Outsource Amazon Store Product Maintenance Requirements & Save Your Business From Loss

Amazon Store Maintenance

Amazon is indeed one of the renowned eCommerce platforms. It provides utmost convenience to a massive number of sellers and buyers. Selling on Amazon came up with hopes of taking your business to higher levels until this pandemic happened. Since March 2020, the lockdown has been imposed several times all across the globe and the restrictions have pushed the Amazon sellers to operate in new ways.

Whether you are setting up a new store on Amazon or running an old one, your business must be undergoing many changes. Perhaps, keeping your Amazon Store’s products maintained is the only constant thing.

To make your product accessible online, sell to a maximum number of consumers, and increase the brand value, you might need to hire Amazon Virtual Assistants (VA). Let’s discuss how well you can create and manage your Amazon store by outsourcing Amazon store management requirements.

Mistakes sellers make while selling on Amazon

This Global Pandemic is hitting us from everywhere, we are physically, emotionally, even financially terrified. Pandemic has written new rules for every business, especially retail. Below are the mistakes you may make while selling products on Amazon, especially in a pandemic.

1. Keeping multiple Amazon seller accounts

The COVID-19 pandemic has indeed lessened our source of income. But, you must not create more than one Amazon seller account. As per the Amazon policies for retailers, your account may get suspended. Moreover, managing multiple businesses at one time rather than focusing on one is the biggest mistake a seller can make.

2. Ignoring the competitive sellers

If you are launching new products and deciding their prices without doing thorough research, you may lose many customers. After all, customers want to buy products of good quality at cheaper rates. Taking help from an Amazon listing specialist will help you acknowledge the competition in the market regarding your products and stand out among the competitors.

3. Implementing poor product listing optimization

When you are selling goods on Amazon, most of the focus should be on product listing optimization. Some of the mistakes you can make are leaving incomplete keyword research, using long-tail information in the title, and stuffing keywords in the titles.

4. Ignoring product image issues

Broadcasting your product images on Amazon is different from posting them on social media. Amazon has a strict product image policy. So, if you are uploading an image with a colored background, you are making a big mistake. Amazon doesn’t even accept product images using lifestyle themes or mannequins. Perhaps, availing of Amazon image editing services will fix all image issues and make your product image ready for uploading on Amazon.

5. Not handling Amazon customers well

Not providing the best shopping experience to your customer is the reason why you don’t have loyal customers. To keep excelling in the puzzled retail business, you must focus on satisfying your customers. They are the backbone of your business. Late shipping, not reverting back to their queries, ignoring negative comments, etc. are some of the common mistakes you make. Imagine having an all-time Amazon virtual assistant who would handle your customers well and you can focus on other core activities.

There are plenty of mistakes a seller can make whether during the pandemic or an all-time as they have not been guided well. As a retailer, you must find the answer to the question. Why Amazon? Because it is the best, right? While selling on Amazon, you will have to follow the rules religiously and provide an A to Z guarantee to the customers. After all, that’s what Amazon is known for.

So, let us tell you how you can fix these issues and who will help you to scale your business in no time.

Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants

Are you facing problems in Amazon store product maintenance? Or are you not being able to communicate with your customers? Well, hiring Amazon virtual assistants can help you with a variety of ancillary eCommerce management tasks. Let us take you through the round-to-clock services that Amazon VAs are capable of providing.

1. Amazon SEO services

Your products can only appear at the top of the best search results if you are a master at Amazon SEO optimization. Hiring experts for Amazon SEO services will include all the tasks related to keyword optimization, selection of most relevant and high volume keywords, categorization of products, optimize search results, and improving the traffic. Amazon SEO services can boost your Amazon sales unexpectedly.

2. Amazon image editing services

With good-looking product images, you raise the standard of your Amazon store instantly. The experts you hire will be professional in providing Amazon image editing services and convert your product image into an eye-catchy and lively one. From removing the background of your product image, editing the ghost mannequin images, correcting the color of the product, to removing the tiny little dirt particles, all will be done with by your image editors.

3. Amazon store product maintenance

Not only Amazon store product maintenance but you will also get assistance in setting up a new Amazon store. The services will include a comparison of the product prices with competitors, uploading the product titles, product features, and meta descriptions. Also, keeping note of the shipping details of orders. Launching new products to Amazon stores.

4. Amazon product listing services

Not only product listing, but you will also get assistance in managing the overall content of your Amazon catalog. The Amazon listing specialists will be responsible for updating and maintaining the Amazon product catalog with maximum accuracy. From writing engaging product descriptions to generate conversions and eccentric Amazon A+ content.

5. Amazon SEO keyword optimization

If you hire Amazon Virtual Assistants, they will use the right keywords while listing your products which will positively impact your eCommerce business. Experts will audit your existing keywords and find the more relevant keywords for your products and store. The process of SEO keywords optimization will also include mapping the keywords and adding them to your Amazon store into the product titles, descriptions, features, and more. The entire optimization will be done keeping the potential customers in mind. So, your products are more likely to appear on the top of the search results.

Perks of outsourcing Amazon store product maintenance requirements

Are you still unconfirmed about hiring experts for managing your Amazon store product catalog and other eCommerce services? Worry not, we have jotted down some amazing perks of hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants that will make you buy the services now.

1. More profit in less investment

Hiring experts as jobbing assistants for product listing, keyword optimization, and product upload is much more cost-effective. Not only your extra expenditure on office infrastructure, salary for employees will be reduced but, the tasks will be performed more professionally. So, more profit can be expected.

2. More time to focus on business

Haven’t you lost your focus on business ever since you were indulged in less important yet time-consuming activities? As of now, the Amazon store product maintenance requirements will be looked after by the experts, you will get your time back. You can split your spare time into small intervals for several professional and personal work. Your divisive solutions will help the different departments of your business to grow together and longer.

3. Higher conversion rate

In the eCommerce business, the conversion rate depends on your online store representation. With the improvement and well maintenance of your online store, your conversion rate will automatically increase. You can reach a wide range of customers via social media and your prominent customers will get you more traffic by spreading the name of your brand.

We hope now you understand what how Amazon VAs can help you. To learn about the benefits of hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants in detail.

Still in doubt about Amazon store product maintenance? Solve them with the FAQ section

Our purpose in writing this detailed blog is that you must clear all your doubts before hiring Amazon Virtual Assistants. Go through the enlisted answers to the commonly asked questions of retailers and find yours.



1. How do I find the best keywords on Amazon?



Here is how you can gather a comprehensive list of suitable keywords for all your products.

  • At first, find the product that complements your main product, and then put the related products under the Frequently bought together section.
  • Enter the keywords in the Amazon search bar and find out what the suggested long-tail keywords recommend.
  • Enter the previous and recently discovered keywords in the Google search bar to know their keyword volume.
  • Find out the best keyword research tool and sum up a comprehensive list of relatable keywords to target your customers.


2. How to hire Amazon Virtual Assistants for my eCommerce business?



Here is the step-by-step process of how you can find the best Amazon VA:

  • Map up your requirements and tasks that you want to outsource to professionals.
  • Connect with the biggest and promising outsourcing companies that can provide you a team of VAs or one as per your requirement.
  • Personally interrogate the VAs and let them know about the tasks you will be assigned.
  • Take a quick test, assign them any of the tasks that are on priority.
  • Finalize the VAs once you are overwhelmed by their performance.


3. How do I increase your Amazon product visibility?



You can increase your Amazon product visibility by improving customer service, product price optimization, product image optimization, and product listing optimization. Moreover, availing of Amazon SEO services will help you in improving all of the aforementioned things and so the product visibility as well.



4. How do I get noticed on Amazon?



Hire Amazon Virtual Assistants and get your brand promoted or appear at the top of the search results. Amazon VAs will implement the following ways:

  • Run Amazon advertisements.
  • Product listing optimization.
  • Product price optimization.
  • Resolve negative reviews/ queries.
  • Improve product features.


5. Why should I work with Amazon Virtual Assistants?



Working with Amazon VAs will not just boost your sales but also benefit you with the following:

  • Customer support for twenty-four hours and seven-week.
  • Helping you from product shortages.
  • Stand out among the competitors.
  • More time to focus on your business.
  • Overall productivity for a longer period.

We hope your queries are solved. In case you don’t find your question here, drop here at our email box: info@data4amazon.com.



Hence, now you know how to get rid of the tasks you are not good at. Whenever you are bombarded with multiple time-consuming tasks regarding your Amazon store, you can hire Amazon Virtual Assistants right there. Are you looking forward to more information? Write to us about your query at info@data4amazon.com and our representatives will get back to you in no time.