5 Practical Ways To Make Amazon SEO Work In Your Favor

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Given that Amazon has a fairly large seller base, it is not easy for you to get noticed, let alone achieve higher rankings. Or maybe it is. No doubt, Amazon is a go-to platform for a large number of sellers, and with the pandemic, it has outgrown massively. The competition is immense and every business person needs to go extra mile for achieving their revenue goals. We understand that selling on Amazon is not an easy task, and sellers need to look after various business activities. Hence, outsourcing Amazon Marketplace Management Services can make your way to the top without any difficulty.

In this blog, we will discuss Amazon Search Engine Optimization, its algorithm, and various effective strategies to boost your product visibility. Further, we will illustrate few common mistakes that sellers should avoid while following SEO strategies.

What is Amazon SEO?

Amazon SEO = Optimizing Product Listings = Improvised Rankings = Enhanced Visibility = More Sales

Users insert a specific keyword while searching for a product on Amazon and the first few keywords catch their attention. This is where Amazon search engine optimization (SEO) comes into the picture. It is the process of optimizing the product listings of Amazon to enhance the keyword ranking on searches. The ultimate goal of Amazon SEO services is to simplify the listing so that users can easily find your product on the top of the search query.

The next question is how the ranking of a product is determined? The answer is through the A10 algorithm. Let’s move further and understand the working of the A10 algorithm.

Amazon’s A10 Algorithm- How the Search Engine Works?

Amazon A10, a subsidiary of Amazon, fostered its web index innovation to help client search inquiries match the most suitable items on the Amazon stage. The A10 internet searcher is considered by all vendors to be the minds behind the whole SEO measure, and thusly, it is critical to see how the A10 calculation functions.

The A10 search’s comprehension is profoundly centered around its “revenue per-click” capacities, which is Amazon’s definitive objective. Each time a buyer looks for an item on Amazon, he/she needs to coordinate with the most ideal choices on the Amazon inventory—subsequently improving the probability of creating deals and income.

As a new seller on Amazon, it tends to be overpowering to consider how your items will rank higher in the marketplace. You will confront savage rivalry and a constantly creating A10 internet searcher calculation, and it is therefore that most organizations enlist an Amazon SEO specialist for help.

Exclusive Strategies To Optimize Amazon Product Listings

In order to create optimized product listings, you need to know every thick and thin of writing a sales copy, adding product images, and set pricing accordingly. And for all these strategies to be successful, you need a specialist who is well-versed with optimizing Amazon product listings. To guide you through, here are some exclusive ways to work your way around Amazon SEO:

Write a Persuasive Sales Copy

Focus on optimizing the following product content for Amazon SEO:

  • Product title
  • Bullet points a.k.a. Highlights a.k.a. Attributes
  • Product description
  • Additional product information
  • Enhanced Brand Content (Sellers) & A+ Content (Vendors)

Amazon Content Writing Services

1. Stick to writing a descriptive title

The importance of an attractive product title cannot be overstated. And when it comes to Amazon SEO, it becomes even more necessary to frame a well-detailed title, one that also boosts your click-through rates. The secret to writing one such title? Well, here’s what your title MUST contain:

  • Product’s name
  • Brand name
  • Product’s material
  • The most important features of the product
  • Color
  • Size
  • Packaging details (if applicable)

A lot of sellers simply include the product and brand name and disseminate no other information. Something similar to this dummy description here:

Clearly, the title isn’t appealing. It should convey the most important information about the product. Here’s another example, one of a seller who has made it to the bestseller list. Just look at the title!

Amazon Description Writing Services

This is how you must frame your title if you want to be a bestseller. And if you need professional help, you can always go for Amazon copywriting services for the best results.

2. Use bullet points to explain your product in a jiffy

Amazon Product Description Writing Services

Bullet points can be used to briefly explain the key features of your product. You can include up to 5 for each of your products. For example, Tops here has included 5 detailed points with separate subheadings. Notice how they have subtly used varied formatting to their advantage.
Just keep the format simple and the points short, and you are good to go.

3. Description must contain all the possible information

Now that the customers are intrigued by your product images and bullet points, they want to know more about your product so that they can make a decision. They’ll turn to your product description. Make it worth a read. How? First, keep it short. Running back and forth, trying to say the same thing can frustrate a customer. You must know how to write an Amazon product description. As a standard practice, maintain a simple, readable format and use very basic language to describe your product’s benefits. The description also needs to be engaging. For that, use a friendly tone, one that’s upbeat and engaging enough to hold their attention.

Besides this, adding a few extra elements can give your Amazon description writing efforts a much-needed boost. For example, you can compare your products with the ones offered by your competitors. By doing so, you can the buyers in making an informed decision without necessarily having to conduct extra research. Incorporating infographics and images in the description is also a good idea. This gives your customers a clear idea of your product’s features, benefits, best uses, etc.

Optimize Amazon Product Listings

Amazon store SEO

Notice how they’ve used images in their description to give a better overview of how their food processor can be used in different ways. Including images is a brilliant way to explain your product. Professionals who know how to add images to Amazon product descriptions can help you better in getting them right.

Products Comparison

And here’s a comparison chart for the same listing:

The description must also contain the targeted keywords so that it can rank higher in the search results. Make sure you include some seamlessly all over your product copy.

4. Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content

Amazon Enhanced Brand Content and A+ Content are broadened content highlights for brand-enlisted Sellers and Vendors, separately.

With different formats (a.k.a. modules) and a simple to-utilize content instrument to make engaging writings and clear pictures, these upgrades can give your standard item portrayal page a critical visual lift.

Upgraded content permits you to address your purchaser’s inquiries indisputably and in a seriously captivating manner. Enticing and compelling content can, consequently, lead to a superior transformation rate, more deals, and fewer returns.

Create Enticing Pictures That Pop

  • Customers cannot actually see or physically touch your products when shopping online. Product images are what they rely on. Make sure yours are of high quality so as to grab maximum customer attention.
  • Continuing the example from before. Well, the product images on this page are yet another reason for its high ranking.
  • They’ve included 7 images, depicting the details of the notebook, with some of them focusing on the technical aspects like length, width, design, etc of the pages. When customers look at such images, they immediately get a clear idea of the product and feel a lot more comfortable in making the purchase.
  • It’s not just about the quality, but your product pictures must also be able to convince the customers. You could also include a product video or even an action shot to help them understand your product better.
  • Before you begin taking your item photographs, think about putting resources into a high-goal camera for ideal picture quality. Your most significant objective with item photography is to guarantee every item will be shown in its best visual condition. Try not to take foggy or bad-quality photographs, or you may wind up losing clients.
  • Another significant factor is satisfactory lighting on your item. Most excellent photographs either have a characteristic light scenery (with by and large delicate tones) or fake lighting, with reflectors and lightboxes. While the suitable lighting relies upon what items you have, your ultimate objective ought to consistently be to make your items search better for your crowd.
  • These photographs should grandstand a mix of your item’s outside and inside look. For example, in case you’re selling activewear on the Amazon Marketplace, take a stab at taking photographs of your items from far off, very close (to show the material utilized), and when worn with the right foundation, and grandstand the item from various points.
  • The best Amazon business visionaries comprehend that item photography is fundamental to ace how to do SEO for Amazon items. While there are numerous approaches to take item photographs appropriately, a brilliant method to begin streamlining your posting is to take a great goal picture.

Set Competitive Pricing

Competitive Pricing

Product pricing plays a crucial role in Amazon SEO as well as in attracting customers. You can’t just go around quoting any price you like. It has to be reasonable and in accordance with the competition. Competitive pricing becomes important to make sure that you don’t set a price too high or too low. Prices higher than usual can not only disinterest buyers but also get you in trouble if and when Amazon takes notice. So, ensure that you study your competitors well before deciding on a specific pricing scheme.

So, these are some ways that you can use to improve the SEO compatibility of your Amazon product page. Optimization can not only get you rankings but also raise your seller reputation and marketplace position as more customers begin to notice you. Your conversion rates, in that case, would know no bounds.

Common SEO Mistakes by Amazon Sellers

All the above-mentioned tips will help you to efficiently optimize your product listings. However, tips are not enough to get your business running. You should also be aware of some common mistakes that sellers make to hinder SEO efficiency.

1. Unable to manage product inventory

Why do sellers need Amazon SEO? It is to improve their product rankings and increase the brand’s exposure. But if you fail to keep a track of your inventory, all your hard work will be in vain. Therefore, it is essential to avoid overstocking or understocking to streamline your inventory process. This will result in a great customer experience and more sales.

2. Fail to sustain your SEO process

Creating a strategy is simple but implementing and sticking to it for the long term can be difficult. Most sellers face a breakdown while maintaining the efficiency of the SEO process. Being a seller, it is normal to face such challenges and can be solved by hiring an Amazon listing expert who adheres to SEO best practices and make sure that your Amazon site consistently attains good rankings

3. Not acclimating to the A10 search engine

While Amazon’s A10 web crawler is inconceivably shrewd, its calculation keeps on developing after some time. Amazon sellers get disappointed by these changes and neglect to support their SEO techniques.

4. Unaware of your competitor’s strategies

Regardless of Amazon’s wildly cutthroat climate, a couple of keen business people set aside the effort to explore how their competitors are keeping up on the platform. This strategy is particularly valuable when you attempt to discover voids on their item postings and fill those holes on your site page. On the off chance that you need to realize how to improve SEO on Amazon, comprehensive research is one approach to support your item posting.

5. Making false product claims

One of the most exceedingly terrible mix-ups you can make with your SEO methodology is making wrong claims on your product listings. This shrewd stunt will just damage your business notoriety since you attempt to trick clients on Amazon just to make a profit.

Wrapping Up

While it is important to use smart Amazon SEO tactics to get noticed on this marketplace, you will need expert assistance to create and implement the right strategies. Therefore, it is advisable for businesses to look into the top SEO companies or agencies. This approach helps save time and expense while ensuring the outcomes you expect. For starters, you can try the Amazon SEO services from Data4Amazon, reachable at info@data4amazon.com. We are also recognized as top digital marketing agency by TopDevelopers.co.