The Right Approach to Master Amazon Store Product Maintenance like a Champion

Amazon Store Product Maintenance

You might be selling considerably well on Amazon. However, a significant question to ask yourself is whether your store is equipped to face the ever-increasing number of sellers on the eCommerce jumbo.

In order to keep your Amazon store ever-ready for striking a deal, it is important to keep it updated, accurate and current at all times. Whether it is updating the price of your product, adding or removing products, introducing a new promotional offer or updating the availability status of your products, you miss out even one and you become highly prone to losing out your customers to your competitors.

To avoid this unfavourable situation, your responsibility doesn’t end with product entry, there is much more to keep a track on to ensure a consistent rise in your conversion rates. The following approach will simplify Amazon Store Product Maintenance for you.

Keep the flow going with Stock surplus

Since A9 algorithm places a considerable emphasis on your sales history in determining your product ranking, deleting an Amazon product entry when it runs out of stock can lead to much bigger harm than you have anticipated. Finding the intended product out of stock is a big no! It is ideal to keep a close check on the demand of your products and replenish your stock well in time to encash the opportunity of securing a sale.

Give utmost emphasis to Customer engagement

Potential buyers may have queries regarding your product size, use, return and refund policies. If you do not respond to them within 24hrs, you have extremely high chances of losing them. Also, be swift to respond to the feedback (especially negative feedback) given by customers who have already used your products. You can take the help of several automated tools to help you send out atleast an initial response.

Customer Engagement

Be a worshipper of Amazon’s Terms of Service

Amazon lays down stringent guidelines in order to safeguard the interest of its buyers and maintain its quality. If you try to boost your product’s ranking in the short-run by indulging in activities that are a clear violation of Amazon’s terms of service, you are creating a pitfall for getting your account jeopardised!

Does painting a rosy picture of your products serve in your favour?

Your product descriptions are meant to serve a dual purpose-describe the features of your products and persuade buyers to buy it. In order to achieve the second one, quite a few times, sellers make false claims about quality of products. However, 87 per cent buyers refrain from buying from a brand again after purchasing a product that has been misinterpreted by its product description (Source: Shotfarm). 42 per cent even return the product after finding discrepancies in the claims made.

If you do not want to tarnish your reputation, make sure to state only the actual product features smartly blended with a tinge of persuasion at the time of Amazon product entry.

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