Amazon SEO Services: Deciphering What the A9 Wants

Amazon SEO Services

Keywords play a key role in determining your product’s visibility. By now, it is a well- established fact that when it comes to Amazon, using the correct keywords at appropriate places is equally important as using keywords is. What is not known is that long-tail keywords comprise 70 per cent of total web searches. When prospective buyers make use of long keywords for searching a product, they are being more specific about what they need. In such a scenario, overlooking their importance while incorporating keywords in your product listing wouldn’t serve you any good.

Long Tail Keywords

If you want to ensure that your products are adequately visible to buyers and increase the likelihood of securing sale, it is important to get acquainted to the key factors determining your rank in the A9 algorithm.

A9 Algorithm

It is important to keep a hawk’s eye on the following metrics with the help of Amazon SEO Services

  • Order defect rate- Keeping your order defect rate in check is quintessential to keep your product’s rank intact. Customer dissatisfaction invites negative reviews and feedbacks- the key ingredients of determining ranking in the A9 algorithm.
  • Sufficient stock level- If a buyer visits your sites and finds ‘out of stock’, it can be a great turn off for you as a seller as you have lost a chance of selling and for the buyer as well. It is important to keep your product inventory in check and replenish your stock well in advance in order to avoid running out.
  • Bounce rate- Using half-baked descriptions forwarded by manufacturers wouldn’t help you stand out. In fact, it will work the other way round and portray your product in a negative light and enhance bounce rates. Remember when it comes to eCommerce, your product is as good as you are able to ‘portray’ it. However, it doesn’t mean that you should make false projections about your product as it will hamper your reviews, increase refunds and returns eventually hampering your rank.
  • Conversion rate- The higher the conversion rate for a certain keyword, the more are the chances of your product ranking high for that particular keyword. This is based on the premise that Amazon wants its customers to find the exact products they are looking for within the least possible time period. You can seek help from Amazon SEO services to propel your conversion rates.

Do not underestimate the power of Discount

Buyers relish discounts. If you are planning to improve your product’s rank, offering temporary discounts can act as a great game-changer. Offering a small discount can get you featured under ‘best deals’ and help you outshine your competitors. You can take the help of Amazon marketing services to help you make the most out of the discounts you offer. In this way, you become quite likely to rank high in the Amazon search-engine and strike a deal with buying prospects.

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