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Content plays a major role in influencing how well your Amazon store ranks on certain keywords. Search engine optimization requires continuous refinement to ensure compatibility with current search engine algorithms and is also useful in avoiding down-ranking penalties. has years of expertise and in-depth knowledge of effectively driving traffic to your eCommerce site, keeping your store optimized for local as well as global searches.

We adhere to SEO best practices and make sure that your Amazon site consistently attains good rankings. We have smart content strategies in place, which ensures that your site is recognized for its uniqueness.

We seamlessly combine front-end SEO with back-end metadata ensuring your site’s listings achieve highest ranking as far as organic searches are concerned.

Leveraging the Six Core Factors of A9

A9 Algorithm has been shaped by the fundamental objective of driving more sales. There are five major factors other than product information that A9 assesses while generating Amazon search results for buyers. Amazon utilizes all the six core factors to determine the relevance of a product and creates a search results page, which is based on consumer’s needs. We leverage these six major factors to help you enhance your position in A9 search outcomes and also boost your product sales.

Amazon Catalog Optimization

We begin with your product information, since this is the basic element that influences product relevance in A9 algorithm. We perform customer keyword research to derive insights on how your customers search for your products and we apply this research to your product content, while maintaining uniform brand tone across your site.

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Amazon Store SEO & Copywriting Services offered by Data4Amazon, include:

  • Site Architecture Analysis: Making your products and categories findable on your website by maintaining coherent information architecture in terms of classifying, labeling and organizing content clearly for users, and efficient technical architecture for efficient crawling and indexing of search engines.
  • Product Content Optimization: Incorporating metadata helps you with search engine optimization — from removing duplicate content by declaring canonical tag points, defining the breadcrumb structured data, specifying the targeted language and region for each page to promoting your site within the search engines.
  • Keyword/Phrase Selection: Right selection and inclusion of keywords is the spinal column for showing search engines and users that what you sell is relevant to what they’re searching for.
  • Product Page Titling: Title tags are an important on-page element for optimizing your search results, and making them more visually stimulating and data-rich, thereby arresting the searcher’s attention.
  • Meta Descriptions: Meta descriptions appear as default description for search engines to use. In an otherwise case, search engines pick up content from your product page that appears to be in sync with the searcher’s query.
  • Metadata Management: To optimize your search results, and improve your click-through-rates, metadata and structured data are critically important. These optimized search results, also called rich snippets, may just help you win the click when search result competition is high.
  • Ratings, Reviews, and Pricing: Search engines pick this information up to use in their search results, helping buyers with the pricing information and to get an insight into how well the product is rated. This extra row of rich information lends a visual element to your listing and draws the eye to improve clicks to the page.

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