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PPC Partnership With Data4Amazon Drives Astronomical Results By Boosting Client’s Revenue By 83%

With the huge influx of online shopping trends, businesses and enterprises have a constant desire to reach their target audience, boost their online presence, grow sales, and generate more revenue. Only successful and proficiently managed Amazon PPC campaigns can make this possible. Amazon PPC ads help sellers boost their product rankings, reach a global audience, multiply sales, expand the audience base by targeting specific consumers.

With a vision to optimize their existing ad campaigns, one of our high-end clients turned to the experts at Data4Amazon. We did a great job in refreshing their Amazon PPC ads and made sure that our clients get optimum return on investment- they encountered a tremendous growth of 74%.

Learn how we helped the industry-leading client achieve maximum revenue through our Amazon Marketing Services.

About Client

The client owns a US-based company since 1995 that has a reputation for dealing with premium car brands. Their major work revolves around selling tire covers, armrests, and other accessories on Amazon store.

Client Requirements

The client was facing unbeatable challenges from various competitors on Amazon. The business seemed to be drowning and the client’s ad campaigns were not yielding desired results to boost store visibility and performance.

The client read our reviews online and reached out to our Amazon listing specialist for optimizing their campaigns and PPC ads that target potential customers to drive user engagement and more conversions.

Objectives and Challenges

During our research, we found that the previous ad campaigns were not managed properly and our client could barely target the right customers for their business growth. Our Amazon specialist found out the figures that indicate a high bounce rate (66.30%*) and the conversion rate went down to (1.35%). These numbers were critically challenging but nothing is impossible with the right Amazon PPC services offered by us.

Our Amazon experts discussed with clients, understood business requirements, and curated a strategy to create ad copies containing the optimum amount of keywords targeting the accurate audience. The ad copies should also include valuable information that attracts customers right to the store.

The ultimate goal was to design a full-fledged Ad campaign for their Amazon store that boosts store performance and thus accelerates sales to the maximum potential.

Solutions Offered By Our Proficient Amazon Listing Specialist

Before creating PPC ads for our clients, our Amazon experts conducted thorough research of the existing or previous campaigns. After reviewing every bit of the campaign, their next step was to analyze the competitors, their strategies, user behavior, etc. Our Amazon specialists created customer targeted PPC ads for the client’s Amazon store, optimized and updated their listings and the whole campaign focused on targeting customers who are likely to purchase their products.

Thereafter, our main focus was to improve the conversion rate and reduce the bounce rate. So, we took the MECI (mutually exclusive, collectively exhaustive) grids approach to divide the account into chunks of campaigns. This way we had better clarity of the audience, whom to target, the location, age group, etc. Further, each campaign can be customized as per the target audience. Moreover, considering the importance of ad copies, our Amazon Listing Specialists created compelling headlines and descriptions that completely align with the client’s requirements. Not to forget the main part is keywords- our copywriters also added top ranking keywords that helped in boosting their position on search results.

Business Impact

Have a look at the tremendously outstanding and unbelievable results:

  • Over a period of 1 month, their business revenue spiked by 82.9%*
  • Their website received 5000 users and new users jumped from 3000* to 4500*.
  • A huge increase in conversion rate by 3.91%.

Our client’s Amazon store performed tremendously well through sponsored ads managed by our Amazon experts. It further boosted their product visibility, clicks, and conversion rates.

Kudos to our Amazon Marketing Services team!

Discover how our Amazon PPC Services increased qualified leads, conversion, and revenue. Get in touch with our strategist at, we look forward to hearing from you.

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