Why should you take Amazon product variation listing seriously?

Amazon Product Variation Listing

Are you the owner of a brand who is looking to make good money and reputation by offering products on Amazon? Amazon has turned out to be a fascinating retail space. It has transformed how we were dealing with consumer behavior. By utilizing the emotion of transparency, Amazon facilitates brands to target their potential market in a direct manner by showcasing their USPs.

As a seller, we all want to put out each and every product in our inventory for the potential buyers. We know that not every buyer will have similar choices. Hence, to rope them in we should put out for display all the varieties that we have for our products. This is where listing variations on Amazon becomes a vital factor in deciding conversions and sales.

One of the greatest benefits of online shopping is the increased convenience and comfort for buyers. If your brand is unable to offer that, then you are at the risk of losing your business to your competitors. In order to make the shopping experience a smooth journey for customers, you must entail Amazon product variation listing along with the various other Amazon store marketing services.

Amazon product variations allows buyers to check out all the options in a particular product in one single place with just a click of a button. It cuts the extra effort of customers going to the search bar, typing out the long description of the product, and then going through each one of them individually. With the liberty to view all choices at once, you offer your potential buyers an in-store like experience. So, the decision to add a variation of product to Amazon listing is crucial.

Also known as parent-child listing, Amazon product variation listing engulfs several components. Let us try and know a little more about this service in detail.

Listing variation on Amazon- What does it mean?

Variations mean alternatives or substitutes. So simply put, listing variations on Amazon means to list the different alternatives of a product that you have to offer to your customer base. For example, listing out the different colors you have in stock for a particular kind of bag. As per Amazon’s guidelines, the product listing variation relationship has 3 essential parts:

1. Parent listing on Amazon

Listing variation on Amazon

Parent listing is a holder listing or the grand old tree in the family tree kind of setting that comprises the child products or what we can call as the alternatives. For example, if a pink dress in size S is the child product, then the parent product here would be the dress. The parent product cannot be bought without opting for the child product variation, because in a way, when you pick a child product, you pick the parent one too. This means, you cannot buy the dress unless you pick a color and a size for it. The Seller central search results have all the information about the parent product. It is not visible on the Amazon marketplace.

If it is still a little harder for you to grasp, then let us try explaining it a little differently. Parent listing is the family name you have, let’s say, Johnson. The Johnson family has members who are males and females. These individuals are the child listings. They also belong to different age groups. Now, if you are talking with someone from the Johnson family, they are either one person who is a male or a female and belongs to a certain age category. You cannot speak to the abstract idea of the Johnson family.

You may also talk to the entire family at the same time if they are assembled at the same place. And then maybe from the entire family, you can choose to speak to one or more than one at the same time.

2. Child listing on Amazon

Child products are the substitutes of the parent product that are available to customers for buying. Referencing the Johnson family example, child listings are the different members of the family, who, even though belong to the same family, are separated by several factors like hair color, eye color, age, gender, hobbies, etc.

Similarly, on Amazon too, there can be several substitute products listed under the same parent, differentiated by multiple features of the product like, color, size, pattern, memory capacity, etc. the variation features helps customers browse through the available choices in one place and make a brief mental comparison. If they want to know any further about any of the products, they can click on the child listing, go to its page, scout through the information and then also get back to the first product page again.

Amazon Variation Listing

3. Variation factors on Amazon

The variation factor is that aspect which shows the link between products that are related to each other but separated due to several individual differences in them. The variation factor differs on the basis of the category you choose for your products. Some Amazon product categories allow users to choose only one variation. But there are Amazon categories that support variations more than one too.

Amazon listing services are simple and are created with the aim of offering a comfortable experience to the buyers that will help them purchase everything they want with no trouble. But as a seller, putting together a variation listing or adding new variations to your current product listing can be very confusing. Hence, most brands often opt to outsource Amazon listing services.

It is crucial to understand that Amazon product variations are intended to offer greater user experience and also give the opportunity to brands to showcase their products in the best way. Hence, as brand owners, you must make the most of this facility and do it the right way to get the revenue train up and running.

Listing variations on Amazon can help your brand stand out on Amazon searches. Just like other search engines, you will have to put your best efforts to rank your product on Amazon searches. Variation listings give you an opportunity to do that and makes it easy for customers to pick your brand and purchase your products. This is because variations help in enhancing the entire buying journey.

Here are some of the prominent benefits that variation listing on Amazon can bring for your brand.

outsource Amazon variation listing services

4. Better visibility

Listing variations on Amazon is a great way to make visible those products that are not really up on the customer demand list. Coupling such products with those that are in high demand will help bring the customer’s attention to them and thus persuade them to buy them too. Another significant benefit here is how you can use good customer reviews to boost your sales.

Reports suggest that around 95% buyers prefer to read reviews before making a purchasing decision. When a potential customer sees a good review about your high-performing products, it is highly likely that they will assume that the less-performing child listed product will also offer similar high-quality service. Hence, they will be encouraged to buy that too.

5. Better conversion

Amazon product variation listing is an impactful way to make sure that the buyer’s attention remains on your brand. This is because since you have listed all the variations, they do not need to go to the search bar and type out the options they would like to see. Doing this may make them end up at a competitor’s product and we do not want that. Amazon product variations ensure that the visitor sticks to your brand and can view all the products with ease. Customers can also make quick comparisons and immediately add to the cart option they like the most.

6. Better sales

Boosted visibility and better conversions ultimately leads to higher sales, which is always the goal. Amazon algorithms tend to suggest well-listed products and products that bring in higher engagement, on top. This way your brand will have higher chances of making sales, getting reviews, and dominate the niche category in the Amazon ecosystem. Also, with all options visible and explained well on the page, it is likely that customers will get convinced sooner about investing their money as clear information helps build trust in the brand.

7. Boost organic ranking through Amazon product variation listing

Products with good reviews are listed on top by Amazon. Hence, every sale on the same parent-child listing helps boost the overall ranking of the brand altogether. This also improves your best seller rank. This feature is also a great medium to put into place the Amazon SEO services through keywords, descriptions, and image descriptions.

Now, if you are wondering how to make a variation listing on Amazon, then we have got you covered there as well. Here are a few tips that can help you understand listing variations on Amazon even better.

How to make a variation listing on Amazon- A few essential tips

1. Take your time to pick your Amazon variation theme

Amazon offers various themes that categorize your products by weight, size, color, etc. The goal should be to offer your customers ease while they shop. So, ensure that the products come under one or more of these categories so that the buyers are able to tweak their orders according to their convenience.

2. Test your Amazon variation listing

Remember the good old saying, ‘Customer is the king’. So, to know how the king would feel when they land up with your products, test your variation listing yourself before you finalize. Keep factors like product images and product descriptions clear and crisp so that the child listings are easy to differentiate and identify.

Another great way to upscale your product listing on Amazon is by studying what your competitors are incorporating in their product listings. They are the perfect mirrors that you want to check from time to time. Keeping a close eye on important competitors is crucial from the marketing point of view too. Study their brand approach, their product line and find out loopholes of any. And then try addressing that through your products. This way, you will be able to pull in new customers and also add to your reputation.

3. Keep it simple

Do not overburden the customer with too many substitutes and variations. Remember that the aim is to make the entire buying experience easy and smooth. Keep the alternative product listings simple so that it is easy to understand, collate and pick. It is difficult for customers to stick their attention to one brand when we all know that there are several other options available. But we can do that easily by ensuring that customers can clearly find what they are looking for when they pick your brand.

Frame the Amazon product variation descriptions in a crisp and informational way. Substantiate them with the right images and reviews. All this allows the buyers to grasp essential product-related information in a single-go and helps build faith over the product. Remember, the message that needs to be portrayed is that, “our product can make your life better and simpler.” Use easy to understand language that has CTAs at the right moment. This makes sure that the potential buyers add the product in their cart before they lose interest and move on to another brand.

There are several other key aspects that also need to be taken care of while listing products on Amazon like Amazon product catalog management, Amazon product image optimization, etc. Hence, to save time and money, you should go for outsourcing the task of listing variations on Amazon to experienced companies like data4amazon. You can also hire Amazon virtual assistants with us and make your entire Amazon experience as smooth as butter.

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Outsourcing not only gives you the above benefits but also allows you to concentrate on your core business issues and helps you diversify your brand. So, what are you waiting for? Go through this astounding case study on Amazon store management and see for yourself how our services have helped the client achieve their objective on Amazon in a smooth manner. If you are still unsure, hit us up for a free trial and watch our experts deliver your requirements in the given time.

Final thoughts

Amazon product variation listing is a simple technique that can help your brand make a significant difference. Why miss this opportunity? Allow the experts at Data4Amazon to bring you the best for your brand with a wholesome Amazon-centric approach and fix Amazon suppressed listings. Contact us today at +442035142601, +15852830055, or send in an email at info@data4amazon.com.