Amazon Product Description Optimization Tips: Descriptions that Convert

Amazon Product Description Writing

Well-crafted product descriptions drive higher conversions while helping you achieve your desired sales. Here’s a guide for improving your Amazon store’s conversion rates today.

The success of your eCommerce store or online business depends on the products you sell and the services you offer. In other words, your products/services must align with your customers’ needs and demands.

It’s easier said than done. Besides high-quality, appearance, durability, or affordability, what do you think persuades customers in buying your products? Well, it’s the product descriptions. An effective, well-crafted product description involves minimum investment and maximum returns – one of the best things you can indulge in as an online store owner. This intensifies, even more, when it comes to Amazon. Being one of the largest online retailers globally, Amazon has 9.3 million sellers and 300+ million active users. Thus, as a seller, you must cut through the noise to set your footprint and hit the right audience, and Amazon product listing optimization is one of those critical steps.

Even more good news, product description optimization doesn’t get you involved in complicated tasks of rebuilding the website or doubling down on PPC. It, rather, involves defining your audience and their interests – the kind that makes your ideal prospect, as well as returning customers, say, “I think I need this.”

To help you make the most of product listings, we’ll walk you through a guide to create or optimize your current product descriptions for better sales, conversions, and revenue.

Let’s get started with the basics.

What Does a Good Product Description Do?

First things first, let’s bust the myth that the role of an Amazon product description is limited to describing a product. The reality is, product descriptions are meant to:

  • Qualify by helping visitors assess whether the product is for them or not.
  • Persuade them to consider the product with the help of compelling reasons.
  • Surface the product page in Amazon search results with the help of the right keywords.

Thus, a good product description not just describes your product but helps your visitors in making the final buying decision by giving them compelling reasons. No wonder, a badly written product description can do the opposite.

What Does a Good Description Look Like?

Amazon product description writing must be a combination of simple language, compelling features, and clear details. Before you think of anything, let’s have a look the below:

Amazon Products Listing Optimization

The above is an example of an effective, well-written product description. Here’s why.

The product name i.e. “Green & Beige Set of Single Ethnic Motifs Square Cushion Covers”, product details, fabric, shape, dimensions, and all the required details are communicated to the visitors in a clear yet effective way. The chances of visitors landing on this page and getting convinced are certainly high. Also, they are bound to get answers to several questions such as the material, delivery, or even the wash care.

Now, before we get down to product listing optimization tips, it is important to get hold of Amazon product description guidelines to make the most of your product descriptions.

Amazon’s Rules and Regulations for Product Listings

Being the leading online retailer, Amazon has its own set of rules and algorithms that every seller must follow to stay relevant.

  • Include only product-related information
  • Take care of the word/character limit
  • Clear and concise writing
  • Description must match the product images
  • No testimonials, quotes, or promotional messages
  • Avoid any kind of offensive or abusive language

Considering the importance of product descriptions or listings, it is crucial to bring forward exceptional ones for your store. This is perhaps the reason why Amazon listing optimization services are highly sought-after. However, before you outsource or decide to do it in-house, let’s have a look at the optimization practices.

Tips to Optimize Amazon Product Listings for Better Sales

Consider Your Audience

Your descriptions are meant for the audience, right? So make sure you cater to them well. Before you get down to writing, you must know who is going to buy your product and the reasons they would buy it. A good description caters to the right audience and gives them the right reasons to buy, unlike the one that refers to the masses. In other words, knowing your audience and their needs is essential to writing an effective product description.

Once you get an idea of the target audience, get hold of all the possible chances of extracting information from reviews, social media posts, videos, or blogs to better understand the audience’s requirements. This can help you, considerably, in writing descriptions that are tailored for your audience.

Analyze Your Competitors

Once you understand your target audience, start analyzing your competitors both, inside and outside Amazon, and look out for product listings similar to your products. Take note of how they have described their products, phrases they have used, and keywords they have integrated. Further, have a look at the reviews to know what customers’ want from the product or like about it.

After gaining these insights, craft your descriptions in a way that beats your competition and offers your audience everything they are looking for.

Create Your Keyword List

Once you know what to write and for whom to write, start listing out all the potential keywords – ones that your ideal customers are likely to use. A clear and succinct description must rank well, and thus it is important for you to scatter the right keywords throughout by placing the relevant ones first.

However, don’t keyword stuff. What we mean to say is, keyword integration is an essential aspect of a good description but stuffing can have an adverse impact. Use all the keywords wisely while keeping the tone natural. You can also create a list of all the high ranking keywords and use bullet points (descriptions) for every keyword. This will, in turn, serve two purposes

  • SEO optimized description
  • easy readability for customers

Focus on the Product’s Benefits and Features

As a store owner, you’d want to list as many details of your product to your customers. In other words, you would want your users to know everything about your product and how it is different from others. The buyers, however, aren’t necessarily interested in so much. Rather, they’d want to know how the product will help them or prove beneficial for them.

Your description should, thus, focus on the core features and benefits of the product while assuring your potential buyers that the product will improve their life. Include the most unique and useful features for your users to take an informed decision with maximum ease.

However, before you get down to writing Amazon product descriptions analyze the product’s features and benefits and see how your product fulfills the buyers’ needs or solves their problems. For every feature you list, see how it will benefit the buyer.

Use Bullets for Easy Readability

You might have come across articles or write-ups that were too lengthy and you had to discontinue reading. Make sure your descriptions don’t fall in this category. Shoppers hardly have time to go through your entire descriptions or long paragraphs; they just want to get hold of the important details such as benefits or features. How would you do that? Well, bullets are the answer.

Using bullets to provide all the important information for shoppers to easily grab the crucial details is an effective way to get them close. Depending on your niche you can put ingredients or specs into bullet points. Once your product descriptions are easy to read, the lower are the chances of losing on potential customers.

Get Your Listings Right with Data4Amazon

The more the sellers, the more the competition. Amazon, as one of the biggest online retailers, offers customers hundreds of product listings to browse through irrespective of the category. Thus, as a seller, you must cut through the competition and ensure your product listings rank high. In other words, your product descriptions must be good enough to be ranked among the best.

With Amazon product listing optimization services at your disposal, you can get engaging and compelling descriptions with a focus on driving sales and improving your online presence. Our experts thoroughly understand your business vertical to write descriptions that highlight the key features of your product and provide visitors the relevant information required to make informed buying decisions. Further, we help you get an edge over the competition by taking care of SEO and everything that comes in between.