Amazon Product Listing Optimization Strategies for 2021

Optimize Amazon Product Listing in 2021

“Amazon is the leading e-retailer in the United States with close to $232 billion of net sales in 2018.”

Amazon is a world-renowned marketplace, with more than 200 million unique visitors per month in the United States alone. With such surging numbers, it has become the world’s  number one search engine for products. No wonder businesses of all sizes are striving to get a foothold on Amazon.

While selling on Amazon may seem easy on the surface, the latest algorithms make it quite challenging to grow your business. The primary aim to integrate A9 algorithms is to make Amazon a user-based search engine. It focusses on showcasing the most relevant search results. Though the process makes it easier for customers to find the products of their choice, given the intricacies of the algo, sellers often struggle to rank their products.

So, in this blog let us explore

  • Amazon’s A9 algorithm
  • Things to do prior to product optimization
  • Some innovative strategies for Amazon product listing optimization

Let’s begin with why sellers need to abide by the A9 to make better sales.

A9 Algorithm – Segregating The Best For Your Customers

Amazon A9 Algorithm Workflow
Be it a seller or buyer, everyone has noticed a small search bar on the top of Amazon landing pages. Ever wondered how Amazon gets to know what product you are looking for and how do they decide which products to show you as recommendations?

This is where Amazon’s ranking algorithm gets into the picture. Some sellers find it quite challenging to understand. Thus, they opt for Amazon product listing optimization services. However, the blog aims to give you a better idea of what A9 is all about and how you can optimize your listings.

Also known as A9, Amazon has integrated a set of advertising technology and mechanism to understand customers’ requirements. It displays the best products by using the data from customers’ queries and the keywords that they use for searching for a particular product.

Further, it shows similar products in the recommendations section. The recommendations are based on factors like shopping preference, previous purchases, etc. It ensures a better user experience for customers.

In a nutshell – The A9 is a set of rules working together to segregate products and rank them on search results and recommendations section. Integrated with the platform, it focuses on displaying the listings with the highest conversion rate and lowest response time on the first page. They are further categorized in terms of relevance, keywords, and optimized content. The most relevant products are shown on the top with a separate recommendation section. This allows the target audience to easily access them, leading to better customer experience.

As sellers, you must optimize Amazon product listings as per A9 to let the search engine display and rank products on the first page. It is imperative for you to top the search results. Honestly, no customer has the time to go through all the listed products or to scroll past the second page.

Besides, getting lost in the crowd of similar products will cost you big time and you will lose on sales opportunities. Thus, being on the first page remains the best way to bag valuable leads for your business.

So let’s find out what do you should to successfully optimize Amazon products listing in line with the A9 algorithm.

Start With Performing An In-depth Keyword Research

  • Conduct thorough research to have the most pertinent keywords for your product listings.
  • Identify what users write in the search bar and the type of queries customers make while purchasing.
  • You can manually perform the research or have some effective tools for better results.
  • Professional tools provide you valuable data like search volume, trends, cost-per-click (CPC), etc. in no time and fewer efforts.

Determine An Efficient Strategy For Keyword Placement

  • Once you have the keywords, segregate them as per the priority. (for instance search volume, relevance, etc.)
  • Strategize the areas where you would like to place the identified keywords in the Amazon product listings.
  • The most essential places to input keywords are title and product description.
  • Do not miss to have long-tail keywords.
  • Be careful with keyword usage as stuffing them in the listing will surely get your penalized.

As Relevancy Is The Key, Only Include The Most Appropriate Information In The Listings

  • Have a product description with the most relevant data defining your product.
  • Provide accurate information to determine your credibility as a seller.
  • Precise and valid product information improves user experience and CTR.
  • Following the steps will bring positive influence resulting in improved rankings.

Innovative Strategies For Amazon Product Listing Optimization

amazon product listing strategies

Identify What To Add In Your Product Title

As product title is the first thing the buyers notice, crafting it with utmost accuracy is the key. Only include significant and relevant keywords in the title considering the UX perspective.

Though it seems trivial, most sellers overlook this and do keyword stuffing in the title itself. So, here is the list of important components you must include in your title starting with the name of the product.

  • Product name
  • Brand
  • Packaging quantity
  • Material
  • Product type
  • Color

Replace Paragraphs With Bullet Points in Product Descriptions

Plain texts in paragraph form anyways seem too boring to read and might be overlooked by customers. Descriptions in the form of bullets are easy to read and takes less time than reading a cluster of text.

It makes your product description stand from the rest by offering better clarity in describing the product’s features. It is not only easily accessible to customers but also easily indexed by the algorithm resulting in elevated rankings.

Supplement Your Listings With Contextual Information

Including related information in your Amazon listing will always help in bringing your product in light. If you enter any keyword for a product (printer for instance) you can see other variables listed as suggestions. With these additional keywords, you can fit in the contextual information. To identify the right type of additional keyword or information, consider factors like:

  • The compatibility of your specific product with other items or operating systems, like mobile, PCs, MAC, etc.
  • Extraordinary features that your competitors might have overlooked to include in their description

Template of Amazon Product Listing


Following these strategies can surely bring your products to the limelight and have higher rankings on search results. Besides Amazon product listing optimization, you also need to work on factors like:

  • Using Amazon Enhanced Brand Content
  • Availability of stock
  • Reasonable and competitive pricing
  • Managing product reviews

So, employ these tips with an effective product optimization strategy to increase your product’s visibility and sales this year.

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