Selling On Amazon: 5 Mistakes That The Majority Of Sellers Make

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With about 310 million active customers, Amazon sure is a big fish in the world of eCommerce. In addition to that, there are millions of sellers out there, trying to reach out to these customers. However, majority of these sellers make some unfortunate mistakes, ranging from poor optimization to opting for the wrong fulfillment strategy. These mistakes cost them dearly and when they do realize, it is often too late.

Let’s dive deeper into the mistakes that these sellers tend to commit:

1. Not Using An Inventory Management Software

Often, the mismanagement of inventory leads to overselling. Sellers are not even aware if a certain item is available in their inventory when a customer places the order for it. Because of this, the order gets delayed. Which only results in canceled orders and bad reputation. In order to sync the items in the inventory with the sales channels, you need a system to manage your inventory. Which is why, it is crucial to deploy an inventory management software to avoid selling the items that are out of stock. In addition to that, Amazon Product Entry must also be efficiently managed to avoid missing out on any product from being included in your inventory.

2. Ignoring The Need For Optimized Product Listings

A large number of Amazon sellers make this mistake of ignoring the need to optimize their product listings. Amazingly, about 95% of product listings on Amazon are not optimized like they’re supposed to. Which is a big fat mistake. Without proper optimization, your products become incapable of ranking well in the search results, and generating revenue. Optimization involves a number of elements like including a catchy product title, informative product descriptions, clear product images, positive product reviews (and a lot of them), etc. However, many sellers do not follow this practice and end up losing serious business. It is preferred to confer with Amazon experts since they know how to optimize your listings the right way.

3. Not Going With The FBA

Although fulfilling an order on your own gives you the control and takes care of your profit margins, it has its own drawbacks. If anything goes wrong, it’s on You. Which is not the case if you choose to go with Fulfillment by Amazon. With FBA, Amazon handles your inventory and takes care of everything, from picking up to shipping. In addition to this, they also handle returns, tracking, etc. Choosing not to go with FBA can be a mistake if you’re looking to maximize your sales.

4. Not Loading Up On Product Reviews

Many Amazon sellers forget about including reviews in their product pages. Which is a big mistake, considering the importance of reviews and star ratings as the biggest social proofs. Apart from that, reviews play a great role in the A9 algorithm, which is the basis for ranking your products on Amazon. Loading up on product reviews in always a wiser choice than choosing to ignore them and losing potential customers.

5. Not Communicating With The Customers

Last but not the least, ignoring customer interaction is a big no-no if you’re looking to build trust for your brand in the market. This is especially true in the case of negative reviews or poor star ratings. Many sellers make the mistake of accepting them as a part and parcel of business. Unhappy customers must be contacted, and it should be your primary concern to solve their issues. The same holds true in case of positive reviews, where your regular response will build a trust with the customers and they won’t shy away from dealing with you again.

Amazon is a conversion-based platform which requires a systematic process to be followed if you want your business to benefit from it. By avoiding the aforementioned mistakes, you can lessen the chances of losing prospective customers, and increase the sales.

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  1. It’s a great post. I am an Amazon seller and a while ago, I was dealing with a lot of negative reviews on my product page. As a result, my conversion rate was also down. But then, someone suggested me to solve the issues being faced by the customers who were posting those bad reviews. I even communicated with them to find out the areas where my products/services were lagging. It helped me a lot in improving on customer service, product quality, and conversion rate.

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