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Amazon Photo Editing Services

Amazon is one of the most value-driven eCommerce platforms. Starting out with Amazon is fairly simple as a seller but gaining momentum with sales needs a bit more reckoning. Special attention must be paid to your product image and how well it represents your physical product. If the image is not correctly reflective of your product, it is going to hamper your Amazon store SEO and brand perception. To make your product images live up to your customers’ expectations, you need to be acquainted with necessary Amazon image processing practices. It will give you a competitive edge and channel your vision towards a yielding process.

Amazon product image enhancement services involve a lot of image editing practices such as color correction, image size adjustments, and background enhancement of the product images. Our experts will remove unnecessary elements from the picture such as dust, dots, and scratches. Amazon seeks black and white background of the product image and thus, experts will enhance the background and fix it as per the requirements. To make the image more attractive to the customers.

Here are some of the widely used and prominent Amazon image editing practices to consider for products to be sold on the Amazon marketplace:

1. Image Retouching

Let’s picture that you have one of the finest antiquities on sale, but its picture has some blemishes and dullness to be dealt with. That’s where photo retouching comes into play. It involves enhancing your product image and removing all minor flaws from it. It is used to make your product look newer and attractive. It is rather time-consuming and involves the elimination of unwanted or distracting objects from the photos to give a clean, clutter-free look.

2. Background Modification

Having a white background for your product image is mandatory to be uploaded on Amazon. So when you have all your product pictures clicked and sorted, make sure to have their existing background edited to a white one. Also, through effective image background removal, you get to remove the undesired elements from the image and make it look more realistic, yet compelling and flawless. The ghost mannequin technique is also covered under the image background removal process. It helps in making the images appear visually clear and flawless. Infact, through the ghost mannequin technique, the potential buyers get to take a closer and better look at the garment or product they are about to buy.

3. Color Correction

If your product picture differs from the original product in terms of the various colors in it, you will have to opt for color correction. It is the most appropriate technique adopted to make all the right adjustments to the color. With the help of an Amazon image processing professional, your product image color can be matched with its original color. Colors corrections are important to make the product images visually clear, eye-catchy, and easy to comprehend.

4. Noise Reduction

As for noise reduction, it can be used to undo the rough appearance and blurring of your product image. It is best employed when your product image has a grainy texture. Noise reduction is considered best for making the product images free from any kind of distractions and noise. This is done by balancing the pixel values and fixing the rough texture in the photos. This technique is helpful in giving a clean, seamless look to the images, consequently making them convincing for the potential audience to buy.

5. Image Masking

For your product to reflect in totality and remove unnecessary details, product masking can be used. It can be used to obscure parts of your product image that are not required without cropping out the image. The image masking technique includes translucency masking, alpha channel masking, and transparency masking. It has been commonly used as a best image optimization practice to make the photos look more real and convincing. Hire Amazon experts from a reputed company like Data4Amazon to accentuate the beauty of your product photos.

6. Product Lighting Improvement

To impart as much detail to your product image it has to have proper lighting when being photographed. However, if your product image has compromised lighting, your Amazon image processing team can easily fix it with lighting enhancement.

7. Ghost mannequin

If your product images are not getting proper attention from your potential buying audience especially due to undesired, messy, or confusing background, then the ghost mannequin technique is meant just for you! It basically involves removing all the undesired elements or objects from the background to lay more focus on the main product. The ghost mannequin technique is well-suited for product images that need that extra kick to compel the target audience to make a purchase. This technique involves changing or removing the background from your product images and is commonly practiced in the apparel industry.

8. Image cropping & resizing

Amazon product images can either make or break your sales. So, it becomes extremely important to upload a product photo that has an ideal file format, size, and dimension as prescribed in Amazon’s image guidelines. With proper image cropping & resizing, you can get the desired image size and dimensions as required and proficiently optimize Amazon product listings. Effective product image optimization will help in bringing in more traffic and eventually gaining more sales.

9. Brightness and contrast correction

Brightness and contrast are also crucial for getting the requisite attention from the prospects. Few modifications in the brightness and contrast levels can make a lot of difference when it comes to attracting more sales. Go for brightness and contrast correction to make the images convincing enough for the audience to click on the ‘buy’ button.

10. Photo restoration

If you own old photos that need restoration, image editing experts can optimize the faded or damaged images and revive them using advanced tools and software. Modernizing photos becomes easier with effective photo restoration. And if you wish to create an impactful brand presence online and boost engagement, improving the quality and appearance of photos can actually work wonders!

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1. What all services do you offer under Amazon product image enhancement services?


From correcting lightening and color mismatch issues, removing stains and blemishes, retouching images to remove unclear backdrops, watermarks, borders, and shadows, we do it all as part of Amazon image editing services.


2. How much do you charge for delivering Amazon product image editing services?


We have flexible pricing models fitting every need quite well. You can pick a suitable pricing plan that suits your requirements the best.


3. What is the average turnaround time?


It entirely depends on your specific business requirements.