How to boost your Amazon sales by 4X this holiday season

Tips to Sell More on Amazon in Holiday Season

Hello, Amazon Sellers! We’ve got news for you. A Deloitte forecast has predicted around 13.5 % growth in eCommerce sales during the 2022 holiday season (nearing $262 billion in sales).

Reaching an acceptable profitable stage post a pandemic as massive as COVID has been quite a struggle for many online businesses. However, the holiday shopping season has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for online sellers to recover from the losses and get back on track! And, just like every year, online retailers will put their best foot forward this holiday season and try to leverage it for grand audiences, big sales, and even bigger profits. So, if you want to make the most of the 2022 holiday shopping season despite the fiercely competitive environment, you need to start now! 

On Amazon, there are many ways to achieve that goal; we are sharing one of them- the best practices for Amazon listing optimization. With these techniques, you can improve listing visibility, engage more consumers, and accelerate your sales, profits, and revenue.

Best Amazon product listing hacks for the holiday season

Let us have a look at some of the key Amazon product listing hacks for the holiday season:

1. Optimize your product title for mobile

Amazon Title Optimization for Mobile

In 2022, mobile retail e-commerce sales in the United States are anticipated to approach 430 billion dollars, an almost twofold growth since 2019. In 2021, nearly 43% of holiday sales were generated on mobile devices. This year, mobile sales could grow more. So, you should work on crafting informative yet scannable product titles for mobile users. 

Although Amazon gives you a 250-character limit for writing product titles, you should try to keep your product title under 80 characters. Otherwise, it will be truncated on mobile devices. Place your keywords in the beginning and avoid keyword stuffing or spamming since it’s no longer vital for better search rankings.

2. Pay attention to your product images

Ideas to Optimize Amazon Product Images

Images play a crucial role in driving sales on Amazon, yet many retailers overlook them when optimizing product listings. In fact, if you plan on carrying out Amazon listing optimization for the holiday season, images play a vital role. 

Ensure that all product images are self-explanatory. For instance, this product listing features 7 high-quality images, each showcasing the USPs of the product within the image itself. This helps customers envision the product’s quality and pushes them towards quick buying decisions.

Amazon Product Image Optimization Example

Besides this, you should also ensure that all your product images are clicked using a high-resolution camera from different angles, each having a white background. You can click product photographs using your smartphone, and a tripod stand if you don’t have a high-end DSLR camera. This will help you capture clear photographs without any blurriness. Before you upload images, always check the dimensions. It is recommended to upload 5-8 high-quality images (500 x 1000 pixels).

3. Add keywords related to the holiday season

Amazon Keyword Strategy in Holiday Season

To drive a high traffic volume to your product listings, incorporate keywords related to the holiday season in your content.

  • You can use popular keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner or Ubersuggest to create a list of keywords that can bring an influx of traffic to your listing during the holiday season.
  • Skim through the product listings of your top five competitors and determine the keywords they’re using related to the upcoming holiday shopping season.
  • Validate every keyword’s difficulty level and search volume with the help of an Amazon SEO expert. One use the ones that you find worth targeting.

An Amazon Virtual Assistant (VA) can help you with the incorporation of relevant keywords and a gamut of other things pertaining to your online store.

4. Create product descriptions and related content around the holiday shopping season

How to Optimize Amazon Content

One of the top tips for selling on Amazon during the holiday season is to bring relevancy to your listing content. 

Add a festive flair to your product listings by creating content around important holiday shopping events like Halloween, Thanksgiving, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, and Christmas. This will help you stand out from your competitors and bring in more qualified traffic.

When writing the description, think about the USPs of your product. Add compelling, benefit-based reasons why customers should consider buying the product. Prefer short sentences and bullet points since they are easier to skim. Also, add keywords that you want to rank for. Make sure that the description is:

  • Clearly crafted
  • Engaging to read
  • Informative

It is essential to note here that the Amazon A9 algorithm indexes only the first 1,000 characters of your bullet points. Therefore, try to make them as short and straightforward as possible. Amazon A+ content writing services come in handy when you need to create a lasting impact. 

5. Keep your pricing competitive

Amazon Pricing Hacks

Besides optimizing the product images and content, you should also pay attention to the pricing since it is an important ranking factor that drives sales and profits. If your profit margin doesn’t take a hit, we suggest you keep the prices lower than your competitors. Doing this can make a big difference in your sales volume during the holiday season.

To keep the listings competitively priced, you can either follow the algorithmic pricing strategy or the manual one. As an Amazon marketing services expert, we suggest you adopt the former, especially if you have hundreds of SKUs. This will help you change the pricing dynamically.

6. Keep a check on product reviews and ratings

Amazon Product Review Strategy

Product reviews and ratings have a direct impact on your Amazon holiday sales. So it becomes imperative that you pay attention to the reviews and ratings of your eStore and listings.

A 4 or 5-star rating will prove that your product is of premium quality, thus increasing the possibility of converting your prospective buyers into customers. On the other hand, if your product has received negative ratings, you’d have difficulty convincing your prospects. It’s, therefore, advisable to take measures to nip negative reviews in the bud and reach out to your customers if need be to turn them into positive reviews.


Amazon is the largest eCommerce marketplace in the world; it is the hub of billions of online consumers. If you prepare well, you can capitalize on this opportunity and boost sales for the holiday season.

Here’s everything we discussed so far in a nutshell. 

  • Optimize the content of each product listing, be it titles, tags, or descriptions.
  • Use clean, clutter-free, and creative product images to drive more buyers.
  • Incorporate a holiday-specific copy in your product title and banners to engage the shoppers.
  • Ramp up your product reviews to instill trust and confidence among the potential buying audience.
  • Make sure that you price your products aggressively and see if it is feasible for you to keep prices low and play on sales volumes, instead of margins, only during the holiday season.

We hope you find our guide on boosting Amazon sales during the holiday season helpful. You can contact our team if you need more assistance with getting your Amazon store ready for the holiday season. Our eCommerce support company has helped many businesses drive more sales on Amazon within a decent budget and time frame and can do the same for you.

FAQs – You ask, we answer!


Can Amazon PPC Optimization help capitalize on last-minute holiday shoppers?


Yes, Amazon PPC optimization can be highly effective for targeting last-minute holiday shoppers. By refining your campaigns to target relevant keywords and adjusting bidding strategies to maximize visibility, you can capitalize on the increased search activity during the holiday rush, driving more sales and revenue for your business.


What can you do to prepare for this holiday season?


You must do several things before the holiday season starts. Here they are:

  • Optimize your website and explore unique ways to showcase your promotions better.
  • Promote your brand on social media and reveal the exciting deals in store for your buyers.
  • Optimize ads (or go for professional Amazon PPC management services ) to reach a wider audience.

How early should you start preparing for the holiday season?


Well, the sooner, the better! Start the preparations well in advance (August and September are the best months) and stretch the marketing and promotion efforts until early January.


Can Amazon SEO help to increase sales in the Holiday season as well?


Yes. With our result-oriented Amazon store SEO and copywriting services, you can significantly boost your Amazon holiday sales.


How to create top-notch product catalogs for the holiday season?


It won’t be much of a hassle for us. Get in touch with one of our Amazon Virtual Assistants to avail of our nonpareil catalog management services, and you are good to go!

Need Urgent Support? We Can Help

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Here’s to a successful and lucrative holiday season in 2022!