Improve Your Order Defect Rate with Amazon Listing Services

Amazon Listing Services

The success of Amazon has in itself become an area of study for eCommerce sellers. Amazon presents itself as highly customer-centric. One of the major reasons behind its immense success is a sense of credibility that we assign to products that are sold via Amazon.

Amazon takes stringent steps to ensure an enhanced user experience. To see whether you are meeting the customer expectations, Amazon has set some parameters, one such parameter is ODR – Order Defect Rate. Hitting the ODR or exceeding it may lose your entire retail business.

During Amazon listing creation, making false claims about the quality of your product can land you in a sea of troubles. Although taking assistance from Amazon virtual assistants can always prevent you from such troubles. And, You can continue to sell successfully on Amazon by keeping a close watch on your Order Defect Rate.

Coming back to Order Defect Rate, wondering how does it work and how to deal with it or how can Amazon listing services help you? For those of you who are not acquainted with ODR, we’ll educate you about it.
So, stay tuned!

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A Quick Guide To Outsourcing Amazon Listing Services

Amazon Listing Services
No matter what type of business one is willing to establish, investment is crucial and mandatory at the same time. In order to succeed in the long run, you need to put in money to get more money.

Now, talking particularly about Amazon – the ever-growing online retail giant – all kinds of traders want to establish their brand on Amazon. From aspiring entrepreneurs to veteran retailers to wholesalers to manufacturers, everyone wants to earn more profits through third-party selling – thanks to the online shopping culture that Amazon has created. Amazon sellers must understand the importance of investing in new products or inventory and even freeing up time to expand operations. Also, the secret to boosting sales on Amazon is quality listings and a strong portfolio. From accurate image specifications to product descriptions and relevant tags, every piece of information that you provide has a direct impact on the success of your product(s).

This brings in outsourcing Amazon listing services which serve as the ladder towards taking your ecommerce business to the next level. However, capitalizing on remote team(s) is an investment that several businesses are afraid to make. Also, the majority of them are stuck with questions and doubts like:

  • What tasks need to be outsourced first?
  • How and where to find reliable outsourcing agencies or freelancers?
  • Will outsourcing be fruitful?
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Hire Trusted Amazon Experts for Affordable Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Virtual Assistants

With the increase of mobile and internet usage it has become necessary for the sellers to have their presence on Amazon as it helps them drag more audience to their product. Hence, it simultaneously increases their product sales. Everyone is aware of the fact that amazon is the largest search engine as compared to other platforms including Google.

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What You Need to Know about Building a Winning Amazon Strategy in 2020

How to Build Amazon Strategy in 2020

As a seller on Amazon, you have access to a potential consumer base of over 310 million people. How are you planning to use this fact to spike your revenue in 2020?

Between 2010 and 2020, the global eCommerce industry has undergone an incredible amount of change. People now shop on their phones, make purchases through social media, and get access to sellers across the globe. Digitization, seamless experiences, cross-border trade, digital wallets, multi-channel shopping- that’s the world we’re living in right now.

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5 Ways to Use Amazon Product Listings for Better Customer Experience Management

Improve Amazon Product Listing for Better CX

What lies behind Amazon’s success?

Jeff Bezos. Innovative technology. A progressive mindset. Vendor relationships. Continuous diversification. Global workforce. There are many answers to this one.

However, a huge chunk of credit for Amazon’s success goes to its exceptional customer experiences.

Amazon values its shoppers. It prioritizes buyer experience over most other factors that define a seller’s position in this marketplace. Therefore, creating a unique customer experience becomes critical for sellers trying to gain a solid footing on this platform.

As Amazon strives to be ‘Earth’s Most Customer-centric Company,’ so should the sellers who want to succeed. To help you there, we offer these five tips. Understand and use them to create an unforgettable consumer experience through Amazon product listings.

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How to Optimize Amazon Product Catalog for Better CX

How to Optimize Amazon Product Catalog
With millions of products listed on the Amazon marketplace, how do you think customers choose to go for a particular listing when making a purchase? Well, it’s a no-brainer. They go for the one that’s the easiest to find. Customers are looking for easy access to product information, listed under the right category. And this is exactly where Amazon product catalog comes into the picture. Managing your product catalog well and updating the product information on a regular basis is an important step towards a perfect Amazon listing and a satisfactory customer experience.
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Make Your Way To The Top With These Amazon Listing Best Practices

Amazon product listing

Being a seller on Amazon, you must have realized it by now that it is quite difficult to survive the fierce competition, let alone win it. There are millions of products listed on Amazon, with the number growing with each passing day. If you think that merely getting yours listed will do the trick, think again! Getting a quality product listed on Amazon is the bare minimum. There is a lot that goes into a successful Amazon listing, one that makes it to the top of the search results and eventually increases your conversions.

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A 7-Point Checklist To Ensure You Analyze Your Amazon Competitors Right

Amazon Image Processing

With more than 5 million sellers on Amazon, there’s clearly no dearth of options for a customer. As a result, you are required to deal with a huge competition in order to stay ahead and get noticed by the buyers. For that to happen, you’ll have to give your buyers a reason to pick you over the rest. Analyzing your competitors is the first step to coming up with a strategy to persuade your customers to buy from you. A detailed competitor analysis will provide you with just the right information about what’s currently working on Amazon. But then again, it’s only going to benefit you if it’s done right. Competitor analysis tends to involve multiple aspects, with each needing equal attention.

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Amazon Marketing Services: Common Blunders and their Rectifications

Amazon Marketing Services

Most sellers on Amazon are already familiar with the Amazon Marketing Services. In simple words, it is a way to see a spike in the traffic on their product pages. But, many of them complain of not getting the expected results. This is because they are committing serious blunders whose results are drastic. Some sellers even make the mistake of thinking that once they set an AMS campaign, their work is complete. Which is nowhere near the reality.

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