Make Your Way To The Top With These Amazon Listing Best Practices

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Being a seller on Amazon, you must have realized it by now that it is quite difficult to survive the fierce competition, let alone win it. There are millions of products listed on Amazon, with the number growing with each passing day. If you think that merely getting yours listed will do the trick, think again! Getting a quality product listed on Amazon is the bare minimum. There is a lot that goes into a successful Amazon listing, one that makes it to the top of the search results and eventually increases your conversions.

That said, below is a list of Amazon listing best practices that you ought to follow if you want to succeed as an Amazon seller and grab your share of the pie.

1. It all starts with research


It’s always better to be in the know than to fall back later, which is why you must conduct detailed research on various aspects before listing a new product on Amazon. Here’s what you should do:

  • Determine whether or not the product is right for Amazon. You see, not all products are meant to perform well. Some might make it harder than usual for you to compete with other sellers. While others may be in low demand or might not be searched on Amazon. It is important to know if your product falls into any of these before you go ahead and list it.
  • Research to find out the category that your product falls in. Listing your product in the right category will help in ranking it higher and letting the customers find it easily.
  • Conduct extended keyword research, since keywords form an integral part of an Amazon product listing. After all, it’s only through the keywords customers can find your listing. Use tools like Google Keyword Planner, LSI Graph, etc. to find out keywords based on your product. These must then be included in your product copy.
  • Go through your competitors’ listings. Find out what they’re missing out on so that you can fill the gaps with your product listings.

2. The customer always comes first


Amazon is all about serving the customers’ needs first. Even Amazon’s algorithm ranks your products based on customer satisfaction and/or feedback, apart from your conversions. This entails prioritizing customer support, answering their questions, interacting with the customers to increase your product reviews, etc. And not to forget, keeping track of the keywords to find out the ones that are not working. In short, everything must be customer-oriented.

3. Ditch the basic, win the buy box

Benefit of Amazon Listing

Just so you know, you’re missing out on 82% of Amazon’s organic sales in case you don’t own the buy box. Winning the buy box is actually quite beneficial if you want a high conversion rate. However, it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Making it to the buy box requires perfect Amazon store management and order processing. Here are some of the important things that you can do:

  • Try to deliver your orders on the same day
  • Maximize your product reviews
  • Make sure your account’s health is up at all times
  • Keep your inventory in check
  • Get a pro account
  • Offer quality customer service with FBA

Keeping up with these pointers will help a lot in winning the buy box. An important thing to remember is that these practices must be constantly followed even after winning the buy box. You’ll lose it if you don’t.

4. Go for Amazon Prime

Amazon Prime

Did you know Prime members usually spend about twice on Amazon shopping as compared to the non-members? And, of course, the fact that they are eligible for free delivery encourages them to buy even more. Getting a prime membership will be easy if you process orders via FBA and maintain a good sales rate.

5. Take product page optimization seriously


Product page optimization is one of the most important things, and cannot be neglected, at any cost. Your ranking and conversion rate both largely depend on your product copy.

Here is what you’ll need to follow:

  • Product title must be catchy. Try to include important details within the word limit i.e. 80 characters. Also, refrain from keeping the title in all caps.
  • Product description needs to be compelling, detailed and optimized with the right keywords. Don’t just mention the product’s features. Club them with their respective benefits instead. Keep the structure clean and readable and include infographics, if need be.
  • Bullet points must mention the main features of your product in a rather brief way. Use 5 bullet points to showcase the best things about your product.
  • Product images need to be of high-quality, attractive and intriguing enough for the buyers. Get them edited by a professional and enable the zoom option while uploading them in your listing.
  • Your product page must have a good number of genuine product reviews. Use emails to ask customers to leave a review after purchase.
  • Your product data entry must be on point such that your listings never fail in providing the exact and accurate product information that your customers seek. Use data entry tools, or better yet, outsource it to professionals.
  • Optimizing your prices is also important. You can undertake competitor price monitoring to keep track of the ongoing pricing schemes so that you can adjust yours accordingly.
  • Product bundling is a great way to sell additional items. Customers usually tend to buy bundled products with special discounts.

6. Incorporate A+ content

amazon a+ content writing services

Amazon claims that including enhanced content or A+ content in your copy can increase your conversions by about 3-10%. Enhanced content can offer better market tracking, given that you have a professional copy in place along with high-quality images, comparison charts, etc.

So, these are some of the Amazon listing best practices which will not only help you get your product ranked higher but also skyrocket your conversions. Just make sure you optimize your listings regularly and you’ll be good to go.

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