How An Amazon Virtual Assistant Can Help You Scale Your Business Up

Scale up your business through Virtual AssistantAmazon is one online marketplace that has actually conquered the world. With more than 310 million active buyers, it is definitely a place to be for every online seller. And with more and more sellers realizing this fact, the competition is getting tougher by the day. So much that fetching conversions now demands perfection in everything. Be it your product listing, your product quality, customer service, or shipment method, everything needs to be just on point if you want to grab customers’ attention.

Now, managing an Amazon business is in itself a challenge, especially if you do it alone. What you need is to hire an Amazon virtual assistant who can help you with all your routine business management tasks while you get to focus your attention on the core business activities.

Still not sure? Wait till you go through the following section and see why having an Amazon virtual assistant is extremely important.

Hiring Amazon Virtual Assistant – Is it really worth it?

Benefits of Hiring VA for Amazon

  • Saving effort and time for better tasks

Time is money, and an Amazon seller knows this fact better than anyone else. If you find yourself investing all your time in non-core business tasks like setting up your product listings or attending to routine customer issues, you’re not putting this precious asset to the best use. While the non-core tasks are important, doing everything on your own isn’t a smart choice. You see, you need to put your time into tasks like devising effective solutions to expand your Amazon business, organizing marketing campaigns to enhance customer engagement, discover audiences, etc. And you’ll only be able to do that when you hire an Amazon virtual assistant who can handle basic Amazon store management for you, thus sparing you the time you need. And that’s exactly what a VA does.

  • Better conversion rate

An Amazon virtual assistant can help you increase your conversion rate significantly. You can have your Amazon VA update your listings regularly and advertise your products on Amazon, as well as on other platforms like social media, etc. Thus, your Amazon store will get more traffic and more conversions.

  • Lesser investment

Hiring Amazon virtual assistant to manage your Amazon store is way more cost-effective than hiring an in-house team for the task. A virtual assistant can work for you remotely. So, you won’t need to spend on office infrastructure, workspace, salary, and other employee benefits. You’ll just have to pay your VA for the tasks he/she handles. This saves you a considerable amount of money for other crucial eCommerce business settings.

  • Peace of mind

With an Amazon virtual assistant by your side, you won’t ever have to worry about managing your Amazon store. Your Amazon personal assistant will take care of everything ranging from listing new products on your eStore to managing your inventory and customer service. You can then finally sit back and relax while everything runs smoothly with minimum effort on your end.

See how hiring an Amazon virtual assistant can make Amazon business management and your life easier? But wait, there’s more.
There are a lot of things that an Amazon virtual assistant can handle. Well, you’re about to find out!

Tasks you can delegate to an Amazon virtual assistant

Top responsibilities of Virtual Assistants

  • Customer service

Happy and satisfied customers are the heart and soul of every business. One of your highest priorities, as an online business owner, must be providing good customer service if you want your business to grow. Your conversion rate and customer retention rate will depend on how well you serve your customers. Now, quality customer service needs a significant investment of time and effort. It takes someone who can dedicatedly reply to customer queries, assist them with shopping concerns and checkout, etc. All of such customer servicing can be handled easily if you hire a virtual assistant. Your Amazon VA can single-handedly take care of all the customer complaints and deal with all customer-related issues.

  • Inventory management

Did you know that the primary reason for most order cancellations and delayed order delivery is poor inventory management? When the inflow and outflow of your products aren’t tracked properly, you run into situations like that often. But an Amazon virtual assistant can keep such problems at bay. The VA will manage everything related to inventory tracking, updating, and replenishment. When it comes to keeping your inventory up-to-date, Amazon virtual assistant services are something you absolutely need for your Amazon store.

  • Amazon listing optimization

With the changing and growing competition, you need to revisit and optimize your Amazon listings regularly. It is extremely important if you want to stay ahead of the competition and grab some good conversions. Amazon virtual assistant can update your Amazon product listings on a frequent basis and make sure it ranks higher in the search results. Tasks, like updating your product copy with the latest targeted keywords, optimizing your product pictures, creating new listings, etc. are done by the VA.

  • Order processing and fulfillment

Processing an order involves a lot of tasks like defining shipment methods, setting shipping dates, compiling all the orders, maintaining customer invoices and drop-ship invoices, etc. All of these are handled by one person when you hire a virtual assistant for your Amazon store. The VA will also process all the order exchanges, returns, and refunds to make sure that your customers are always satisfied.

  • Amazon advertising

Your Amazon store needs traffic in order to secure some conversions. And advertising your products on Amazon is the perfect thing to do to gain that required traction. An Amazon virtual assistant can help you market your products just right. Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) offers you to advertise your products using 3 kinds of ads: Sponsored ads, headline search ads, and product ads. Your VA will design an ad based on your preferences and will post it along with tracking its performance.

  • Collating customer reviews and feedback

Customer reviews are more like social proof of your product. And customers usually prefer to go for a listing that has more number of customer reviews. An Amazon virtual assistant collects these reviews by organizing emailers that are sent to all customers just as soon as an order is fulfilled. He/she makes sure that all your product pages receive a good number of reviews and they receive them regularly.

How Data4Amazon Fits Into The Picture

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