Amazon SEO Services: Strategically Deploying Keywords for Boosting Sales

Amazon SEO Services

With the overall sales of Amazon breaking all eCommerce sales records, online retailers want to try their hands on the platform and achieve enormous success. However, very few sellers have answers to questions like- what makes products sell on Amazon?

Should you have more images? What should you put in the title? What price should you sell at?

The A9 algorithm, Amazon’s internal search engine displays search results based on how closely a product matches the search query. Operating your Amazon store successfully is based on the premise of- SEE, CLICK AND BUY. Unless there is visibility for your products, buyers would not be able to consider them for buying. Amazon SEO Services can help you in creating the desired visibility.

One of the easiest ways of creating visibility for your products is to optimize your product listing by using words that buyers use while searching a product-keywords. There are many instances when eCommerce sellers use keywords and still can’t get satisfactory sales. This is because using keywords is not as easy as it seems.

For getting good results, the following should form the base for your keyword strategy:

1. Keyword Choice– For choosing the relevant keywords, an ideal way is to closely examine the performance of your keywords with the help of several ranking tools. Not only this, it is extremely important to keep a close track on the keywords used by your competitors and the results they fetch. You can hire Amazon specialist to save your time in manually looking for these rankings.

2. Keyword Order– Merely placing relevant keywords is not enough. The algorithm also examines the order in which keywords are placed. For this, the most relevant keywords should be included first.

Expert Tip-It should be taken into account that overuse of keywords will not land you anywhere! In fact, this previously used strategy can have an adverse effect on your ranking.

Where should you include keywords that have not been included in title?

Since product title should ideally include details like brand name, colour, product type, size, material made of, the space for using keywords is very limited. This doesn’t mean that you should miss the opportunity of appearing in search results by using a good number of keywords.

A few key words can be used in product description and bullet points. However, they do not influence the product ranking directly. They help in creating relevance for your products.

You can insert commonly used words and misspellings in Backend Search Term. Amazon SEO services can help you in effortlessly integrating keywords.

**As for misspellings, Amazon says that it takes them into consideration. However, several statistics have shown it to be otherwise.

The product ranking on the giant platform is not merely based on keywords. According to Amazon, –

“Factors such as degree of text match, price, availability, selection, and sales history help determine where your product appears in a customer’s search results. By providing relevant and complete information for your product, you can increase your product’s visibility and sales. “

Other factors that have not been officially stated but help in improving your product’s ranking include-

  • Product reviews
  • High quality photos
  • Fields in product page
  • Fulfilled by Amazon

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