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We Helped One of Our Clients in Enhancing Amazon Sales with Low ACoS & Budgeted Ad Spend

In order to become successful on Amazon, the largest online retailer, businesses must indulge in cost-effective yet worthwhile marketing, branding, and selling strategies. This is primarily because, first, Amazon expects its sellers to provide a seamless shopping experience to customers, and second, the cut-throat competition.

As Amazon marketing services and Amazon PPC services experts, we are well-versed in devising growth-enhancing advertising strategies to help online businesses in boosting sales.

See how we helped one of our clients improve their Amazon store via PPC, Amazon listing optimization, and other sales boosting strategies.

Client Requirements

The client approached us with the issue of low product visibility and declining sales on Amazon. They were looking for a trusted Amazon account management agency who could help them improve and maintain:

  • Click-through rate,
  • SERP rankings (for best selling products),
  • Sales volume
  • Low ACoS (Advertising Cost of Sales)

Regardless of the options that Amazon provides, generating more sales while limiting ad spend isn’t an easy job. Alongside, sellers have to update and optimize their content for product listing visibility.

Fortunately, the client recognized our extensive range of Amazon marketing services (along with our capabilities) and knew it could help them strike the right balance between goal achievement and Amazon’s constraints fulfillment.

Challenge Identification

Once the client briefed us about their requirements, we assigned a team of Amazon experts who comprehensively analyzed the client’s store to get an insight into the sales, ad spend, product listings, and other correlated factors. In addition to this, the audit also helped our team in detecting the loopholes and vulnerabilities that required immediate action, such as:

  • Product content: Considering the client’s product line and the keywords to be used, advertising involved a certain amount of risk as it violated Amazon’s list of restricted/prohibited items in the UK. Therefore, we had to assign a team of copywriters who were proficient at creating content that was not only free of such terms, verbiage, or redundancy but clear and relevant.
  • Amazon Listing optimization: The store demanded a fair amount of listing optimization including data migration, eliminating duplicate product data, product image optimization, proper keyword integration, and proofreading product details.
  • ACoS Capping: The client’s primary goal of the client was to drive sales while keeping the ad spend low. Considering this, we had to define an ACos goal or an advertising strategy that reaped maximum results in the minimum amount of money.

Proposed Solution

  • As a part of our Amazon product listing services, we assigned a team of description writing and image editing experts who created SEO-friendly, unique and accurate product descriptions while the latter retouched the product images to get high-quality, attractive product images.
  • A graphic designer was also deployed to handle Amazon EBC (Enhanced Brand Content) that included creating visually rich graphics and alluring banners.
  • Our experts created a Storefront page to stimulate more brand-specific search queries, and ultimately facilitate branding.
  • Paid and manual campaigns were created and optimized for better ad targeting and getting clicks from a wider demographic.
  • The team focused on enhancing the product listing engagement by applying EBC content and inserting relevant keywords to match a broader range of queries, including long-tail search terms.
  • Our result-oriented and client-specific Amazon marketing services were directed at achieving an ACoS below 15 while promoting profitability and ad campaign efficiency.

For the Client

With due dedication and commitment, the team at Data4Amazon was able to exceed the client’s expectations and bring in favourable outcomes within the stipulated timeframe and budget. The client saw a:

  • Boost in sales
  • Increase in order volume
  • Better conversion rates and product visibility
  • Higher click-through rates
  • Cut down in costs

For Us

Once we delivered on expectations, the client was in the state of trusting us with more backend management jobs including customer support, stock alerts, social media handling, and price monitoring. Our team, yet again, ensured 100% client satisfaction and devised solutions as per their requirements.

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