Amazon Selling Hacks To Grab Your Share Of The Pie

Amazon selling hacks

With nearly 5 million Amazon sellers vying for customer attention, it is, of course, difficult for you to keep up. To add fuel to the fire, changing customer demands and modifications in Amazon’s ranking algorithm can make it even harder for you to get noticed, let alone convert your prospects into customers. Or maybe not. You can very well increase your outreach and aim for high conversions if you could just optimize your page, and work around some Amazon selling hacks. And of course, there’s no better time than now. 2019 could be your year. Here’s how!

1. Get your brand registered legally on Amazon

brand registered legally on Amazon

To start off, it is important to get yourself registered on Amazon Brand Registry. Your brand then gets a trademark which leaves no room for things like fraudulent selling of items in your brand’s name. Plus, registering makes you eligible for Amazon’s Enhanced Brand Content (EBC) feature. EBC can be of great help for the sellers who are looking for ways to increase their sales. It lets you describe your product and brand in detail, serving the purpose better than the otherwise generic product description and bullet points.

2. Improve, don’t just innovate


Most sellers look for ways to innovate. But not many are aware of the fact that the best innovation is improvement. When you focus on improving the quality of your products, you become the seller with the best products. For example, if you sell compact college backpacks and you find out that backpacks from other sellers usually have weak straps, you can improve your backpacks’ quality and come up with stronger straps that won’t break easily. Soon, the word will spread and before you know, you’ll have a good reputation, with customers preferring you over the rest.

3. Email marketing still works great

Email marketing

Email marketing is one of the most influential marketing techniques. To begin with, you must have a quality mailing list that comprises your potential customers. Whenever you launch a new product, an email announcing the launch must be sent to all the people in your mail list. Make sure that the product notification you send is relevant to your mailing list audience.

4. Get an Amazon Storefront

Amazon Storefront

Amazon marketplace has this new component known as the Amazon Storefront which can be used as a landing page. Defining a storefront will be extremely effective in increasing your ROI. This will be a page specific to your products and therefore must be optimized so that you can get maximum conversions.

5. Devise a pricing strategy

Best Price

Revising your product pricing on the basis of a definite pricing strategy, and analyzing the patterns that ensue, can help in increasing sales as well as profits. Various repricing tools are available for this purpose. These tools mainly use your sales data and some machine learning techniques to suggest an improved price.

6. Track your inventory regularly

Track your inventory regularly

Managing your inventory is crucial to understand the inflow and outflow of the products. This ensures you never fall short of products when an order is placed. Amazon provides a range of tools to the sellers to help them manage their inventory. Sellers are also free to use any other 3rd party inventory management system. These tools are data-based which means that using them eliminates the chance of human error. They come in handy, especially when restocking decisions are to be made.

7. Create mobile-friendly product pages

mobile-friendly product pages

With many of the online shoppers using mobile devices such as mobile phones, smartphones, tablets, to make a purchase, it is now more important than ever for you to optimize your Amazon product pages so that they are clearly visible to your audience, on the devices they use. Make it a point to use high-resolution images that appear undistorted on mobile devices. Check the placement of your page content when seen on mobile and ensure it is clear and readable.

8. Incorporate videos

Incorporate videos

Including a video among your product multimedia is something that can work well in increasing your conversions. Not many sellers are utilizing this feature, which is why if you do, you’ll effortlessly stand out from the competition. Moreover, a video provides better clarity as compared to any other form of visual content.

Optimizing your Amazon product page with the correct title, description, images, bullet points, targeted keywords is important if you want your products to rank higher in the search results. Apart from that, the aforementioned tips will help you prepare your product page and get increased conversions in the year 2019.

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Not sure where to start? No worries. You just need a few Amazon seller tips for 2019 to work towards obtaining an increased conversion rate. Or better yet, hire an experienced professional and get the work done in the best way possible. Just write to us at to hire one.