Amazon Image Optimization Practices to Maximize Your ROI

Amazon is one of the most value driven eCommerce platforms. As per Forbes, 64% of US households have a prime membership, showcasing Amazon’s dominance in the online marketplace. Starting out with Amazon is fairly simple as a seller but gaining momentum with sales needs a bit more reckoning. Special attention must be paid to your product image and how well does it represent your physical product. If the image is not correctly reflective of your product, it is going to hamper your Amazon store SEO and brand perception. To make your product images live up to your customers expectations, you need to be acquainted with necessary Amazon image processing practices. It will give you a competitive edge and channel your vision towards a yielding process.

Here are the image editing practices to consider for your Amazon product:

Image Retouching

Let’s picture that you have one of the finest antiquities on sale, but its picture has some blemishes and dullness to be dealt with. That’s where image retouching comes into play. It involves enhancing your product image and removing all minor flaws from it. It is used to make your product look newer and attractive.

Background Modification

Having a white background for your product image is mandatory to be uploaded on Amazon. So when you have all your product pictures clicked and sorted, make sure to have their existing background edited to a white one.

Color Correction & Noise Reduction

If your product picture has a varied color from the original product, you will have to opt for color correction. With the help of an Amazon image processing professional your product image color can be matched with its original color. As for noise reduction, it can be used to undo rough appearance and blurring of your product image. It is best employed when your product image has a grainy texture.

Image Masking

For your product to reflect in totality and remove unnecessary details, product masking can be used. It can be used to obscure parts of your product image that are not required without cropping out the image.

Product Lighting Improvement

To impart as much detail to your product image it has to have proper lighting when being photographed. However, if your product image has compromised lighting, your Amazon image processing team can easily fix it with lighting enhancement.

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