Questions You Have To Ask Before Hiring An Amazon VA Company

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants

The amount of quality services you can avail from Amazon virtual assistants (VAs) is quite overwhelming. VAs and companies that provide Amazon VAs promise a lot, but how much are they really likely to deliver? If you are also confused about which Amazon VA company to hire, you’d be happy to know that the process of elimination isn’t as difficult as you actually think.

Asking solid, logical questions actually helps you decide the best Amazon VA company for your store. Through the course of this blog, we will discuss a number of different question types and actual questions you should pose to VA companies to know how much they have to offer to you.

For example, while availing A+ content writing services – it is necessary for you to know about the skill level of the staff of potential Amazon VA companies. Similarly, there is a lot more you can ask about communication, return of investment, technology, strategy, and many other areas. Here is a look at all the possible questions you can ask Amazon VA companies to help you choose the best company for your requirements.


  • Ask Amazon VA companies relevant questions to get the best options.
  • Ask questions related to skill level, technology, security, and strategy.
  • Hire Amazon VA companies for creating listings, content, images, and marketing.
  • Always prefer companies with experienced Amazon VAs, quick turnaround time, reasonable pricing, dedicated customer service, and tracking technologies.

Skill Levels of Amazon Virtual Assistant Productivity

The skill level of your Amazon VA company matters the most. The collective team experience, as well as individual profiles of the teams of Amazon Virtual Assistants make a lot of difference to their selection prospects. There are several aspects you can look at, and several questions you can ask your potential Amazon VA company.

1. What is the total experience of the organization?

This is one of the most important aspects when you hire Amazon virtual assistants. Organizations with experience of a number of years would have dealt with all kinds of clients and numerous cases. Experienced Amazon virtual assistant organizations have also evolved with the changes and innovations in the Amazon marketplace. Go for organizations with at least ten years of experience with virtual assistants.

2. What are the skills of your experienced Amazon VAs?

The skills and expertise areas of individual Amazon VAs are quite important. While some virtual assistants for Amazon might be good with content, images, and videos; others might be good with competitor analysis, marketing, or PPC campaigns. You should look to hire a VA or team of VAs that fulfills your purpose and suits your requirements.

3. Tell us about your other clients.

Ask your potential Amazon VA company about their most recent clients. Ask them about their task sheets and work schedules while working with these employees. While Amazon VA companies won’t disclose any confidential information, they will happily tell you about the way they worked with their clients. This would provide you with a fair idea about their professionalism and work ethic.

4. Tell us about some difficult situations your Amazon VAs resolved.

The main purpose of hiring Amazon VA companies is to overcome the issues you are facing. Amazon VAs are used to dealing with complex issues, but it is their ability to come out of tough situations that sets them apart. The answer to this question will tell you about the intelligence level, technical knowledge, application, adaptability, and mental toughness of the Amazon VA company.

Targets set for Amazon marketing services

Setting realistic targets is another important aspect you need to look at while discussing projects with Amazon VAs. What matters most is the end result, and setting short-term targets helps you as well as your Amazon VA company. The Amazon VA company would do its best to achieve the target, and you can easily monitor their outputs on the basis of their fulfillment levels with regard to the target(s).

1. What deliverables does your Amazon virtual assistant company promise and how does it plan to deliver?

What are the targets the Amazon VA company promises to achieve in the first month, in terms of the number of visits, queries, leads, or sales? Most Amazon VA companies would promise you big numbers, but the best ones would provide you with realistic estimations and how they would go about achieving these targets.

2. How do you track progress and assign tasks to your Amazon VAs?

How the Amazon VA company works with their individual VAs is important, as is the transparency between them and you. Does the Amazon VA company use any tracking tools? How often do they interact with their VAs? Will you have to interact with individual VAs for any issue? Who do you contact in case you have any issue(s) with a VA? All these questions are important.

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 Questions for Amazon VA companies

Communication between Amazon VA company and clients

The ways of communication your potential Amazon VA offers is crucial. How many channels of communication do they offer, and how effective are they? The answers to communication-based questions give you a fair idea of the flexibility you will get while availing Amazon VA services from different service providers.

1. Which communication channels does your Amazon VA company offer?

Does the Amazon VA company offer 24*7 telephonic support? Or SMS support? What is the turnaround time of email queries? Does the Amazon VA company have a live chatbox on their website or a portal which you have access to?

2. What do you offer in terms of customer service?

What are your customer service days and timings? How does your issue handling system work? How do you integrate feedback and constructive criticism to make changes to your system? Do you offer customer service for multiple languages? Ask all these questions to know how much your potential Amazon VA company values customers as well as customer service.

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Security handling by Amazon VA company

When you work with an Amazon VA company, they will have access to a lot of your data and strategies. How safe is their data with you? Do they sign a non-disclosure agreement (NDA) with you? Who takes the responsibility in case of any data leaks or loss? Does the company take backup of any of the content, listing, or feedback data? Ask all these questions individually and go for a company that values client data highly.

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Client’s participation in Amazon marketing service

Your participation is an important part of the process. While you should be aware of all the processes any Amazon VA company is taking care of, it is important to engage the client (you) in a way that their time is not wasted. Ask the company about the level of participation it expects from you and how often you need to engage with this company.

What information should I provide you and how?

What all information does the Amazon VA company require? Do they need the information in the form of Excel sheets or PDF files? Do they have a form or questionnaire for their clients? How often would they get back to you for more information? How much of your time and participation would be required to successfully carry out your tasks. If the VA company offers Amazon product upload services, what all information does it require besides individual product data? Ask all these questions to get an idea of how much time you need to invest with VAs, and whether it is actually saving your time or increasing your efforts?

Interviewing or interacting with individual VAs

When you engage with an Amazon VA company, you are essentially hiring multiple Amazon virtual assistants. Interacting with a few of the VAs that would work on your project would help you a lot in understanding their psychology and expertise level.

1. Tell me about your selection process.

Asking individual Amazon VAs about their selection process would provide you with an idea of their problem-solving skills and adaptability to complex situations. If you are finally working with these VAs, engaging with such questions would be the perfect icebreaker – helping you and your VAs get along easily and sail through the time you spend working together. Virtual assistant productivity is really important to get things right.

2. What if one or more of the Amazon VAs resign or face technical issues?

Ask these questions to the Amazon VA company. What happens if a VA working on my project resigns, has to take a leave due to any emergency, or faces any technical issue with their device or the internet? Do you provide backup VAs in case of such emergencies? How much does my work get delayed? Ask these questions to get an idea of the level of preparation of your potential Amazon VA provider in case of emergencies.

Amazon VA companies and their strategies

Whether you avail VA services or Amazon marketing services, the strategizing capability of your service provider matters a huge deal. Ask the following questions to get an idea of their innovation level and their ability to provide customized solutions for your problems.

1. How do you prioritize tasks?

How does your Amazon VA company prioritize tasks, in case you are asking them to work on several areas – including product listings, social media management, marketing, PPC campaigns, pricing analysis, image editing, SEO, and customer support? The answer to this question would give you an idea about their organizational skills and their ability to deal with complex problems and long-term projects.

2. When do you change strategies?

How flexible is your potential Amazon VA company in changing strategies in case results don’t go the intended way? Do they change their strategies in case of any updates, changes in marketing trends or restrictions due to unavoidable circumstances such as a jump in the number of Covid cases? Ask all these questions to know about the company’s proactiveness and preparation for the long term.

Technologies used for Amazon marketing services

The tools and technologies that your potential virtual assistant specializes in are quite important. Depending on the service offered, your VA would probably utilize an array of tools. The tools and technologies differ for marketing, editing, content writing, SEO, social media, and development services (if any).

1. Which tracking tools do you offer?

How would you track your virtual assistant’s efforts? How would you manage and monitor their work? All these questions are really important as they help maintain the transparency between you and your virtual assistant.

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Monetary exchanges with the Amazon VA company

Well, many clients might just begin with asking about the budget before availing virtual assistant services. While money might not be the most important factor for a few clients, you should still ask money-related questions to know how much effort your virtual assistants are willing to put in to boost your Amazon sales.

1. What are your charges and packages?

Ask your virtual assistant about the charges and payment models. Do they offer customized packages for clients? Do they offer services on an hourly or weekly basis? How long can the client make the payment after the beginning of the service? Do they offer a trial period?

While the level of expenses is important, pricing flexibility is equally important. Virtual assistant companies offering high quality services might charge you well, but flexible models really offer you with more options so that you can choose the one you are most comfortable with.

2. How much return on investment can I expect?

A virtual assistant company that charges high prices should also be able to justify its prices with its services. For every penny that you spend on VA services, how much traction can you expect? What is the value the services are worth in monetary terms? How much money are you saving hiring VAs instead of performing the tasks yourself? A good VA company would certainly make these figures readily available.

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Time invested by the Amazon VA company

Time is money, and more so in the business world. Time is really crucial in the online space, as things evolve quickly and you literally don’t get any time to react. The shorter the turnaround time that your virtual assistant company offers, the better the chances of getting favorable results.

1. What are your daily work timings?

How many hours a day does your VA company offer to work? Do they work round the clock? Do they have VAs available for all geographical locations? Are the VAs available for voice calls and direct messaging throughout the day? Ask your VA company all these questions to get a better idea of the amount of time their staff has to dedicate for you.

2. Do you have any fixed or flexible holidays?

Does the VA company remain closed on any fixed day of the week? Do they have an annual holiday calendar? What happens if the assigned VA takes a flexible leave? All these questions will let you know about the VA company’s professionalism and preparedness.


Asking all the questions mentioned above before hiring an Amazon VA company is always a good idea, as you need to hire a company you can build a long-term association with. Trust and transparency are key to good relationships, and any good potential candidate would happily answer all your questions. You would love to know further about the hiring process you must follow for Amazon VAs.

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1. How can asking questions help me decide the best Amazon VA company?


Asking questions can really help clients get an idea about the skill level, professionalism, commitment, and transparency levels of different Amazon VA companies. After discussing with several Amazon VA companies, you can zero down on the one that suits your requirements the best.


2. What are the different types of questions I should ask before hiring an Amazon VA company?


The different types of questions you should ask before hiring Amazon VA companies should be on the basis of their skill level, targets, communication, security, client participation, strategy, technology, money, and time.


3. What are some of the important skill-related questions I should ask Amazon VA companies?


There are several types of questions you should ask Amazon VA companies based on their skill level, such as their total experience, individual skills of the team of VAs, clients, and their experience countering difficult situations.