Amazon Product Data Normalization & Standardization Services

eCommerce Data Normalization & Standardization Services for Amazon Sellers

The success of your Amazon store widely depends on the data that you provide them to make informed buying decisions. Focusing on delivering a uniform customer experience to shoppers, Data4Amazon supports eCommerce entrepreneurs in standardizing and normalizing product data on their Amazon store.

Our experts accurately arrange data in a database, while removing redundant & duplicate entries and standardizing values to maintain data consistency.

Amazon Store Normalization Services

As part of Amazon product data normalization services, we evaluate the existing technical specifications, measurements and units of each product to ensure that they are in compliance with a uniform set of standards. The process includes normalizing values and units by converting measures and weights between metric and imperial system of measurement, thus enabling online shoppers to make side-by-side comparisons and make well-informed buying decisions.

With normalization services, we help you save store space in a database and make sure that the data is organization in a logical manner at the specific place. Our experts strictly adhere to data quality standards and guidelines to ensure data uniformity across your Amazon store’s product database.

Amazon Store Standardization Services

To further help you deliver a uniform customer experience to online shoppers, experts at Data4Amazon analyze your product data and classify it appropriately. We split existing product data into standard files like product title, description, features, technical specifications, attributes, uses, etc., thereby providing information in a standard, consistent format.

Our Amazon product data standardization services also entail standardizing terms in the product database to make it easy for customers to browse through your Amazon store.

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