A Complete Guide To Hiring an Amazon Consultant To Accelerate Your Business

Complete Guide To Hire an Amazon Consultant

With a total of 6.2 million total sellers worldwide and 1.6 million active sellers, Amazon is continuously booming. 23% of shoppers prefer searching a specific product on Amazon before heading to any other eCommerce store. This shows Amazon is dominating the online marketplace, making it immensely competitive not only for the new sellers but also for big brands.

Now, how can a seller increase the overall sales and traffic on Amazon? The most effective way is by hiring a professional Amazon Consultant. An experienced Amazon Consultant can help you set up your Amazon/ Amazon pro merchant account, conduct Amazon competitor price analysis to get you ahead of the curve, optimize your store with effective SEO strategies, and much more.

Finding an appropriate Amazon consultant can be a huge task but we have simplified it for you. This post discusses the role of Amazon consultants, who need to hire them. Further, we will illustrate how consultants can help in scaling your business and how to choose the right consultant.

Amazon Consultant Guide

Who is an Amazon Consultant?

An Amazon specialist is an individual who gives master guidance on the best way to sell on the Amazon platform. In addition, an Amazon expert understands what works for your store and targets trouble spots in your business that are keeping you away from producing deals. Amazon experts are well-versed with product listing and optimization, which will give you an upper hand to stay on top of search ranking. They deeply understand the technicalities and requirements of optimization and use significant methodologies to make your business successful.

Role of an Amazon Consultant

Depending on business requirements, an Amazon consultant performs various functions. Although, here are some basic roles and responsibilities of a consultant:

1. Current Business Assessment

The foremost duty of an Amazon consultant is to analyze your current financial situation, your market position, previous sales performance, and more.

2. Planning and Strategizing

Once the consultant knows about your market situation, he/she will work in coordination with you to build effective sales strategies as per your business requirement. The consultant will focus on logistical components as well as marketing elements to boost your sales performance.

3. Budget Consultation

If you are a new seller on Amazon, it is common to not know or have a slight idea about the costs of selling on Amazon. A professional consultant holds deep knowledge related to estimating FBA and warehouse fees, return management costs, PPC rates, etc. It will give you an approximate idea of the total costs so that you can keep a track of your budget and plan further accordingly.

4. Closely Analyze Store Operations

An Amazon consultant not only works closely with you but also consistently tracks every activity and operation. This way he/she can take instant measures to rectify if something goes unplanned.

Who Needs to Hire an Amazon Consultant?

One of the common questions is who needs an Amazon consultant? Various business people require them to get expert advice, some of them are:

1. New Amazon Sellers

Sellers who have just started their business on Amazon require to learn a lot of specific operations. Along their journey, it is normal to make mistakes but to avoid them further, they need guidance from experienced professionals. Having an Amazon consultant will gem them the benefit of product research, listings, sales, reviews, and much more. This will also reduce the workload, errors, and streamline their business operations.

2. Amazon Private Labelers

Merchants with their own private mark items can profit from having an Amazon advisor. They can request guidance on the most proficient method to improve postings, create surveys, and run an effective Amazon Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertisement. Likewise, private marks may experience a commandeered posting or licensed innovation claims. For this situation, they need assistance from a specialist and an attorney.

3. Established Retailers

Established retailers on Amazon face tough competition in the marketplace. Amazon consultants can help them build a customized strategy to stay ahead of their competitors.

4. Wholesalers and Manufacturers

There are various kinds of Amazon organizations that have their own market and needs. By having an Amazon advisor, they can get master exhortation to develop their business.

Business Benefits of Hiring an Amazon Consultant

Here are various reasons that will help you determine the need for having Amazon consultants:

1. Takes Care of Major Operations

Amazon SEO: An Amazon specialist holds deep knowledge in the Amazon store SEO domain to ensure that your listings reach the highest ranking. They work towards optimizing your Amazon product listings, enhancing the ranking of your products, which leads to a boost in sales.

Amazon PPC: Amazon PPC is handled by experts who deal with Amazon Marketing Services (AMS) and specialize in advertising your products through the AMS platform. It comprises Product Display Ads, Sponsored Products, and Headline Search Ads that increase your product visibility and drive more traffic.

2. Assist you with surveying if your business is productive

The primary thing your Amazon expert will do is inspect your business circumstance and dissect it. They’ll take a gander at your business channel, target market, and contenders. Also, they’ll survey how you can more readily function with your financial plan, how you run your notices, and how you should situate yourself. Additionally, the expert checks if Amazon is the best conveyance channel for your business.

A short time later, the specialist will foster suitable systems for your items. You will likewise be instructed on how to enhance your postings for a superior Amazon search result positioning.

3. Builds up proficient work processes for your store and deal with your accounts

You wouldn’t really accept how long you can save when you change your work process. Building up a productive work process can assist you with decreasing the weight of accomplishing basically everything so you can rather zero in on offering great administrations to your clients. Your advisor can recommend recruiting a Virtual Assistant to oversee client messages and make reports.

Besides assisting you with building up a proficient work process, a specialist screens your turn of events and assists you with your financial plan. There are countless various costs included when running an Amazon store. A specialist assists you with monitoring them and dealing with your accounts.

4. Saves you from making financial blunders

At the point when you enlist an Amazon specialist, they keep you from committing errors that can cost you an unimaginable amount. Amateurs regularly spend such a huge amount on PPC crusades that perform inadequately. Or on the other hand, they need to pay fines because of their inability to settle FBA charges and assessment commitments. With the assistance of a specialist, you can try not to squander cash because of wrong practices, and rather go directly towards procuring.

5. Helps in handling suspension requests and offers lawful administrations

It is each vendor’s nightmare when their Amazon account gets suspended. In addition to the fact that it affects their deals, however, it additionally influences their standing. It’s great that Amazon specialists are proficiently recorded as hard copy suspension offers. Some of them are even attorneys who can deal with suspension bids and protected innovation issues. They can give you a Plan of Action or audit your current one and help you handle the cycle. In conclusion, they can draft provider agreements to help shield your business from stores that need to duplicate your items.

6. Assists in expanding your store

Do you intend to focus on the global market? There are specialists who are specialists in selling globally. They can help interpret postings, give client care, and help with customs obligations. Finally, they can give you ideas in regards to the best transportation transporters and delivery guidelines.

7. Enhances your Amazon product listing to improvise brand content

Streamlining your posting is critical in boosting visibility and brand mindfulness. As a seller, it is important to understand that optimizing your Amazon listings will help you to reach an accurate customer group and create brand awareness. When it comes to selling on Amazon, sellers cannot handle all the tasks alone. Therefore, hiring an expert who specializes in Amazon listing can be a great option as they will help you create and deliver A+ content, images, and videos. This way, shoppers will be able to locate your products quickly further increasing your overall sales and profit.

8. Creating powerful advertising campaigns

PPC will in general be hard for some merchants. As a rule, dealers don’t have an arrangement with regards to how to run their missions, which brings about horrible showing. A specialist can decide how your missions are set up and will help make a cycle for you to deal with your missions after some time.

By consulting a reliable Amazon expert, you can have somebody who can offer you legitimate guidance on keyword performance. You can get a good deal on promotions and draw in the right clients. In conclusion, the information gathered from the advertisements will reveal to you how your keywords are performing and permit you to utilize this information for retargeting.

9. Discover approaches to upgrade your product offerings and realize when to drop poor-performing items

Settling on choices is important for being an Amazon dealer. Picking the right items and cycles for your business is fundamental, for it can bring about you making or losing a deal. One of the choices you need to make is if to eliminate an item.

Having a specialist can help decide whether your concern is simply the item or your promoting efforts. They can offer you guidance on if to sell an item. They can even encourage you to package items with different things or overhaul a portion of the highlights.

An advisor can likewise offer you a second input on whether an item is even worth seeking after in any case. They can likewise propose different items that work out positively for your current items. This will help you save a huge load of time and cash.

10. Guides in building a strong relationship with customers

Building a relationship with your clients is critical to mark steadfastness. You need your clients to consistently purchase your items, so you need to give the best help. In any case, there are circumstances that might be out of your hands, for example, delivering postpones that can influence your relationship with your clients. This can bring about a negative audit on your page.

Rather than getting disturbed about the negative audit, consider it an approach to improve your item and interaction, and plan approaches to decrease its effect. Having a productive expert who realizes how to react to negative criticism is profoundly gainful. They’re there to investigate the issue, yet they have a strong arrangement set up to limit awful audits. They likewise realize how to use the force of positive surveys.

11. They keep you on top of it with respect to news and updates

The eCommerce business is ceaselessly developing. Henceforth, the standards and guidelines that oversee Amazon additionally change to cling to the developing business sector. Having an expert who monitors these progressions will help you in keeping away from suspension.

How To Choose the Right Amazon Consultant? Qualities You Should Look Out For

1. Emphasize on Powerful SEO Strategy

Since Amazon is a huge and booming marketplace, every other buyer begins their product search from Amazon. Therefore, consultants should be proficient in optimizing the store with suitable SEO strategies

2. Immense and Relevant Work Experience

Amazon consulting experts with deep knowledge in optimizing the store can help you with appropriate categorization, unique and keyword-rich titles, top ranking keywords, browse nodes, related products, descriptions, product reviews, etc. They know which strategies can help you win and the risks to avoid.

3. Pursues an Individual Approach

A reliable consultant will not stick to a one-size-fits-all strategy. He/she would rather create custom approaches as per your market situation and business needs.

4. Transparent Pricing Structure

If you are partnering with an Amazon Consultancy Service, then look out for their costs if it suits your budget. A quality consultancy would always be upfront about its pricing structure.

5. Uses White-hat Methods

Choose a professional consultant who implements white-hat methods rather than black-hat methods (selling and ranking) that violate Amazon guidelines. It will definitely bring you short-term success but will harm your business a long way. It can lead to account suspension and once suspended, it will be very tough to restore.

6. Compliance Experts

A consultant also needs to know what legal requirements and regulations you need to comply with if you want to sell your products in a certain country. Especially in some categories such as food and health, electronics, or children’s toys, there are strict laws and compliance guidelines sellers need to comply with in order to protect consumers from faulty or hazardous products.

7. Compliance Experts

An authentic Amazon consultant will always emphasize long-term goals. Besides investing in short-term promotions like paid ads, he will also remind you to focus on long-term marketing activities like SEO. SEO is evergreen and will help you drive a large amount of traffic on your listings.

8. Quickly Adapts to Changes

Amazon’s ecosystem undergoes frequent changes in terms of policy, guidelines, etc. It is essential to stay updated with the government regulations and laws, import pricing, and more. Any of the changes will directly affect your business functions. Hence, a consultant should be aware of constant updates and build strategies that align with the new changes.

Summing Up

When selling on Amazon, a seller needs to focus on different areas which can be nerve-wracking. So hiring an Amazon specialist can help you track sales, manage listings and implement expert strategies to boost traffic. Several Amazon Listing/Consultancy Services have expert consultants and one of the most reliable is Data4Amazon. Our team of consultants has experience building a strong presence across the marketplace and enables you to outshine the competition. To hire an Amazon expert, get in touch with us via info@data4amazon.com or call us at +1 585 283 0055 or +44 203 514 2601