Use proper structuring and make it readable

4. Product Images

  • Use high resolution images
  • Use image processing to bring out the perfect image
  • Use real life images for a better impact on the buyer

5. Product Pricing

  • Use extensive competitor analysis to optimize your pricing
  • Know the difference between a price too low and a price too high (You’ll know that after your research)

Competing with millions of sellers on Amazon is not easy. But the right optimization techniques can bring you the desired results. The best way to incorporate such details is by availing optimization services.

Experiencing shortcomings in your Amazon listing optimization? Need an Amazon Image Processing expert to fix what’s wrong? You’re at the right stop. Write to us at and get started.

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