Amazon Customer Support and Maintenance Services

Post-Sales Customer Support Services for Your
Amazon Store

Nothing is more reassuring than knowing that there’s always a friendly, knowledgeable support team that is focused on your performance, and is ready to jump in at a moment’s notice to assist you in your Amazon venture. Data4Amazon has in-depth understanding of the Amazon requirements, policies and guidelines to be followed in day-to-day tasks.

Partner with us for a spectrum of ancillary Amazon services, engineered to help you smoothly run your Amazon store, keep your site up and running at all times, manage and update your content quickly and effectively, and communicate with your customers and respond to their queries just in time while achieving higher ROI.

Support Services for Amazon Store & Inventory Management

Focusing on bridging the gap between physical and online shopping, Data4Amazon supports Amazon store owners in efficiently keeping their catalog and content up to date, relevant and compelling, keeping your website online always, and continually communicating with the customers, irrespective of the channel and time they choose to engage. Data4Amazon provides round-the-clock Amazon support & maintenance services that include:

Store Maintenance Services

  • Whether you need to fix a bug, apply a patch or migrate /update your store to the latest version, add site extensions, google analytics/base/checkout, take database back-up, optimize and tune the performance, or audit the code of your site and devise an improvement plan, we can help you with all of it to keep your site up-to-date and running smoothly.

Customer Interaction Services

  • Provide information to the customer and place appropriate notes in system indicating exactly what action was taken or needs to be taken
  • Timely and accurate customer service, return and refunds.
  • Actively building the questionnaire database for your products / services
  • Following up on dropped /abandoned / escalated cases

Order & Inventory Management

  • Invoicing, and tracking orders and inventory to manage the customer experience with confidence.
  • Shipping and Delivery
  • Returns and Refunds

Price Update/ Re-pricing

  • Competitor pricing research and onboarding details

Dedicated Store Administrator

  • For building, managing and syndicating your product catalog to your Amazon store and other sales channels
  • Comparisons for pricing, product offering from different suppliers
  • New product sourcing and obtaining quotes
  • Preparing Amazon FBA shipments.
  • Weekly Invoice report
  • Daily activity report

Our experts work in shifts, operating as per the timings of the country where the client is based to deliver customers a seamless digital shopping experience by communicating with them in real-time.

When you outsource Amazon support services to us, we also help you manage customer orders, keep a track of inventory levels and update the store’s back-end system.

Let’s Get Started!

Feel free to enquire and share your requirements with us or send us a small sample of your product data feed file in any of the following formats: .csv, .txt, .xls. We’ll be happy to assist you to simplify and increase not only the sales of your Amazon store but multi-channel sales. To find out more, drop us a line at and we will get back to you in the shortest possible time-frame!

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