Amazon Marketing Services: Common Blunders and their Rectifications

Amazon Marketing Services

Most sellers on Amazon are already familiar with the Amazon Marketing Services. In simple words, it is a way to see a spike in the traffic on their product pages. But, many of them complain of not getting the expected results. This is because they are committing serious blunders whose results are drastic. Some sellers even make the mistake of thinking that once they set an AMS campaign, their work is complete. Which is nowhere near the reality.

So, it’s high time that you go through your product page to find and rectify such mistakes. Some of these are mentioned as follows:

The AMS Launch and Forget

After creating a campaign with AMS, many sellers start expecting notable results. And then they forget about it. But that is not how AMS works. You need to check your product page on a regular basis to see what all it requires over time.


To correct this, make sure you go through your product page from time to time. Examine it to classify the elements into two categories. The first category represents the elements that are working. The other represents the elements that are not quite working. Now you have the basic outlook of elements that are not working. You can start adjusting and taking actions to make the whole thing work.

Other measures include:

  • Going through detailed reporting metrics. AMS offers this feature. You should do it for all your marketing plans.
  • Run a check on keywords. Identify the ones that are not performing well. Replace them with the ones that do perform for your product page.

Unclear Naming Convention for Campaigns

To advertise product pages, we notice some brands running more than one campaign. What’s wrong with this practice is that they don’t come up with a clear naming convention for this campaign. Not having clear and exact names for the campaigns opens up room for confusion. The user must be able to understand what the campaign is about without actually having to click on it.


  • Try to come up with a campaign name that already has the campaign information embedded in it. This makes things much clearer.
  • You can include things like product descriptions, name of the brand, dates, etc.

Relying too much on Automatic Targeting:

Automatic targeting eliminates the need to add keywords to campaigns. Ads target the relevant audience based on product information and searches. But some sellers tend to rely a bit too much on them. They completely throw manual addition of keywords out of the window.


It is true that Automatic targeting produces greater results than manual addition. But practicing a mix of the two can be even more fruitful. To do this, you can start with automatic targeting for once. Then, start noting what keywords are working well with the customers. And finally, start adding these keywords yourself. This is going to work well in the long run for your campaign.

Running ads for a Specific Time of the Year

Sellers tend to advertise their products or campaigns for only a specific time of the year. The basis of this idea is that they are most likely to appear in the searches at a specific period of time.


  • Focus on advertising for the whole year since it opens the door to knowledge sharing.
  • Advertisers are able to target shoppers with contextual ads.
  • Following up with the seasonal trends is easier with year-long advertising.

Amazon Listing Services combined with Marketing Services work towards improving your sales. Adding to that, these services bring larger traffic to your product pages/campaigns. Hiring professionals is always beneficial to avoid the blunders mentioned above.

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