How to boost your Amazon sales by 4X this holiday season

Tips to Sell More on Amazon in Holiday Season

Hello, Amazon Sellers! We’ve got news for you. A Deloitte forecast has predicted around 13.5 % growth in eCommerce sales during the 2022 holiday season (nearing $262 billion in sales).

Reaching an acceptable profitable stage post a pandemic as massive as COVID has been quite a struggle for many online businesses. However, the holiday shopping season has proven to be a wonderful opportunity for online sellers to recover from the losses and get back on track! And, just like every year, online retailers will put their best foot forward this holiday season and try to leverage it for grand audiences, big sales, and even bigger profits. So, if you want to make the most of the 2022 holiday shopping season despite the fiercely competitive environment, you need to start now! 

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Migrating From Amazon Vendor Central To Seller Central? This Is For You!

Vendor central vs seller central

Amazon as a marketplace is evolving at a fast pace and the changes it brings about are oftentimes hard to understand for merchants. For instance, earlier this year, it halted orders from thousands of suppliers without any prior notice or explanation. Panic ensued – rumors spread like wildfire about what the motive could possibly be – until the orders quietly resumed weeks later. This drastic move by Amazon left many merchants puzzled; what to do next. Though Amazon hasn’t formally announced any change to Vendor Central, the idea that the marketplace might adopt a “one vendor” is being widely speculated. Meanwhile vendors are are planning to switch to Amazon Seller Central – and third-party selling – as a solution.

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5 Reasons Why You Need To Set Up An Amazon Storefront (Like Now!)

how to set up Amazon storefront

Amazon, the biggest eCommerce hub of all time, is being leveraged by millions of sellers to earn profits and a reputable position in the eCommerce market. And while most of them continue to simply list their products on Amazon, there are others who have been turning to Amazon storefront of late. And why won’t they?

This feature not only lets the sellers leverage Amazon’s wide customer base but also helps them in building a genuine brand identity. Moreover, having a storefront is great for medium and small-sized businesses that yearn for better visibility.

TIP: Before setting up an Amazon storefront, you must get your brand registered with the Brand Registry 2.0 along with an active registered trademark.

A storefront is not just limited to brand-building but goes on to protecting your brand. And what’s more? It helps in increasing your sales since all your brand listings are viewable in one place, giving your customers a more comprehensive view of what you have to offer.

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