Deploying Amazon Listing Optimization the Right Way

 Amazon Listing Optimization

While Amazon paves ample opportunities for private labels to reach a wide audience base, certain new sellers try to make an easy way out and become a parasite of your profit margins- by selling a spurious product using your listing. They can get your product imitated, like Mobile Star LLC that duped the customers to believe that their chargers were genuine Apple chargers and eventually landed themselves into $2million lawsuit with Apple.

Making use of the right keywords plays an important role in determining the fate of your product on Amazon. Amazon Data Entry Services can significantly ‘make’ your products luring to potential buyers while simultaneously helping them stand out among competitors. However, there might be situations when despite all your efforts you might come across with a sudden dwindling of your Amazon listing optimization results.

How can counterfeit products impact my store?

In the wake of selling a replica of your product on discounted prices, if someone sells an inferior quality product using your ASIN, it can significantly tarnish your brand’s image.

You can look out for the following signs to find out whether your products are under a grim risk of being replicated:

  • an unknown new seller suddenly appearing on your ASIN
  • a sudden flood of bad product reviews
  • an abrupt decline in sales

Amazon Data Entry Services

Create a safety wall

With Amazon widening the scope of its Brand registry programme in the US, registering your private label and products with Amazon would become well within reach. In addition to establishing a brand identity, it will help in keeping a close check on fake products.

On coming across with a counterfeit product, you can initially ask the particular seller to take down the product or turn directly towards Amazon for intellectual rights infringement.

Amazon Listing optimization in a smart way

In order to reap the benefits of high visibility among a large number of similar products, Amazon data entry services can help you a great deal. Taking immense efforts to optimize your product listing while being oblivious to the threats and challenges posed by a large number of ethical and unethical practices of your competitors wouldn’t take you anywhere. It is important to identify such threats well in time and curb them before they incur any serious damage to your sales.

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