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Data4Amazon Case Study: Complete Amazon store maintenance services

About client

The client is an online retailer of home appliances and electronics. Some of the popular products they sell are television, computers, Bluetooth speakers, portable chargers, digital cameras, smartwatches, mobile gadgets, home comfort appliances, and more. As the electronic industry is growing rapidly online and 43% of the electronics are purchased online, our client realized their potential for selling electronic items’ larger volumes on an eCommerce channel such as Amazon. Their main idea of setting an Amazon store was to increase sales and brand value.

Initially, our client used to sell on Seller Central, a third-party seller and gradually the client wanted to reach a wider range of audience that can only be possible by selling on Amazon. The seller chose the pro merchant account on Amazon due to a large number of quantities. It is not easy for a merchant to become a distributor as managing a catalog of products in bulk is a difficult job. That is why they started looking for an Amazon store setup service and came across our services.

Clients requirements

The eCommerce client’s foremost expectation from Data4Amazon was to increase sales and improve brand name. Let’s talk in detail about the seller's requirements.

1. Amazon at first matches a customer's search phrases to the seller’s products to provide the buyer the best suggestions. So, the seller wanted absolute and accurate information in the catalog. So if a customer is looking for a product sold by our client, Amazon suggests buying the client’s products.

2. While making sure that the product details are accurate, clients wanted us to look after A to Z elements of products data. From the product title, description, product IDs, search phrases to image size and color, everything is supposed to be error free. Every detail of the product has to be stuff in such a way that when customers browse client’s products, they find the deal is fair enough.

3. The client wanted only professional product images uploaded to the Amazon store. When customers browse through the standard product catalog, they must think that that seller is very professional in his online retail business. Thus, the product images need to be well-specified, of good quality, and relatable with the products.

4. The client wanted us to create attractive and convincing Amazon advertisements to increase the product visibility on a global level. The advertisements should be more customized and worthwhile to provide better returns in the form of revenue.

5. As the clients were new to the Amazon world. The seller wanted Amazon Virtual Assistants who can be available 24*7 to look after the Amazon store properly.

As you see the requirements were to the point and expectations were too high, we had to assign the best Amazon VAs to fulfill the client’s requirements at their best.

Challenges faced by our experts

As our client had no experience of selling in Amazon, our experts had to be more careful and have faced many challenges while assisting the client. Some of the challenges are noted down:

1. The client had a very messy product catalog and it made it harder for us to expand and maintain products on the Amazon store. Because of the unorganized catalog, the client’s business growth was paused. There was so much error in the product catalog that experts needed advanced tools to upload product data in the correct order.

2. Dealing with supplier data was way more difficult as the product details forwarded by suppliers are full of grammatical and spelling mistakes. Some of the errors were like the color of the product was 'GREEN' and it was written as 'GRN'. Such errors have led our clients towards demotion. As when the customers look for a product of GREEN color, the keyword appears in the right spelling. Thus, Our eCommerce product description writers had to pay more attention in order to input correct product descriptions, product features, and titles.

3. The eCommerce seller was new on Amazon and hence not aware of the rules and regulations to be followed. On the Amazon store, the product images were uploaded as it was on other eCommerce channels. Hence, it was challenging to change and rectify about 10,000 product images as per the new guidelines and rules, and regulations released by Amazon.

4. It was clearly seen that the client needed a well-planned and effective marketing strategy. Due to delayed product launching and no market planning, our client faced massive losses in the past. By the time the seller launched the new arrival products, the trend was too mainstream and customers had a million options to choose from. Thus, our experts had to go through a painful procedure of digitization, product page creation, and create Amazon’s sponsored advertisements for the fast-paced market.

5. The existing product data were uploaded with inaccurate tags. Because of the ambiguous keywords and information of the products, clients faced loss on not just Amazon but all the eCommerce channels. So, we assigned the Amazon SEO work to our talented Amazon Virtual Assistants to help with the accurate product tags.

6. To improve the current situation of our client, we provide this project to some of our best and most dedicated experts. Experts, who are capable enough to identify the errors, rectify them, standardize the client’s product catalog, and overall help in improving the brand value and sales.

Solutions we offered

After analyzing the situation of our client and understanding the requirements of the eCommerce store, our experts provided a complete suite of catalog maintenance services along with Amazon marketplace management and store setup services.

1. We assembled a committed and capable team of ten eCommerce specialists considering their lengthy project; the team was led by a project manager. The dedicated team consisted of eCommerce copywriters and proofreaders, SEO executives, PHP programmers, data entry specialists, and Quality Assurance (QA) professionals. All the team members were highly experienced and knowledgeable in their respective fields.

2. We made sure that a smooth order-to-cash procedure is handled by pre-order operations as mentioned below:

  • Product page creation
  • Product page management
  • Product optimization
  • New item setup
  • Customized A+ enriched product descriptions
  • Categorization of elements
  • Invoice data entry
  • Amazon sponsored advertisement creation
  • Amazon sponsored advertisement management

We also took care of the client’s after-sales operations such as:

  • Customer service
  • Guarantee, warranty, and return policy

3. Our Amazon experts additionally used Amazon Retail Analytics (ARA) to assist the client in tracking customer queries, the performance of the store, trends of existing and upcoming products in the market, the impact of the advertisements, and more.

4. Our experts made sure that there is an accurate amount of products available in the store to supply. They kept track of inventory levels and update them on regular basis to save your eCommerce business from the following disasters:

  • Decrease of sales
  • Deadstock
  • Losing products in the godown
  • Excess stock
  • Increase cost of products

5. With the help of impactful and effective inventory management, advertisement management, and store maintenance we fixed all the issues clients were facing in running an eCommerce business.


With our Amazon marketplace management services and store management services, our client achieved all the goals that he wanted to accomplish for the past few times.

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