Want to increase sales of local footwear retail shops? Market it on Amazon today!

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If you are running a retail business of branded footwear then you must get excited to know that the eCommerce sector is now growing tremendously in the footwear category as well. You might think, who buys shoes online?

According to a One-Click Retail eCommerce survey, online shoe sales have increased at the rate of 35%. And, when it comes to marketing any product online, Amazon is the only thing that strikes our mind. People love buying shoes from Amazon as there are varieties of footwear available and the convenience Amazon provides for buying from your comfort place is commendable. Thus, this is the best time to start selling shoes on Amazon.

Amazon is indeed the largest eCommerce marketplace where a million buyers visit every day. But, to bring their notice to your product, you need to work on its greatest visibility. In this post, we will discuss how selling footwear on the Amazon marketplace is beneficial for you and how you can boost your footwear sales. So, stay tuned!

Why is only Amazon the right marketplace for local footwear vendors?

Shoe selling business on Amazon is really picking up like never before. Especially when you have helping hands like Amazon experts for Amazon store product management and other time-consuming tasks. You must be wondering that there are numerous eCommerce channels then why only choose Amazon. Well, then let us take you through the reasons why you must invest in the Amazon marketplace and sell your large collection of shoes there.

Top reasons to choose Amazon for selling shoes online

1. Higher Return on Investment

One of the best reasons is Higher Return on Investment. Yes, when you market your shoe products on Amazon there is the possibility of 100% of the benefit. As an Amazon seller, you just need to conquer the learning curve and follow all the best practices to make your product visible to the customers, then get 200% of the Return on Investment.

2. Higher average selling price

Customers who love buying shoes online, really don’t care about the price much. The quality of the shoe products is much preferred over the cost. Especially when you are selling them on Amazon, customers won’t mind paying a few pence more because they know what they are buying from Amazon is worth it. Hence, if you keep the price of your shoe products a bit higher than the competitors, you will gain more profit indeed.

3. Less competition on Amazon marketplace

Amazon is indeed the biggest and the most competitive marketplace compared to others but when we count only footwear sellers or brands, there is always less competition in the market. Moreover, countless shoes are being sold by a few sellers only. Hence, launching your shoe products on Amazon will definitely increase the chances of your shoes being sold.

4. Diverse product inventory

Amazon is known for selling unique and new products that fall under diverse categories and shoe products are very appealing as a new category. Sellers, nowadays, constantly look for opportunities to source their products and hence diversify their product inventory. This type of situation opens a gate for shoe sellers, especially those who are selling new arrivals and a variety of shoe products.

5. Get brand recognition with Amazon

Buying branded shoes is not necessary, it’s luxury. And luxury in today’s life is much preferred than what is really needed. Once you start selling branded shoes on Amazon, most of the customers are likely to come back to your store and shop again. As per the recent survey by CNBC, 51% of shoe buyers are more likely to shop again from the same online store. Hence, sell a variety of shoes on Amazon and retain your customers forever.

When you start selling shoes on Amazon, never miss out on marketing the brand new products on social media. Showcasing your products on social media platforms is a type of multi-pronged approach to boost the sales of Amazon. It is the best advice even an Amazon marketing services provider would give.

What to know before you start selling shoes on Amazon?

Since you are already convinced about launching your shoe products on Amazon before you start doing the same, let us take you through the requirements.

To become an Amazon seller and sell footwear, you need to get approval from Amazon. For the same, you are supposed to provide your business details such as the name of the company, official email address, and contact number.

Some other important things you must keep in mind as an Amazon seller aspirant:

  • All the collections of shoes have to be new
  • Shoe products should be in the right and good quality
  • If you are not the manufacturer as well, the UPC code of the manufacturers should be mentioned with each product.

As an Amazon seller, you should also think like a customer. Why buyers love shopping for shoes from Amazon, below are some of the reasons. Keep these things in mind and make sure you include these in your shoe selling strategies.

  • Variety in the designs, color, of the shoes
  • Variety in the prices of the shoes
  • Variety in the brands of shoes
  • The availability of new arrivals shoes which are not instantly available in the stores.
  • All the sizes for each and every shoe product is available
  • Options to exchange, replace, and refund.
  • Safe and quick delivery

Now, let’s learn how you can handle Amazon store product management well and keep selling successfully.

How to overcome the challenges during Amazon store product management?

Launching products on Amazon, surviving the competition, and retaining the interest in customers, and boosting sales is not an easy task.

In order to help you with that as well, let us take you through the challenges you may face during Amazon store product management and their respective solutions.

Challenge one: Handling multiple eCommerce marketplaces

When you are launching your shoe products on eCommerce platforms, you may think of launching on multiple channels. But, every eCommerce channel has its own rules and regulations for selling products. And, to manage multiple channels at one time all alone is a daunting task. This may result in not succeeding on any of the eCommerce channels and loss in the shoe selling business.

Solution: Focus on selling on the Amazon marketplace

When it comes to focusing on one eCommerce marketplace at a time, you can not ‘not choose’ Amazon. If you seriously want to boost footwear sales, keep your eye on Amazon product listing, product description writing, product image, and customer management. With these best practices, you can reach the sales number you are dreaming of.

Moreover, if you want to market and sell your shoe products on multiple eCommerce channels altogether, then outsourcing your time-consuming tasks is a one-stop solution. Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants and let the experts manage your eCommerce store, products, customers, and even inventory. Running an online business with a full-time remote companion makes your professional life much easier.

Challenge two: Not being able to market your quality shoe product

At times, the product you are selling is of supreme quality but it is not marketed well. And, this results in no product visibility thus no net sales. Sellers, coming from a non-professional background often spend their money and energy without identifying customers on the eCommerce channels, new potential buyers, making product data accessible, and more. Hence, this results in no traffic on the Amazon shoe product store and zero sales.

Solution: Implement effective Amazon SEO and marketing strategies

Marketing your product, especially shoes, is one of the most difficult jobs. Although with Amazon marketing experts nothing is impossible. You can outsource Amazon PPC management services from experienced organizations and the experts will perform all the best practices that are required to make your product visible.

From essential research and proper placement of them, positive shoes product reviews to PPC management, experts will perform these practices to increase brand awareness, a number of audience on a daily basis, and at the end for maximum sales.

Challenge three: Targeting the right audience

Amazon is the largest eCommerce platform with 36 categories and one of them is footwear. Well, selling footwear on Amazon is not that easy. There are several subcategories as well. You may find thousands of buyers looking for branded shoes but are you selling the ones they are looking for? Without doing the additional research and putting your products in the right category & sub-category, you cannot target the right audience.

Solution: Perform right product & customer research

On Amazon, every buyer comes with different search intent, understanding customers’ interests, pain points, and search intents can help. Implement stronger Amazon marketing strategies by availing Amazon PPC management services to target new and right shoppers.

Nevertheless, the best practices of Amazon product description writing also help to create relevant content for your audience. Which will also drive the audience to your Amazon store and leads to more purchases.

As per the estimation done by Statista Digital Market, by 2025, overall Amazon revenue may increase to 563.4 Billion dollars. This is high to launch your footwear collection on Amazon and gain some profit from Amazon’s net revenue.

Additional tips to boost shoe sales on the Amazon marketplace

No matter how well the brands perform on their individual eCommerce websites, customers still prefer to visit the Amazon marketplace once and compare the deal. If you make your Amazon deal of branded footwear more convincing than any other, the customers are yours. Let’s learn how to retain the customers’ interest and boost your Amazon sales.

1. Analyse your competition and revise the deliveries

In order to stand apart from the crowd and make customers believe that you are offering a better deal, you need to investigate or analyze your competition. On performing competitor analysis, you get valuable information such as pricing strategies of competitors, keywords selection for shoe products, and selling points. From learning their way of selling shoe products on the Amazon marketplace, you can enhance your deliveries.

Irrespective of how compelling and convincing your competitor’s USP is, you should never copy it instead, you must handle your Amazon store management well and perform your best.

2. Perform Amazon product listing optimization and create accurate listing

Shoe category is like an ocean. In order to find the type of footwear you are looking for, you need to dive into the ocean of subcategories. As an Amazon seller, categorizing your shoe products smartly and optimizing the product listings with relevant, high-value keywords will help you increase the visibility of your footwear products.

As per the Amazon search engine, sellers who secure the top rank in the search result get the maximum traffic and thus maximum sales. You may come across many difficulties while investigating competitors. Whereas outsourcing Amazon marketplace management services always results in some effective solutions.

3. Write informative and descriptive product descriptions

Another way to increase the sales of your shoe products is to create informative and compelling content across the Amazon store. Yes, it is critical to deal with a hundred products and their accurate details. Nevertheless, with Amazon product description writing services, you can pursue the right customers and lead them to a product purchase.

Footwear specifications are very much detailed and need to be accurate on the online store. You cannot afford to have inaccurate shoe sizes, brands, colors, or types of products. If a customer experiences one wrong purchase from your store, he/ she might never come back again. Hence, hire Amazon Virtual Assistants who know the product description writing rules and include every additional product information that might retain the customer’s interest.

4. Take high-quality product images

As product photos play an important role, you must keep updating and changing the product photos as per the need of the market. Optimizing shoe product images can maximize Amazon sales. Both Amazon and customers want to see high-quality photographs of your product. To maintain the same, Amazon has set certain standards of product images. So, prioritize your footwear images’ quality and clarity even before the product description.

Hiring Amazon image editing service providers will save you from making blunders. As experts already know about the image standards set by Amazon, they will crop, edit, and rectify the shoe product images into clear and compelling ones.

5. Broadcast positive testimonials on social media platforms

Even though Amazon’s in-house marketing strategies are enough to lure the buyers, yet you must prompt your product reviews and testimonials on other marketing platforms like social media. It is a part of social media strategy, potential customers coming across the positive shoe product reviews will head to your Amazon store and definitely think of buying them.

If you share your positive reviews and feedback on Instagram, Facebook, or other social media platforms, your followers will get aware of your brand and your new-arrivals of shoes and get encouraged to add the products to their Amazon shopping carts.

Important note


Often Amazon sellers or vendors make a huge mistake of not reverting to the reviews on the homepage, be it positive or negative. Whereas, you should never go along with such practice. Instead, take an active part and interact with your consumers on Amazon.



Thank the buyers irrespective of their opinion about the product such as whether they like the product or not. You must respond to each and every comment and try whatever you can do to solve their problems.

A proactive strategy can help you convert an unhappy customer into an impressed and satisfied one. Furthermore, you communicate to potential customers that your organization is concerned about its clients.

Thus, with the aforementioned tips and effective Amazon store product maintenance services, you can sell shoes on Amazon successfully. As a shoe seller, your priority should be to take care of your potential customers’ tastes and the Amazon marketplace’s preferences.

Have doubts on how to start selling on Amazon? Let’s clear them with answered questions

Like any other retailing business, the shoe business is also making money by selling on Amazon. As per eDesk.com Amazon Statistics, in the year 2018, Amazon made 232.9 Billion Dollar and after a year, Amazon’s net sales was 280.5 Billion Dollar. 15% of the total increase in revenue was because of shoe selling. Hence, selling shoes on Amazon is worth it. Have doubts regarding how to start? Let’s explore!



1. How fast do shoes sell on the Amazon marketplace?



After registering on Amazon as a shoe seller, you will need to launch products on Amazon with correct keyword and product data insertion. Amazon may take a couple of months to index your product and rank accordingly. Hence, if you have done Amazon product listing accurately, shoes will start getting sold from the 4-5th month.



2. How do I get permission to sell branded shoes on the Amazon marketplace?



To sell branded shoes on the Amazon marketplace, you are supposed to follow the subsequent steps.

  • Step 1: Visit the official page of ‘Seller Central’ of Amazon and click on the ‘Inventory link’ to select the ‘Type of Products’ you are thinking of selling.
  • Step 2: Search the items from the list and check the boxes against all the items you sell.
  • Step 3: Prepare the documents and details and request Approval from Amazon to start the application process.

The entire process of becoming a legitimate seller on the Amazon marketplace and selling shoes of other brands is not easy. Whereas, you can always count on Amazon store setup and management service providers and stay free.



3. How long does Amazon take to approve a shoe seller’s account?



If you have fulfilled all the requirements and given the correct information while applying for the seller registration, then it might take only 24 hours to get approval. If the requirements are not clear, Amazon might take a few weeks or even cancel your request to sell.



If you have been dreaming of making money by selling shoes on eCommerce channels then, Amazon is the one-stop channel to gain brand recognition, sales, and a wider audience. To survive on a competitive eCommerce marketplace like Amazon and to keep selling your footwear products successfully, you might need a full-time remote assistant. If you are looking for a reputed Amazon store product maintenance services provider, here we are to help you! Connect with our experts by leaving an email at info@data4amazon.com and let us assist you with the best possible solutions.