The Anatomy of a Product Listing

Amazon Listing Optimization

Do you spend a lot of time in building the product listings on Amazon? If yes, then you are on the right track. Investing time in creating Amazon product listings is important, and so is adopting a rather concurrent approach. Doing so can help increase visitors, boost conversions and grow sales margins, if you are persistent enough to improve and optimize your product listings.

Amazon Listing Optimization

Below are the 6 pillars crucial to every product listing:

1. Product Title

The title you choose for your every product must be relevant, and enriched with the targeted keywords. It should also make use of the 50-word or 250-character limit to the optimum level.

2. Key Product Features and Benefits (Bullet Points)

These are limited to 1000 characters (250 words). Incorporating all the key characteristics and benefits of a product will fuel better visibility, and lead to relevant search results. Add value by giving your prospects the information they want to know.

3. Product Images

Product image is the first thing a customer sees on the product page. When you have the opportunity to add up to 9 images including a lead image, use it up! After all, high-end visual content increases a product’s visibility and gives better conversions. By connecting with the experts offering Amazon Image Processing services, you can make every product worthy of your customer’s attention.

4. Product Description

Approaching product descriptions is a five-finger exercise. With a limit of 2000 characters (300 words), all you need to do is dive into the relevant details about the product – its type, functions and key benefits. This description will assure your prospects that your product is the perfect solution to their problem. A storytelling approach must be followed, along with insertion of the targeted keywords.

5. Reviews of Products

The feedback you receive from the existing customers in the form of product reviews helps your prospective customers in making a purchase decision. If a product has a positive review, it will surely build a bridge of trust and confidence in not only the product, but also in you, as an Amazon seller.

Reviews of Products

6. Customer Ratings and Feedback

Buyers generally rate the products higher, when their needs are met and they are offered a relatively great experience. Customer ratings are vital and help determine the customer satisfaction levels.

With several products being sold online on Amazon, it becomes all the more important to work on these elements. It will not only add value to your products, but also help you stand out above the rest. So, all in all, a holistic approach should be followed to improve and optimize the aforesaid core elements of a product listing.

Final Words

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