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After selling on Amazon for quite some time and getting reasonable sales, you might think about expanding the scope of your business. How is this possible when you have already utilized SEO tactics to their maximum capacity? In such a scenario, Amazon Marketing Services can help in taking your sales to new levels.

Paying heed to Amazon products uploading (SEO) can help in growing your store, but to a fixed level. Beyond that, you need to utilize other available options for driving traffic to your store. AMS is one such viable option.

Ads run on Amazon are highly useful since they appear before buyers who are shopping products belonging to your niche. In this way, you have a targeted marketing campaign that helps in getting relevant traffic on your Amazon store. Not only this, these ads are Pay per Click.

Amazon caters to 3 ad formats:

1. Headline Search Ads– As the name suggests, they appear on top of search results page and are most suitable for general category searches. With the help of these ads, you can direct clicks to any of the four URLs- Custom URL, Brand page, Search results page or Product page. It allows you to capture the attention of potential buyers and then use the other 2 types of campaigns to freeze the deal. It is a Vendor- only campaign.

2. Sponsored Product Ads– Targeted ads based on the keywords you have bid for, help in significantly improving the visibility of your store. In this way, you can get relevant clicks. When you win the Buy Box, these ads appear on top, bottom or alongside search results. Buyers who click on your ad are directed to your page. These ads are for a particular product and resemble Google shopping. You can choose from- Automatic or Manual targeting. This type of ad campaign is fit to be used by sellers and vendors.

3. Product Display Ads– The ads appear on product detail pages below the Add to Cart button. They act as the last chance of getting your product(s) added in cart. You can choose a place for displaying your ads- your competitor’s pages or your own product pages to offer complimentary products. It is a Vendor-only campaign. Amazon marketing services help you in effectively formulating it.

Each campaign has its own role in directing sales. Experts can help in creating the right mix of these marketing strategies to boost your sales figures. For availing AMS, having a relevant account is a prerequisite. Experts can help you in creating these accounts or switching from Seller’s account to Vendor’s account, if needed.

Specialists at Data4Amazon boast of proficiency in sailing your boat through Amazon Marketing Services. We also effortlessly provide Amazon products uploading so that buyers not only land on your page but make purchases thereby enhancing ROI.

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