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Amazon eMail, Chat Support Services

The key to engage online shoppers and create a satisfying digital shopping experience is by providing them complete eCommerce customer support. manages multichannel customer service including live chat, email helpdesk and calls for several large scale brands and retail businesses on Amazon. Our Amazon customer interaction team operates closely with the clients to understand their industry vertical, policies and products, and Service Level Achievements (SLAs) to be met for each type of support, to ensure that we respond to all the queries with complete accuracy.

Success on Amazon Demands Smooth & Efficient Customer Interaction & Support

Aiming to create a personalized and unified customer experience, Data4Amazon efficiently handles customer emails and enquiry calls/ messages, etc. Whether your customers want to file a return, request refund, learn about shipping details and delivery or simply know the process of placing the order, we can help you with all the tasks as part of Amazon customer support services, viz.:

  • Chat and email support
  • Delivery information and status report of your products
  • Customer support solutions
  • Research pertaining to brand/product/price
  • Payment reminder emails
  • Web/chat based customer opinion surveys and feedback
  • Deal closing support
  • Follow up emails

Overall, we seek to gain a deeper understanding of the customer communication program and your needs, and develop a fully-customized solution that enhances your brand. Our dedicated Amazon support teams are highly experienced in delivering consistent and branded relationship-based interactions. Under the leadership of an experienced, dedicated Project Manager, your (team of) Brand Care Specialist(s) work dedicatedly to your program. The Project Manager fulfills a dual operational and account management role, managing day-to-day program operations and serving as your single point of contact.

Dedicated Amazon support teams are additionally supported by our specialized training, quality assurance, and workforce management groups. We also maintain internal network, telephony, information systems, and system administration teams to ensure the integrity of our operating infrastructure.

Exceptional Customer Interaction & Support Service for Your Amazon Store

  • Data4Amazon is dedicatedly focused on the World’s Largest Online Retailer – Amazon and operates with complete understanding of Amazon guidelines and standards
  • Comprehensive experience in delivering complete customer life-cycle management to Amazon merchants
  • Integrated contact center services with experienced team and consistent results
  • Experienced in delivering global Support & Customer Interaction Services for retailers on Amazon USA, UK, France, Canada, Germany, Italy, Australia, India, etc.
  • 24X7 operations center; personalized approach, tailor-made solutions
  • Real-time performance and productivity monitoring
  • Live reporting and application management
  • Data security and protection

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With our Amazon customer support services, we can not only help you lower shopping cart abandonment and increase product sales but also build customer loyalty.

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