How To Boost Your Sales With Amazon FBA

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If you’re an Amazon seller, then the world is your oyster. And as most sellers must be aware, the marketplace is swarming with more and more customers every day, with each having their own set of demands. In such a scenario, it becomes important to come up with a mechanism that offers accelerated and a rather convenient approach to fulfilling the very demands. Luckily for you, one such mechanism is already in place and it has helped sellers like you to increase profits, decrease burden, and more importantly save time. Well, it’s called the FBA or Fulfillment by Amazon.

And guess what, anyone can go for the FBA. But the real challenge is using it the right way. So, before opting for it, you need to be sure that you are moving in the right direction, one that is likely to pay off well in the future.

On that note, let’s get down to learning the ropes and discover how you can get the most out of the Amazon FBA program:

Understand the process

Amazon FBA is all about making things easier for the seller. You would no longer have to worry about shipping. Amazon will handle all of that for you. Additionally, you get to save up on resources and time. As a seller, you must have enough time to be able to focus on more important tasks such as store marketing, competitor analysis, ordering inventory, etc. Amazon FBA makes it possible.

Amazon FBA process

The basic FBA process goes like this:

  • It starts with you sending the inventory to an Amazon partnered carrier. These are the items that’ll be eligible for FBA.
  • Amazon receives and stores your inventory and works on prepping and labelling the products for identification.
  • After a customer places an order for any of those products, Amazon carrier picks, packs, and ships the order via world class fulfillment services.
  • Meanwhile, a customer service team handles and responds to all customer queries related to your orders or products.
  • Inquiries regarding returns are also processed by Amazon.

It’s like your only job is to send inventory and everything henceforth is handled by Amazon. And you know what that means.



Do your research


There are already a number of FBA sellers out there. So, the best way to start is with research, competitive research, to be exact. Identify your competitors and analyze their listings. Do they come up with new products? Are they competitive with their prices? Do they own well-optimized listings? You’ll get answers to all these questions once you’re through with your research. If your competitors are ranking high for certain keywords, then it only means that their SEO game is strong. Well, yours can be too, if you opt for Amazon SEO services to get professionals to optimize your store.

What type of FBA seller do you want to be?

FBA seller

In order to make the most of your efforts, you must be clear about the type of FBA seller that you want to be.

There are 2 types of FBA sellers:


Reselling is almost like trading. Buying items at wholesale prices and selling them at retail prices. A seller looks for a product, online or offline, that can be sold on Amazon for a profit. It is usually the resellers who introduce new products on Amazon. And the good news is that it is the simplest form of FBA business, one that requires minimum investment.

Bonus tip: Winning the Buy Box would be an added advantage as a reseller. Buy Box will also help you grab higher rankings and thus, greater customer attention.

Private labeler

A private labeler is one who launches his own brand instead of selling products from an existing brand. This is also a great way to build your own brand name. FBA in this case can help you reach out to multiple distribution channels and engage with new markets. But since you’ll be establishing a new brand, you’ll need to spread awareness so that people know about you. This could take some marketing and advertising, but if everything goes well, trust us, it’ll be worth it. Also, profits and margins are higher for a private label seller.

So, just decide on one so that you can start working towards it.

Aim for perfection with your listings

Aim for perfection

An “Amazon Fulfilled” sign won’t cut it if your listings are unorganized and inconsistent. The listings need to be perfect in all aspects. Be it the product title, images, description, bullet points, reviews or any other part of your listing. Plus, the most important thing is following Amazon guidelines. This is because you also want your listings to rank higher in the search results, and not to mention, flouting the rules put forward by Amazon won’t help. The basic idea is to answer every possible customer query about a product via your listing. And if yours does, then FBA is an added advantage and a pathway to increased conversions.

Optimization – You need to live by it


Unoptimized listings don’t perform in any case, be it ranking, converting or even getting noticed. Using relevant keywords and placing them strategically in your listing to push your place up in the search results is the best optimization technique you can follow. Get them everywhere: in your product copy, title, image alt tags, backend search terms, and the bullet points. But be sure not to go overboard, as that can have a negative effect on your rankings, which is the total opposite of what we’re looking for here. Go for Amazon store SEO services, if you need to, but make sure you optimize your listings right.

Well-thought-of marketing efforts never go in vain

Amazon Marketing Services

Simply opting for Amazon FBA isn’t going to magically direct customers to your listings. Genuine marketing efforts are always required to gain traction. Use social media, Amazon marketing services, blogging, etc. to market your Amazon store. And if you’re an FBA seller, you’ll naturally have more time to focus on marketing. So, no excuses there!

Skillful planning and leveraging your resources right is all it takes to build an online business with an extreme growth potential. While FBA can accelerate that growth, you need to execute your efforts in the right direction to make the most of it. And the aforementioned tips will help you do that. So, what are you waiting for?

How Data4Amazon Can Help

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