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Product descriptions serve to inform potential customers about the key features and specifications of products as well as to encourage them to click the buy button. Specializing in delivering Amazon product description writing services, experts at Data4Amazon create precise, engaging, and compelling product descriptions while focusing on improving online presence and driving sales

We highlight all the key features of the products, providing visitors with all the required and relevant information so that they can make informed buying decisions. Our team of Amazon product description writing experts is proficient at creating persuasive, interesting copies for online merchants dealing in apparel and accessories, electronic equipment, kids’ products, furniture and furnishings, luxury items, automotive components, etc.

Amazon sellers can leverage our copywriting skills to gain more sales. We render error-free, Amazon SEO services for optimized product descriptions with unlimited revisions and a quick turnaround time!

Amazon Product Descriptions

Create Product Descriptions that Convert and Boost Sales with Amazon Copywriting Services

Data4Amazon follows an interesting and effective procedure to create product descriptions, that is:

  • Learn about your products.
  • Explore the persona of potential customers.
  • List out the benefits, features, and specifications.
  • Research and shortlist the right keywords.
  • Analyse competitors’ product descriptions.
  • Use the correct tonality for descriptions.
  • Use online tools to avoid errors.
  • Create a perfect product description that proves that your product is a real deal.

The aforementioned procedure helps create optimized Amazon A+ content, improves ranking in Amazon, reduces shopping cart abandonment, and also helps you maximize sales. Further, we add strong and effective Call-to-Actions that persuade the visitors to take the desired step and improve ROI.

Our Suite Of Amazon Product Description Writing Services Include:

  • Long and Short Amazon Product Descriptions:

    Our product description writers collate information from the manufacturer’s site, competitors’ site, and supplier’s website, helping you create long as well as short product descriptions. Besides highlighting key features and specifications, we make sure that the content contains mostly searched keywords that boost your online presence.

  • Bulleted List of Features:

    To make it easy for visitors to know about your products, our Amazon product description writers create bullets that highlight all the key features in an easy-to-understand and concise language.

  • Product Specifications:

    Our Amazon copywriters create a list of accurate product specifications.

    Furthermore, we can also help you proofread and edit the existing content, optimizing it and improving its quality.

    The product descriptions created by our content writers are highly creative, captivating, and informative. Hire our professional Amazon product description writing experts to create compelling copies for your products and drive them to gain more conversions.

500+ stores saw a 15% increase in their conversion rates with our cost-effective Amazon copywriting services.

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Why Choose Us For Amazon Product Description Writing?

The product description is yet another way to convey your product story to your potential customers and lure them. Our experts will efficiently inform the product’s usage, benefit, and features in the product description and make it find every more worthy. Why only Data4Amazon product description writing experts are perfectly fit for you is mentioned below:

  • We have an experienced and niche-specific team of copywriters to assist you in writing product descriptions.
  • A dedicated Amazon Virtual assistant to look after the productivity of requirements on a daily basis.
  • 100% unique and SEO-friendly product descriptions to grab the user’s attention.
  • Double-check the process to ensure the quality of product descriptions is A-one.
  • No matter how big the project is, we provide quick turnaround time services.
  • Get a pocket-friendly and transparent budget for Amazon product description writing services.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Amazon Description Writing Services To Data4Amazon

Our written product descriptions for your Amazon store will be easy-to-understand and sales-generating. Data4Amazon’s description writing services will help you aim the following:

  • Boost conversion
  • Improve brand impression
  • Increase your ranking in the search list
  • Improve customer loyalty towards your brand
  • Positive and satisfactory product reviews

FAQs on Amazon Product Description Writing Services - Answered!

Before you invest blindly and regret, we want you to go through some of the important and frequently asked questions with their answers to broaden your discovery of our Amazon descriptions writing services.

Product description is one of the important factors that help to enhance customer experience and so your sales. Hence, you should always outsource Amazon description writing to skillful hands instead of writing wrong descriptions. Experts perform competitor analysis, keywords research, and product optimization to create effective descriptions. Ultimately, this will help you sell more products on Amazon than your competitors.

If you want to discover our Amazon product description writing services, just give us a call at +44 203 514 2601 or +1 585 283 0055. You can reach us by writing to us at Our representatives will patiently listen and understand your requirements and offer you the most suitable solutions at very affordable prices.

The reason why your products are not ranking on the top of the search list is you are making the following mistakes.

  • You are not writing product descriptions from customers’ perspectives.
  • You are copying your competitor’s product descriptions.
  • You are stuffing irrelevant and too many keywords in your product descriptions.
  • Your product descriptions are not informational to the customers.

Learn the best Amazon product listing optimization strategies of 2021 to write the most effective descriptions and generate your sales.

Data4Amazon offers a variety of Amazon product description writing services as per the client’s business type and requirements. Hence, the cost of the services also varies from one module to another. Whereas, we can promise you to provide pocket-friendly services within a turnaround time irrespective of your business size and type.

Didn’t find the answer to your question? Well then contact us immediately and hear the best solution from our experts soon.

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Client Speak

It was a pleasure working with Data4Amazon. The team delivered Amazon product description writing services with utmost ease and perfection. Even the deadlines were met ahead of schedule. They did a great job overall.

Daniel Fletcher,
United States

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