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With the increase of mobile and internet usage it has become necessary for the sellers to have their presence on Amazon as it helps them drag more audience to their product. Hence, it simultaneously increases their product sales. Everyone is aware of the fact that amazon is the largest search engine as compared to other platforms including Google.

However, to get positive outcomes in your sales you should have an effective SEO presence that makes your product pop-up in search of your targeted market. You can also hire professionals for getting affordable Amazon marketing services. They will help you modify their prices often, research various products efficiently and also help you improve marketing tactics to accurately align with your selling prospective.

List of Amazon SEO services

Amazon SEO services

Here is the explanation of some services:

  • Amazon account setup – The professionals will help you set up your amazon account by entering your product details efficiently. Further, our professionals ensure that your
  • amazon account is all set to start as per SEO guidelines.
  • Brand Set up – The next step of Amazon SEO services is the registration of the brand after which your business is eligible for A+ branded content. This will ensure you that your trademark product will be safe. It is one of the important steps as without registration sales are impossible.
  • Amazon Account Audit – Having decades of exposure, our professional SEO team will analyze and audit your amazon account and will also provide you the feedback related to your keywords performance and your ranking. Based on this they will suggest some new keywords and effective strategies that will help you improve your performance.
  • Competitor analysis – Using the advanced and new keyword research tools, the professionals feel better to understand the ranking strategy of your competitors. Hiring professionals will also help you get recommendations based on your price.
  • Amazon listing optimization – It is a process of upgrading product pages to improve their search visibility, CTR, and much more. This helps you increase your sales efficiently.

Types of Ads offered in Amazon Marketing Services:

Amazon Marketing Services

Amazon Product listing components:

Amazon product listing includes various components that is divided into 8 different parts such as:

  • Product title – The title should be accurate and attractive as it plays a vital role in the sale of any product. The title should not be more than 250 characters. However, your title should deliver your message directly to the customers.
  • Product image – Images attract more traffic to the product i.e. your product image should be clear and its size should not be more than 1000 pixel width and 500 pixels high. Moreover, your photo should demonstrate the exact size and shape of the product.
  • Key product feature – While describing the key features of your product you should be careful as your product feature description should include all the important factors. However, nowadays Amazon is ranking only 1000 words included in the bullets. So, make sure you mention the relevant information in the first 100 words so that the customers could get their required product effectively. Moreover, you should always keep mobile optimization in your mind while writing your product key feature.
  • Product description – Writing a good product description will enhance the chances of its sale as it improves its ranking. About half of the customers read the product description before purchasing any product from Amazon. The product description is one of the most important sections of product listing as it includes the dimensions, details, and product highlights. However, hiring professionals will help you optimize your listing properly to get extraordinary results.
  • Keywords – Keywords help the listing in ranking and it simultaneously increases the chances of product sale. Moreover, hiring professionals for Amazon product listing services help you insert keywords at the appropriate place. The professionals add keywords in the meta title and the description as well.
  • Product reviews – Having positive reviews on the product gives an extraordinary impact on the sale of the product. Also, product reviews are social proof that your product is of the best quality. It is necessary because most of the customers go through the reviews of the product to ensure the quality of the product.
  • Product rating – Customers go through the rating of the product and if the ratings are high to 4 or 5 ratings then it is signified that the product is of high quality.

How to list a product on amazon and tips to optimize it efficiently?

Amazon product listing includes a few things such as you while creating a new listing on Amazon means that you are the first seller to sell that product at Amazon marketplace. However, to create a new listing on Amazon you should follow the below-mentioned steps:

  • Step 1 – Login to your seller account and visit your dashboard
  • Step 2 – Click on to “Inventory”
  • Step 3 – Click on Add a product
  • Step 4 – Further you can add your product efficiently (Here you also get the option to add a new product that is not sold)
  • Step 5 – Choose the product category and subcategory. However, if your product is listed twice in different categories then you should look at other sellers and check in which category they have listed their products.
  • Step 6 – Once you decide the product category, you will be enabled to fill the product listing efficiently
  • Step 7 – Fill the product title, product description, product images, and much more. This is the important part of listing as it can break or make your listing efficient which is why you should prepare your listing including important details related to the product.
  • Step 8 – Before final submission, you should ensure that you have filled all the relevant information related to your product, or else your amazon product listing would remain unpublished.

Hiring a professional team from Data4Amazon will help you populate the item database on Amazon effectively. Having decades of knowledge, the experts here will help you post various items that guarantee fruitful item posting and a higher change rate. For more details, contact us at info@data4amazon.com or else call us at +1 585 283 0055 or +44 203 514 2601.