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Amazon Vendor Central is a web interface for manufacturers, distributors, and vendors to sell directly on Amazon. While the platform makes it easy to process orders, track product details and manage inventory, it requires an invitation to sell through Vendor Central.

If you have an invitation to sell through Amazon Vendor Central, Data4Amazon can help you right from setting up an account and creating product detail pages with A+ Content to managing inventory and processing orders in bulk. Our professionals hold expertise in managing Amazon Vendor Central accounts, using Marketing tools such as Subscribe & Save, listing Amazon Sponsored Ads, and much more.

We have been rendering Amazon Vendor Central management services to our clients spanning across the globe and helping them carry out complex tasks such as managing the store inventory, processing the orders, handling the shipments, order tracking, and so much more.

Amazon Vendor Central Management Services We Offer

Our qualified team of Amazon Vendor Central professionals provides ongoing assistance in managing manufacturers' and distributors' Amazon Vendor Central accounts. You may manage your Amazon Vendor Central account more successfully by delegating the task to our dedicated Amazon Vendor Central expert. We provide a wide range of services that includes:

  • NIS (New Item Setup) creations

    We will assist you with the construction of NIS for your new Amazon items. Our experts will provide assistance with a new setup, optimize product listings, verify ASINs, and correct barcode problems. In addition, we will monitor and update your product inventory status.

  • Product listing optimization as per Amazon’s A9 product search algorithm

    We will get the greatest positive impact of your product listing on your product performance in search results by optimizing it. Product detail, type, size, features, and category, everything will be accurate, clean, and will have the capacity to appear in the top of the search list.

  • Vendor Central account management

    We will also be taking care of your back-office tasks such as order entry, handling and processing, invoice processing, shipment tracking, and handling returns. This will give you enough time you need to execute your further business planning.

  • Inventory management

    Our demand-driven business approach will assist you in streamlining your order processing and inventory management. We will continuously track your inventory, handle replenishments, orders, communications, shipping logistics, and order fulfillment.

  • A+ content creation

    We will assist you with displaying enhanced Amazon A+ content and visuals on your product page in order to increase user interaction. Furthermore, we will significantly optimize your product page and produce SEO content to help you rank higher on Amazon SERPs. It includes detailed product descriptions, technical specifications, images, videos, and comparison charts to boost conversion figures and improve brand equity.

    Further, we use Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) and provide you with detailed insights about pre-orders, competitive benchmarking, customer behavior, and geographic sales so that you can make informed decisions for product development and sales optimization. Our experts also support changing/ adding new images, revising product prices, updating descriptions, margining duplicate product offerings, and promoting products via Amazon Sponsored Ads & Product Display Ads. Hence, make Data4Amazon your offshore partner and leave all the hassles to us!

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Boost Manufacturer Revenue and Distribution on Amazon through Vendor Central Management

With a suite of Amazon Vendor Central Management Services, Data4Amazon aims to support manufacturers and suppliers in increasing manufacturer revenue as well as distribution on,,,, and other platforms across the globe. We help you manage your Vendor Central account by adding products to the Amazon catalog, creating A+ Content, processing customer orders, tracking the shipment, managing inventory, and a lot more.

Why Choose Us for Vendor Central Management

When you outsource Amazon Vendor Central management to Data4Amazon experts, you get uncountable advantages including:

  • Reduced overhead expenses

    Data4Amazon Vendor Central management experts are well capable of handling all sorts of work. So, no expenses on hiring in-house employees for the same chores.

  • Top-class data security

    All your product data and online retail business data are secured with us. Our top-most priority is to import your information safely and export the usable data safely as well.

  • Improve brand confidence in users

    Our effective management services will not only attract new experts but also retain them. We build and enhance the confidence about your brand in the customers’ minds so that they never thought of replacing your products.

  • Risk mitigation

    Our service providers are habitual of obeying the rules and regulations and policies set for Amazon Vendors. Hence, our best practices to create and manage your store will reduce the risk of getting banned in the future or from any other risks.

  • Increase sale

    Selling products via Amazon vendor programs guarantees you higher sales than selling as an Amazon seller. Customers trust Amazon products more than any others. Moreover, our best vendor central management skills will multiply the sales.

Gain a competitive advantage with end-to-end Amazon Vendor management.

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FAQs on Amazon Vendor Central Management - Answered!

Are you still confused about how to get an invitation from Amazon Vendor Central or what to do once you get the invitation? Well, go through the following answers to the most commonly asked questions and know how Data4Amazon can help you set and manage your Amazon Vendor Central store.

You can write your question to us at and get answered by our experts in the blink of an eye.

Vendor Central is another type of web interface of Amazon to sell your products on it. When you become a Vendor on Amazon, you supply your products to Amazon to sell them indirectly. You can sell products in bulk but, only as a supplier. Your registration can be done only via an invitation sent by Amazon itself. Thus, lure Amazon by showing what you are selling and receive an invitation immediately. And, then let us help you with setting up an account and create the best product detail pages with our A+ content.

Amazon charges a minimum fee or allowance to sell as a Vendor. The distribution of costing is mentioned below:

  • Market Development Funds - 10% of the cost of a product.
  • Freight Allowance - 2% to 3% of the cost.
  • Damage Allowance - Depends on the category of the product. Most of the time, the vendor pays 2% to 3%.

To become a successful vendor on Amazon, you need to get an invite from Amazon. To get that, follow the enlisted steps:

  • Prepare and send your inventory to the Amazon FBA.
  • Master at Amazon A9 algorithm and improve Amazon SEO techniques.
  • Run advertising campaigns and sponsored Ads on Amazon.
  • Improve your product reviews.

There are few disadvantages of being a third-party or Vendor on Amazon, mentioned below:

  • You may face difficulty in launching products on Amazon.
  • The pricing of the products will be decided fully by Amazon.
  • It is difficult to fulfill Amazon's inventory and order demands.

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Client Speak

Client Speak

I was on the lookout for an offshore partner who can help me with the setup of our Amazon vendor central account, and Data4Amazon turned out to be a perfect service provider offering Amazon vendor central management services with the right blend of skills and expertise.

Christie Walls,

Want to manage your Vendor Central Account smoothly? Get in touch with us!

Data4Amazon professionals have domain knowledge and the required skill to improve your sales through the Vendor Central program on Amazon. Contact us today and introduce your requirements to us. You can also drop us a line at to know more about our Amazon Vendor Central Management Services. By partnering with us for Vendor Central management, you will get enhanced product placement, an improved brand reputation, and better exposure on Amazon.

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