Boost your product sales by improving brand visibility on Amazon

Improve brand visibility on Amazon

As a seller, you always want to improve brand visibility on Amazon. This helps your products reach more potential buyers, eventually leading to an increase in leads and sales. However, you need to follow a systematic approach to establish your brand on Amazon. There are several parameters you need to work on to optimize the visibility of products on Amazon.

If you have an Amazon Seller account, you must have noticed several features on your dashboard. Working on each of these features helps you succeed. Before we look at each feature distinctly, it is important to study the benefits of increased visibility on Amazon. Here are some of them:

1. Helps build brand credibility

Products and brands that are highly visible on Amazon get more attractions and customers. Initially, you will need to work hard to optimize your Amazon search. But once your products are easily visible and rank higher, people will themselves search for them on Amazon, your official website, other ecommerce marketplaces, your social media, local listings, and other relevant handles.

You can avail Amazon store marketing services to take care of all your Amazon store services from listing optimization to sponsored ads.

2. Helps your brand’s Amazon search algorithm

This process is just like nurturing a young plant sapling. You plant a sapling and water it initially for continuous days till it finds enough strength to grow itself. You keep watering the plant even after it grows, but perhaps not as frequently as in the initial days. Similarly, you need to work hard on your Amazon SEO during the initial phase.

Once you have provided Amazon with enough indications to index your products, Amazon will itself ensure it ranks them high whenever users search for similar keywords. Just ensure you keep updating your Amazon product listings frequently to stay on top of the game.

3. Helps you increase revenue in a sustainable way

Once you optimize the visibility of products on Amazon, your sales revenue is bound to go up. You might have to spend time and money on your Amazon product visibility initially, but the return of investment makes the process worth it.

As mentioned earlier, the process of improving brand visibility on Amazon requires a systematic approach and expert assistance. A reliable Amazon virtual assistant can make your job easier by helping you out in every way possible.

How To Improve Brand Visibility By Working on Different Areas

Amazon sellers need to work on several areas to improve their brand visibility. Here is a look at each of the areas and how they help.

11 Areas to Work on to Improve Product Visibility on Amazon

1. Product Listings

There are many aspects of a product listing that need to be taken care of. The product title, description, bullet points, category, taxonomy and images all need to be entered appropriately to make a product list. The listing of each and every product needs to be handled carefully.

You can also opt for Amazon listing optimization services to specifically hire assistants to work on your listings and improve your brand visibility by making your products rank higher.

2. Product Descriptions

Product descriptions must be informative and persuasive at the same time. While product copies need to include all necessary information users are looking for, they should be engaging and compelling nonetheless. The bullet points must include all the USPs and the overall descriptions must include necessary keywords.

You have to ensure your descriptions are to the point, up to date and catchy all at the same time. You can also avail Amazon product description writing services to optimize your product visibility.

3. Product Images and Videos

Product images are one of the most crucial aspects of Amazon listings. Images need to be edited, well-detailed and the product should be available from multiple angles. The image must be clear enough even after zooming, so that potential buyers can study all the detail aspects before adding a product to their Amazon cart. Big brands on Amazon are relying not only on images, but including product videos as well.

You need to process your current images and videos to produce high-quality images and videos. You can avail Amazon image processing services to get your images edited and processed for Amazon’s catalogs, keeping in mind the latest updates.

4. Product Reviews

Product reviews help build trust and influence new buyers to add your products to their cart. Good, informative product reviews help your product’s search visibility and impact your Amazon sales positively. You can read our latest blog to understand how good Amazon product reviews can boost sales.

Genuine, original reviews that will help increase your product visibility. You can also avail Amazon product review writing services if needed.

5. SEO

Amazon has its own search engine and search algorithm that helps users find the products they want. You can enhance your product visibility through SEO by working on specific aspects like keywords, character limits, brand, color, material, size, quantity, packaging, etc.

If your brand sells dozens of products, managing SEO for each of the products becomes difficult – which is where Amazon virtual assistants step in. Alternatively, you can also avail Amazon SEO services separately.

6. Social Media

Most online buyers these days look for social proof before deciding to buy any product. They will look at your brand’s social presence by browsing your website, Google reviews and social handles such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, etc.

You should create specialized posts for all your social handles, schedule them and reply to comments and messages. You can opt for Amazon marketing services to take care of all your digital marketing needs.

7. Pricing

As a seller, it is essential to know your competitor’s prices and discounts to succeed in the eCommerce space. You need to study your competitor’s current Amazon prices, pricing history, discount history and related trends to create a robust pricing strategy for Amazon.

You can also avail Amazon price update services to ensure your pricing strategy is well in line with the market trends.

8. Stock Availability

Stock availability is a crucial factor that helps you stay ahead of your competitors in Amazon’s search results. If you run out of stocks for a particular product, your users will switch to other sellers and buy from them. This would be a wasted opportunity, and you must avoid this mistake at all costs.

As a seller, you must ensure your inventory is properly managed and all your orders are fulfilled. You can avail Amazon order processing services to avoid any delay or cancellation of orders.

9. A+ Content

Amazon A+ content enables sellers to add extra images as well as text in their product descriptions. This makes the descriptions more attractive and helps your sales as well. A+ content writing requires specialized and expert assistance. You can avail Amazon A+ content writing services separately as well to make your product listings more attractive and better than the rest.

10. Customer Service

Besides updating virtual aspects of your product listings, you need to take care of your customers. If you provide your customers with that special care and assistance, th4ey will come back to you with more customers. You must take care of all your customer service needs, answering all the queries of your customers patiently and by being available to them round the clock.

You can also avail Amazon customer interaction services to get specialized customer support solutions, chat and email support and in-depth research to customer queries.

11. Advertising

Advertising enables all Amazon sellers to promote their products by paying for sponsored ads. Advertising is a great option, considering the unmatched size of Amazon’s consumer base and the number of products sponsored ads can help you leave behind. Create suitable campaigns that help you gradually gain a customer base by spending minimal amounts.

You can avail Amazon PPC services and select the placement of your ads, create Amazon Store ads, create video ads and redirect users to your company website as well.

You can opt for each of the services separately or hire an Amazon virtual assistant to take care of all the aspects that help product visibility. You would be delighted to know how Data4Amazon helped a client’s business grow with minimum investments.

Hire Virtual Assistant

Hiring virtual assistants is now easy and can be done in a matter of hours. Amazon virtual assistants take care of your 360-degree Amazon listing needs, saving your precious time and boosting your sales more than expected.

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1. How can improving product visibility help my Amazon sales?



Improving product visibility on Amazon helps your brand credibility and your product’s searchability on Amazon. This helps lead generation and as a result, you witness a jump in your Amazon sales. Improving product visibility also helps create loyal customers and helps new customers associate with your brand on Amazon.



2. How can I improve my product visibility on Amazon?



You can help your product visibility by working on several areas such as Amazon SEO, product listings, product descriptions, product review, images, videos, social media, pricing analysis, stock availability, Amazon A+ content writing, customer service and promoting your products through sponsored ads.



3. Why should I hire Amazon Virtual Assistants from Data4Amazon?



Data4Amazon provides virtual assistants that work on all aspects of your Amazon business, from setting up your Amazon store to dealing with all your orders and customer queries. Data4Amazon’s Amazon Virtual Assistants can really help you scale your business, and are available in all geographical locations and work round the clock. Data4Amazon offers flexible pricing models so that Amazon Virtual Assistants can be hired on a monthly, weekly, and even hourly basis.