Amazon Product Images Can Make or Break Your Sales: Take Your Pick!

how to optimize product pictures for Amazon

Making it big as a seller isn’t as easy as it sounds. The fiery competition and ever-increasing customer demands only make it harder. To understand things better, let’s see things from a buyer’s perspective first. Shoppers look for products that can be easily identified as meeting their needs. Consider a retail store for example. Customers make use of several senses, including touch in order to arrive at a decision. But online shopping leaves no room for the coveted touch factor. How then a customer is supposed to judge your product? The answer is your product image, which with its visual appeal, makes up for the lack of touch.

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The probability of a customer clicking on your listing will depend on the quality of your product images. This is because images can answer all possible questions about a product, if, of course, they are undeniably clear and compelling. High-resolution images will even give you a competitive edge over the others.

Now, you’ll need to come up with intriguing images that can actually drive conversions for your product. It won’t be that hard once you know how to optimize product pictures for Amazon. Image optimization will not only get you maximum eyeballs, but it will also help a lot in reducing return rates.

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So, without further ado, let’s get down to the ways that can help you leverage your product images to “make” more sales.

  • Adhere to Amazon’s technical image requirements

    To start off, you need to strictly adhere to Amazon’s requirements for a product image. If you don’t, Amazon won’t accept your images.

    Here are some of the requirements:

  • Amazon Image Requirements

  • Use multiple images and prioritize them right

    Prior images

    Amazon allows 7-9 images for a product listing. It is important that you take full advantage of all 9. The best way would be to take a photo of your product from all possible angles. Once you have all the photos, they must be prioritized. The main image must show your product from the front. The ones that follow can include different angles that might work depending on your product type.

  • High-quality images are a must

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    Your product images won’t do any good if they’re of poor quality or if the resolution is low. There are certain things that you need to take care of. For example, the frame must be simple so as to not to distract the buyer. The images must have the right lighting and a high resolution. Also, the background must be white instead of anything random. If you don’t know how to remove background for Amazon pictures, then you must get the images edited by a professional photo editor.

  • Include zoomable pictures

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    Buyers must be able to zoom in on a product photo. However, it must be made sure that the pictures don’t get distorted when zoomed in. This will again require high-resolution pictures so that the customer can zoom in to examine the product material and other minute details of your product without any problem.

  • Show the product in packaging

    Utilize one of the 9 images to show how the product will look when packed. This will give the customers an idea of how reliable your service is. Also, it will make things clear for the buyers, in case they were planning to use the product for gifting purposes.

  • Incorporate photos of the product while it’s being used

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    It will be beneficial if you include an image or two depicting a lifestyle shot of your product in use. The buyers will then be able to easily picture the product in their lives. You could even include a picture or a video showing the benefits or features of your product. All these tactics will work well at reinforcing a sense of need for your product.

  • Use image alt tags

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    Including image alt tags is a great way to optimize your product images for search engines. This is because your image will have a much better chance of being listed in the image search results if it has the title and alt tag filled.

    Your product images are among the very first things that attract a buyer to your product listing. So, your product will have a better shot of getting sold if its photos are credible and compelling enough. All you need is to do is to maintain the quality. It will be very easy to grab the customer attention once you know how to optimize product pictures for Amazon. The aforementioned tips will help you in using product images to your advantage and increasing your conversion rate.

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