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Helping A US-Based Online Store Owner Selling Home Furnishings and Accessories In Getting The New Catalog Ready With Keyword-Enriched Descriptions & Well-Optimized Images

About client

A well-established, US-based eCommerce store owner selling home furnishings and accessories

Client Requirements

  • Uploading the catalog data for Home Furnishings and Accessories on Amazon
  • Optimizing and improving the quality of product images
  • A+ content writing enriched with the relevant keywords and including detailed product specifications

Objectives and Challenges faced by our experts

Taking into consideration the requirements, we had to devise a foolproof plan that could help the Amazon store owner in:

  • Categorizing the products under the right categories and subcategories to reduce the confusion and make the catalog more manageable
  • Updating the existing catalog and making it consistent with the new catalog
  • Maintaining accuracy and consistency in product data
  • Carrying out unique, compelling, and illustrative product description writing to attract more customers on the Amazon marketplace
  • Carrying out the upload process in a seamless and hassle-free manner
  • Attracting the attention of the potential customers with perfectly optimized product photos along with adherence to Amazon’s image guidelines
  • Using the right set of keywords and phrases to boost the online store’s visibility and reach a larger customer base

Solutions we offered

The project was assigned to our proficient team of 12 well-trained Amazon listing experts that worked incessantly to fulfill the client’s requirements within the stipulated time frame.

  • We had one group perform the product data entry job which included entering and uploading catalog data accurately from the given source i.e. PDF file.
  • The second group was formed to look into the taxonomy part wherein the products were placed under the right categories and subcategories.
  • The third team was assigned the task of writing product descriptions enriched with keywords and phrases relevant to the product categories, matching them with the search queries of potential buyers. All the crucial information including features, benefits, and applications, was incorporated in the bulleted form to provide every detail a prospect would need to make a purchase. Compelling product titles were also crafted to gain the attention of the potential buying audience. They also developed Amazon A+ product pages and added intricate, high-resolution images, well-detailed product descriptions, and illustrative content to boost the visibility of products.
  • Another team was formed to take charge of the product image optimization with professional image editing and enhancements while adhering to Amazon’s image guidelines.
  • A separate team of Amazon vendor central experts was formed to conduct quality checks on a regular basis at every step of the project to avoid any hindrances or delays.


All the efforts of our result-driven team helped the client in bringing in more sales and making the brand grow on the global front.

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