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Product Data Normalization & Standardization Services for Amazon Sellers

The success of your Amazon store widely depends on the data that you provide them to make informed buying decisions. Focusing on delivering a uniform customer experience to shoppers, Data4Amazon supports eCommerce entrepreneurs in standardizing and normalizing product data on their Amazon store.

Our experts accurately arrange data in a database, while removing redundant & duplicate entries and standardizing values to maintain data consistency.

We offer a comprehensive range of Amazon store normalization and standardization services to Amazon sellers with an intent to enhance customer experiences.

Amazon Store Normalization Services

As part of Amazon product data normalization services, we evaluate the existing technical specifications, measurements, and units of each product to ensure that they are in compliance with a uniform set of standards. The process includes normalizing values and units by converting measures and weights between the metric and imperial systems of measurement, thus enabling online shoppers to make side-by-side comparisons and make well-informed buying decisions.

With normalization services, we help you save storage space in a database and make sure that the data is organized in a logical manner at a specific place. Our experts strictly adhere to data quality standards and guidelines to ensure data uniformity across your Amazon store’s product database.

Amazon Store Standardization Services

To further help you deliver a uniform customer experience to online shoppers, experts at Data4Amazon analyze your product data and classify it appropriately. We split existing product data into standard files like product title, description, features, technical specifications, attributes, uses, etc., thereby providing information in a standard, consistent format.

Our Amazon product data standardization services also entail standardizing terms in the product database to make it easy for customers to browse through your Amazon store.

Our Amazon store specialists go all out to deliver standardized values by eliminating all the repetitive data sets. We offer value-driven eCommerce data normalization and standardization services to ensure data accuracy, relevance, and consistency. Partner with us to normalize and standardize your product data on your Amazon store and maximize the reach.

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How Data4Amazon Normalize & Standardize Amazon Product Data?

Data4Amazon takes responsibility for each existing technical specification of all the products. By finding the errors, inconsistencies, and gaps in the data and fixing them with accurate information, we standardize your product data. We perform:

1. Standardization of units of measurement

The process of Amazon product data normalization and standardization only completes after we double-check the product qualities and values. We make sure the units of measurement of products adhere to a set of Amazon guidelines. On finding any anomalies, our experts strive to correct them with accurate units and maintain uniformity across product feed. This way, your potential customers have no misconception about a product’s size, color, or type.

2. Eliminate irrelevant and duplicate data

As a part of the product data normalization services, Data4Amazon experts make sure that there is no redundant and obsolete information present in your product feed. We provide advanced technological tools and with the use of manual research as well, experts find out merged and duplicate data and eliminate the wrong information to create clear and accurate records.

3. Standardize your product descriptions

Descriptions play an important role in product data quality. Hence, without missing a chance, our experts trace and correct the errors in the descriptions of your product. Descriptions including typos, abbreviations, irrelevant keywords, and incorrect information, all will be corrected and the descriptions will be enhanced.

4. Update product price and time-sensitive data

There are some product data changes with respect to time. We research the current scenario that has an impact on your product details and change or update them for example pricing and availability of any product.

Thus, by outsourcing product data normalization services from Data4Amazon, you can keep your Amazon product data updated and organized conveniently.

Why Choose Data4Amazon For Amazon Product Data Normalization & Standardization Services?

Data4Amazon aims to help you gain a competitive advantage over other sellers on Amazon. Our efforts towards standardizing and enhancing your product data will automatically increase your sales and brand value. Let’s explore why you must invest in our Amazon product data normalization and standardization services in detail.

  • Data4Amazon has the most dedicated and best team of product data specialists. Our professionals have the required technical expertise and eCommerce, especially Amazon-specific skill sets to normalize and enhance your product data accurately.
  • You will see errorless and 100% accurate product data all across your Amazon product catalog.
  • Data4Amazon's top priority is to keep your important and unique product information safe. We have the right measure in place to keep your data confidential and deliver it to you safely.
  • We have 7+ years of experience in handling almost 8500 brands. Hence, your product standardization and normalization process will be performed and delivered very wisely.
  • We are known for offering pocket-friendly Amazon product data enhancement services. Hence, invest a few amounts and get maximum sales in no time.

FAQ On Amazon Product Data Normalization & Standardization Services

When your product data is of better quality and consisted of accurate information, there are more chances that customers will purchase your products on Amazon. To know about the Amazon product data normalization services closely, go through the below-mentioned answers and clear your doubts.

  • Higher chance to increase conversion rate
  • Sales performance will get better
  • Clear and accessible product information for customers
  • Higher ranks on Amazon search results
  • Brand recognition and customer satisfaction

When you embed the wrong units of measurement of products on the Amazon product catalog or other types of inaccurate product information, you misguide your potential customers. Thus, with inaccurate product data on the Amazon marketplace, you may face the following consequences:

  • Customers will take a longer time to understand your product details
  • Customers may reject your product and buy from your competitors
  • Your overall sales and revenue will be reduced
  • More products will be returned to you
  • Brand fame will not last longer as poor quality data is found

The product normalization process our Amazon product data specialists follow is customized as per the client’s needs and requirements. The subsequent steps are followed in order to deliver good quality product data feed:

  • Step 1: Research your products
  • Step 2: Identify the inaccuracy and inconsistency
  • Step 3: Organize and clean the unstructured Amazon product data
  • Step 4: Embed the accurate product data
  • Step 5: Securely deliver to you

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