Amazon SEO Services: Deciphering What the A9 Wants

Amazon SEO Services

Keywords play a key role in determining your product’s visibility. By now, it is a well- established fact that when it comes to Amazon, using the correct keywords at appropriate places is equally important as using keywords is. What is not known is that long-tail keywords comprise 70 per cent of total web searches. When prospective buyers make use of long keywords for searching a product, they are being more specific about what they need. In such a scenario, overlooking their importance while incorporating keywords in your product listing wouldn’t serve you any good.
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Deploying Amazon Listing Optimization the Right Way

 Amazon Listing Optimization

While Amazon paves ample opportunities for private labels to reach a wide audience base, certain new sellers try to make an easy way out and become a parasite of your profit margins- by selling a spurious product using your listing. They can get your product imitated, like Mobile Star LLC that duped the customers to believe that their chargers were genuine Apple chargers and eventually landed themselves into $2million lawsuit with Apple.

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