Key Factors for Amazon Store Success in 2018

Amazon store setup

Amazon has been a talk of the town for quite long with its frequent exploits and ventures into multiple industries. Echo speakers were launched in India recently, a market entirely different from its other global strongholds, which indicates that Amazon is looking to revolutionize the use of smart technologies to previously untouched places. From a sellers point of view more doors have been opened as a variety of items can be sold through the platform which were previously not as prevalent in the online retail sector. But with such a rapid expansion of the retail marketplace, the competition has become tougher. Any Amazon store setup needs more attention than ever in order to stay afloat and earn profit.

The importance of Amazon Ads

As per estimates, Amazon ad revenue is set to cross 2 billion US$ showcasing rapid growth in comparison to Google and Facebook. Sellers need to realize that using ad campaigns for Amazon can be useful too since apart from being a retail platform, Amazon is a product search engine too and an effective one. Also Amazons existing PPC can be a helpful tool for retailers to sell products under certain categories that are frequently being searched. Buyers with greater purchase intent can be converted through effective use of ads.

The three P’s that matter for Amazon- Personalization, Performance and Prime

With several other sellers following the same old generic product listing copywriting tactics, there is an eminent need to personalize the product copy of seller listings. The way you chose to describe your products on Amazon enables you to exercise your fraction of personalization. The primary factor you need to figure out is your audience their preferences and the choice of products or services they would likely avail from you. Knowing your market terrain well is the key to personalizing your product listings. If you know your audience, it is time to put the copywriting effort together by using a non opinionated language avoiding self-praise and stimulating tone that creates a need in the mind of your customers. It might be hard to pull off on one’s own in case of which Amazon copywriting services can be availed.

Coming to the second P of success, if your store performs well you simply get a better rank in product searches. Maintaining your listing with vigilance and zero tolerance to error be it in listings, pricing, product descriptions etc., is necessary. However there is another tricky aspect that needs to be taken care of and it is product reviews. You need to spend some time addressing your buyers’ grievances and attempt to build a good relationship with them, through genuine helpful intent and taking their feedback seriously to work on improvements.

As a retailer who has setup an Amazon store, it is important to strive for prime eligibility given that it is an increasingly popular subscription scheme among audiences with over half of Amazon users in the US alone opting for it. The perks it has for sellers are numerous as trends have suggested that prime subscribers are more likely to return to purchase than non-prime subscribers.

These factors are crucial to your Amazon store setup to make stable revenue in the current retail market which has undergone significant metamorphosis owing to new technology.

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